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Posted by Cherubim on July 31, 2008

It is highly frustrating when the doctor you wanted to manipulate into producing a fake medical certificate stating that a certain young man is sodomized by a 61-year-old with a bad back absolutely refused to do so on basis of morality and medical ethics.

It’s even worse when the embarrassing failure, proof of its lack of authenticity was published for all to see by RPK in his blog. Sakit kepala!!! The one person you could threaten into doing a Bala (restract statement or redo the confession) disappeared suspiciously, fueling more credibility to the truth you’re trying your hardest to suppress.

If you keep your lies simple, and repeat it long enough, it doesn’t matter whether it is the truth or not, as long as enough number of numbskulls believe it.

So what do you do? You pull your own people and ‘influence’ them to do a statement to alleviate public opinion. You make the hospital do a statement. Muddle up the trail of information. Let’s make a legitimate excuse for the good doctor’s absence and not sling mud on his reputation so it’ll look marginally truthful.

We all know what this fracas is all about. It’s about power, and those who cling on to it. People who died, suffered and people who fought back. Those whose conscience and honor has long deserted them, and wore many masks to cover the abyss of their hearts.

Whatever it takes, Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim must go down. He cannot run for Permatang Pauh for he would win. He must not lead Pakatan Rakyat officially or all the shopping sprees, easy millions, and hold on power that these ‘elitist’ families have enjoyed would go down to dust.

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Azizah out! Anwar to contest Permatang Pauh

Posted by barbie on July 31, 2008

We all thought it was going to be Bandar Baru Kulim… we were all so wrong… woo hoo. Let the games begin!

Read MalaysiaKini news here.

Today is exactly a month before August 31st!

On another note:

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has warned his rival Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim not to bribe lawmakers to defect to the opposition.

Anwar has repeatedly pledged to topple Abdullah’s administration through parliamentary defections by mid-September.

Abdullah tells The Associated Press in an interview today he has heard many stories about Anwar allegedly tempting government legislators “with monetary offers”.

Abdullah says if this proved true, it would “be the worst form of corruption to buy people to bring down the government that has been established by the will of the people.”

Anwar needs 30 lawmakers to defect for the opposition to seize power. But he is fighting a sodomy accusation that could derail his career for the second time in a decade. – AP/The Malaysian Insider

Hmm.. it seems like someone’s balls is shrinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is exactly what my Malay friends say ‘Cakap tak serupa bikin’. UMNO openly offer to bribe PAS as I wrote in ‘UMNO caught with pants down, but no action taken?!’ and it is not hearsay stories! It is proved true that UMNO tried to bribe PAS, so is there any action going to be taken?

While all this alleged ‘monetary offers’, I quote from the goat’s mouth ‘many stories’. Come on, if you have evidence on the alleged ‘monetary offers’ then prove it 🙂 To think a leader of the nation gave an interview like a village head, quoting rumors instead of talking like a true leader. Pftttt!!

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Organised Religion…is it really necessary? My thoughts…

Posted by Madame on July 31, 2008

This is a subject that we, Dandelions have spent some time discussing and I pretty much have come to understand their views on it….the beauty of our group is that we agree to disagree…we cant help it for, we are an opinionated bunch! 😉

This is a sensitive subject that I have chosen to write about….I know that, so I hope that all you readers will understand that these are MY personal thoughts and views on the matter.

How would I define Religion? It is a PERSONAL relationship between your God and yourself. There should not be any ‘middle-men’ or ‘third parties’ involved. This is how I view religion. Religion is about FREEDOM, its not about ENSLAVEMENT, which is what I feel that most major religions have amounted to.

How would I then define Organised Religion? Well…all the recognised major religions in the World would fall under this category.

Religion is a subject that has consumed me for almost all of my cognitive years…Is there really a God or isnt there??? Would I still go to heaven even if I didnt go to Church? I was born into a Catholic family, attended Convent school and even studied for my degree at a Christian College. I feel that, it is this ‘forced’ indoctrination into a religion that was not of my choosing that has contributed towards my general apathy…. perhaps?

I look around me and when I see the atrocities committed in the name of religion….both now and in the past…I am more and more convinced that ORGANISED RELIGION….is NOT a good thing! How often does someone look down on you because you do not go to the same church as them? How often have you heard this : If you dont repent for your sins, you will go to hell…? How often have you heard this…that only people of a ‘certain’ religion are permitted to go to heaven? Hmmmm…like ‘Hell’ and ‘Heaven’ are two distinct places with their own zip codes 😉

Organised Religions have lead to blatant discrimination against people! Yes, you are guilty of discrimination when you feel that your religion is superior to the other person who does not share your beliefs. Nowadays, we all talk about racial and sexual discrimination. Its the ‘IN’ thing to do and we have been made fully aware of it. How many people actually call religious intolerance….discrimination? Because that’s what it is! Very few, I assure you.

Even the so called ‘Holy Books’….how much of it is fact and how much of it is fiction? This is a hard one to answer for I stand in the middle when it comes to this….it is part fact and part fiction. If you study them closely enough….you will find alot of holes and so many of the so called miraculous happenings can be explained away by Science and Logic.

The two largest Organised Religions of the world today are Islam and Christianity. Both these religions along with Judaism share so much in common when it comes to stories from the Old Testament of the Bible. But yet….why are the Christians persecuting the Muslims and vice versa?  Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Zoroasterism dont seem to have a problem with each other. Why is that? Have you ever thought about it? The only plausible explanation that I can come up with is, that Islam and Christianity are so bent on evangelizing each other and the rest of the world!!! It is this hell-bent belief that their religion is THE ONE and all other religions are false…total shams. I find that, the other religions respect the religious differences between people…

A person who goes to Church/Temple/Mosque very often is he/she better than a person who does not go at all….infact, is a Self-Proclaimed Aetheist? NOT at all!!! What makes a person good or worthy are the acts of kindness in thought, word or deed. This defines ‘true goodness’ in a person. Organised Religion does not even enter the equation here. We all learn to differentiate right from wrong at a very early age from our elders, our morals, our principles are also influenced by these key people in our lives.

Is Organised Religion necessary for us to learn right from wrong?

I say “NO”.

Is Organised Religion necessary to teach us human acts of kindness?

I say “NO”.

Would our moral compass malfunction without Organised Religion?

I say “NO”.

A person that I greatly admire once told me…”Live your life like a prayer”. This has stuck with me all these years and has impacted my life in a big way. For me, after much thought and reflection….My answer would have to be “NO”…Organised Religion is NOT necessary for us to be truly responsible, kind, caring, thoughtful and loving individuals….and YESSS!!! I do believe in the existence of God 🙂

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UMNO caught with pants down, but no action taken?!

Posted by barbie on July 30, 2008

The Star July 30, 2008:

This time, Umno supreme council member Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said he would bring in more allocation for the state should PAS agree to form a coalition government with Umno.

“As Perak Action Council Committee chairman, I promise to negotiate with the Prime Minister for more allocation to develop the state,” he told reporters after attending a briefing with Information Ministry staff here yesterday.

Former Mentri Besar and Perak Umno chief Datuk Seri Mohamad Tajol Rosli Ghazali had offered to team up with Perak PAS to bring about political stability and a stronger state government.

From Bernama July 29, 2008

“What is interesting about the offer is that it does not involve the Menteri Besar’s post which will continue to be held by PAS but the posts of executive councillors (exco) will be divided accordingly.”

Ahmad Zahid proposed that six exco posts including the MB’s post be given to PAS, Umno be given five and MCA one, and the Speaker’s post to PAS while two Senators’ posts be divided between Umno and PAS.

From The Star July 25, 2008

Former Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Khir Toyo had admitted in his blog that Umno had offered PAS the Mentri Besar’s post during a dialogue session held right after the elections. PAS was also offered the Deputy Menteri Besar and four executive councillors posts if it agreed to form the coalition.

Tell me if this is not outright political corruption and bribery! ACA where are you? Get you ass down here now!

Before you blast me on ‘rumors’ of Barisan Nasional MPs jump ships to Pakatan Rakyat to form the government, as another form of political corruption and bribery, let it be clear that Pakatan Rakyat never agree or mention any offer for them to ‘switch side’. Well if they did, we never read it openly like this! (Wait, this reminds me of certain ‘wars’ and ‘scandal’ going on in the blogosphere now. Ehem, a girl once told me, ‘you can cheat, but don’t let me know about it.” Which is quite hilarious because, it is only called cheating if you get caught with your pants down, no? Haha!)

Now you have UMNO leaders openly admitted and still making offers to PAS to entice them!! What sort of democracy is this? UMNO leaders are so desperately power crazy and they despicably willing to do anything to stay in power. These nincompoops are betraying voters trust and totally have no respect for Malaysians and the democratic system in this country. If anyone thinks we have democracy in this country, they are sadly mistaken. They have no shame at all for they do this in the name of ‘Malay unity and Islam’. Anything they do in the name of ‘Malay unity and Islam’ should never be questioned. They never even consult their component parties before making such decisions.

Malay unity and Islam my foot! All this nonsense is to ensure UMNO unity, its own survival. If UMNO were so strong, why would it need to court PAS to its side? UMNO is never about Malay unity,  since it has been hijacked by a group of  ultras – UMNO ruling elites for their own gluttony needs at the expense of its support base – clueless Malays that are good at ‘Kami sokong <insert any UMNO leader name>!’ “Kami sentiasa bersama <insert any UMNO leader name>..” but in reality, they have little idea of what they are  actually supporting for.

UMNO latest drama with PAS is to cover its apparent weakness and to show its supporters that it is doing all it can, even sleeping with the enemy. It it evidently clear that UMNO is losing its ground and  as usual desperate people do stupid things. Self destruct is imminent and it is only a matter of time for it to happen.

Lastly, If UMNO leaders are sincere about developing the state of Malays and Islam, they should stop all this nonsense but instead work together with Pakatan Rakyat towards building the society.


Breaking news from MalaysiaKini: PAS Selangor commissioner Hasan Ali admits to the secret meeting he had with Khir Toyo after the March 8th general election. Read the Malaysiakini article here.

In the Malay Section of Malaysiakini, Hasan Ali denies being offered the Selangor MB post and he claims he has the blessing and support of the PAS party president. Read the article here.

Hmm… it seems to me some PAS leaders have been planning on going down this treacherous path long before anyone broke the news!

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Posted by ella-mae on July 30, 2008

The Star Online reported Najib who is now in Zambia said the muZAKARah between UMNO and PAS will not be at the expense of the non-Muslims.

But what caught my eye was Mohd Ali Rustam’s comment.

Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam described Nik Aziz’s suggestion as “a separated spouse seeking to return to her husband.”

“They (PAS) seem uncomfortable in Pakatan Rakyat, and now want to return to the previous relationship with Barisan Nasional,” he told reporters in Malacca after opening a workshop to research the history of Malaysia.

He was referring to the time when PAS worked with Barisan Nasional under a pact in 1974, before splitting with the coalition.

I showed The Dandelions this excerpt and Barbie was the first one to respond (as usual).

Barbie: ali rustam.. always an idiot


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This one’s for the Boys : The mysteries of the Female Psyche revealed

Posted by Madame on July 30, 2008

How often do you Boys moan about this? (yep, men are natural moaners….go on, admit it 😉 ) ‘Women are impossible to understand!’, ‘I’d rather rob Fort Knox than try to understand a woman’s logic’ and blah, blah, blah…it goes on….and on…

I’ve asked myself a thousand times…..Are women really that hard to understand or are men just too damn lazy to make the effort to try and understand us??? After all…men are perfectly able to understand each other just by GRUNTS….women actually speak in words which form sentences…so I figure that it’s just too much work for the male species 😉

Here are some common scenarios to clue you in, Boys 🙂

Female : ‘Awww…Honey, you bought me flowers for Valentine’s Day? Baby, you shouldn’t have bothered…its so expensive and I dont want you to waste your money.’

Usual male response : OK

Preferred male response : But, my darling…you’re deserve this and much more. I want to give you the world.


Female : I dont want to talk about it. Its ok….I’m fine.

Usual male response : OK

Preferred Male response : Darling, talk to me please. I want to share every part of your life….the good and the bad. I’m interested in everything about you!


You see the pattern, Boys? It’s that word “OK”. What the hell is that, I ask?! Its the laziest form of agreement, I figure 🙂 Strive to use words that are not monosyllabilic 😉

Ok then…let’s move on…you Boys get my drift, I’m sure. The Preferred Male Responses are the ones that you should be striving for, you will acheive Nirvana if you could just listen and answer us and show some interest. Women dont want GRUNTS….if we did, we’d get ourselves a little Porky 😉

Ahhhhh…now to the all important Male Obsession….SEX!!!! When IS a cuddle just a cuddle and nothing more? And when does a cuddle mean ” Ok, Stud Muffin….tonight’s your lucky night!” ? Sometimes, all we women want really is a cuddle…it gives us comfort and security. YESSS…these are 2 words that women use frequently….look up the meanings, Boys… memorise them and utilise them 😉

When the woman has had a difficult/emotional day….Please, Boys….we want a cuddle ONLY….Tarzan tactics will probably get you a swot on your head or worse 😉 Women dont appreciate “The Slam-Bam-Thank You-M’am Routine” at all. We want foreplay….INFACT, we demand foreplay! We like to be romanced…not pounced on, for Pete’s sake! 😀 It is very much an emotional and spiritual experience for us…so take a little time to ask Her about how her day went, massages would work very well too, give her a nice surprise….it’s the thought that counts! Set the mood and if you followed my suggestions, by now your woman should be ‘almost putty’ in your hands and then ask her nicely… if she would like to….Yes, Boys….do ask, please. Neanderthal Men are such a turn-off! 😉 Women love that freedom of choice…its empowering! 😉

Celebrate and cherish the differences between the Male and Female species. I’ll bet you wouldnt want to play the ‘Hokey-Pokey’ with a She-man ;-P Treat her well, respect her and protect her….all the while remembering to romance her and I’ll bet that every night…or almost….will be a “Stud Muffin, it’s your lucky nite!”…kinda night! 🙂

Now….that wasnt so hard now, was it, Boys?! 😉

P.S. Pay close attention, Boys, to the words that have been high-lighted…I know that even reading this might be too much work for you 😀

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A little nostalgia and some nice songs

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on July 30, 2008

This is one of the best song I like from Lostprophets. They are not the best band in the world but they have a couple of really good songs. 4am forever is by far one of my evergreen song.

The lyric is gloomy but it is hauntingly similar to my experience. You see, I lost a friend through suicide at the age of only 22+. She was a nice, intelligent girl, with a world of shining possibilities ahead. I dare not say that I have known her for a long time, but the short amount of time I have spent knowing her has been fruitful and rich. I was taken by surprise that she confessed to me in our short time knowing each other that she considered me as one of the very few close friends she had ever had. And the day after, she would be forever lost. Nothing prior to her suicide would have suggested that she had problem with her personal life, considering that she had just married 6 months before her passing.

As I retrospect about our time together, I happened to be listening to this song where I have liked it ever since. This song described well the angst and the sadness of the moment. It was also when I realised, she might had  reluctantly reached out for help but never found the courage.  I thought I caught a glimpse of sadness whenever she was alone, just right at the edge of my view. All was immediately rosy again when she is with company. Well, my subconscious might have dismissed it for false warning. Whatever it is, there will always be a sign of guilt about the ‘what if’ scenario. What if I could have done something, what if I am more sensitive, what if……

Now a year and 4 months after her death, I am finally here in her country of her birth and death. I could at least visit her now some time this week after my working hours.

Anyway enough of gloomy stuff, here are some other genre of music that I listen to depending on my mood.

Ahh, I love this song since I was 6 years old. It was so famous they even cover it in Chinese or was it Cantonese, Kaoma’s Lambada. That was in 1989. Damn I love that booty shaking. Look at the boy and the girl; I would be famous if I can dance like them, lol.

If I want to be dreamily happy, Inner Circle’s Games People Place. Ahh, let’s get psychedelic with Bob Marley and his weed……

And finally, I think this song suits youngsters well, the lyric is not the biblical truth but I think it very much reflect the young desperados in all of us (especially in the face of Malaysian politics……). You know, the part inside you that always one to break free from social norms and be an individual?

The lyric goes like this…

Maybe if you were some spearheaded guy
I would listen to what you have to say
But you’re just some incapable figure
Thinking you’re bigger than me, but you’re not
Yet you don’t know a thing about the youth of today
Stating your opinion making it ring in my head all day

And you say,
“My children weren’t the same”
“My children’s children they’re the ones to blame”
And you say,
“In my day we were better behaved”
But it’s not your day no more…

And we are the youth of today
Change our hair in every way
And we are the youth of today
We’ll say what we wanna say
And we are the youth of today
Don’t care what you have to say at all

And maybe if you had a true point of view
I would listen to you
But it’s just your one sided feelings
They keep getting in my way
And you don’t know a single thing about the youth of today
Stating your opinion making it ring in my head all day

And you say,
“My children weren’t the same”
“My children’s children they’re the ones to blame”
And you say,
“In my day we were better behaved”
But it’s not your day no more…

And we are the youth of today
Change our hair in every way
And we are the youth of today
We’ll say what we wanna say
And we are the youth of today
Don’t care what you have to say at all

And you say,
“My children weren’t the same”
“My children’s children they’re the ones to blame”
And you say,
“In my day we were better behaved”
But it’s not your day no more…

And we are the youth of today
Change our hair in every way
And we are the youth of today
We’ll say what we wanna say
And we are the youth of today
Don’t care what you have to say at all

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Anwar to be charged for sodomy says The Malaysian Insider!

Posted by ella-mae on July 29, 2008

Despite all that has happened this week, the police are going ahead with their plans to charge DSAI. Funny how this is happening a day after the first medical report was leaked!

Anwar to be charged for sodomy as police wrap up probe

Exclusive to The Malaysian Insider

Anwar is going to be charged for sodomy.

KUALA LUMPUR, July 29 – The police have completed their investigations into sodomy allegations against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and are going to charge the opposition icon soon for sodomising his accuser Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Sources told The Malaysian Insider that investigators are “crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s” and will be relying on Anwar’s DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) samples from 1998 when he faced similar charges which cost him the chance to be prime minister.

“Nobody wants a repeat of 1998 when the prosecution had to amend the charges. Anwar has alleged that he had an alibi for the 24 hours on the day the offence took place. So the authorities have to check everything out,” said an official who is familiar with the investigations.

“We understand that there is an attempt to quash credibility of the case even before the matter goes to court. The police cannot say too much because then they will be accused of trial by media and ministers cannot say much because they will be accused to interference.

“This case is built on strong scientific evidence,” the official added.

Anwar has claimed that he is a victim of a political conspiracy and has refused to give a blood sample for DNA tests, saying that it could be used to fabricate evidence against him.

Waving the leaked medical report today, Anwar called on the police to drop the case, saying it was proof there was a plot to implicate him in a repeat of the 1998 case.

“How else can we fathom why the police during the last four weeks of their ‘thorough and professional investigations’ have overlooked such a critical piece of evidence?

“I condemn in the strongest terms their negligence, dishonesty and recklessness in humiliating the nation by dragging us all through this vile and filthy charade,” Anwar said.

Police arrested him on July 16 an hour before he was due to be questioned, causing a furore as it was similar to the chain of events a decade ago when he was charged with corruption and sodomy. Anwar was convicted on both charges and spent six years in jail before being freed in 2004 when his sodomy appeal was upheld.

Earlier today. Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said police will not cease investigations into the allegations against the former deputy prime minister despite a leaked medical report that states Saiful has no medical evidence of sodomy. The former male aide to Anwar lodged a police report on June 28, alleging that he had been sodomised by Anwar in a condominium on June 26.

“This is just one aspect of the investigations. The police are piecing together evidence, let them do their job and complete their investigations,” Syed Hamid said. “As it is, they haven’t charged Anwar with anything yet,” he added.

The Malaysia Today news portal yesterday revealed a medical report dated June 28 that indicated the lack of evidence of anal intercourse, with its editor Raja Petra Kamarudin also claiming that the examining doctor, Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid, had gone into hiding because the police had attempted to have him change his medical report to implicate Anwar.

The police have denied the allegation.

“We interviewed the doctor in the early stages of our investigations following the police report lodged by Mohd Saiful,” said Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar.

“But we did not arrest the doctor or detain him for three days as alleged by the Malaysia Today report. We don’t have any plans to do so either,” he said.

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The Willy Man… IS really 10 ten inches long!!

Posted by Foodie on July 29, 2008

Willy Man - Pashupatinath, Kathmandu
Willy Man – Pashupatinath, Kathmandu

We were huffing and puffing, drawn out from the long exhaustive walk at Pashupatinath when we finally decided to rest our weary feet at a small clearing in the massive open air temple of Kathmandu. “There’s no such thing as the willy man lah” quipped Damien. “Are you sure he’s not just a myth or rumour conjured by people to attract visitors?”

“I think ….more like some figment of her imagination. An obsession and quest to find the man with the biggest dick on earth like they are trying to find the bigfoot in the Yosemite!” James roars with laughter.

I’m talking about the willy man who dwells in the Pashupatinath. I was surfing the internet prior to our Tibet cum Nepal trip when I happened upon a list of must see or dos in Nepal which included a most interesting subject; the ‘Willy Man’! This man they decided to nickname Willy was apparently so well endowed, that he was one of the main attractions of the temple. With an extremely long ‘piece of equipment’ he could also supposedly lift and swing huge rocks with it. How I had no idea but I knew we had to make a stop for him. This I had to see for myself. My curiosity was instantly aroused but could you blame me? It wasn’t because I was sexually frustrated or anything mind you. I just found this darn interesting! I was over 21 years of age at that time and thus above the age limit to be exposed to such things. Good old Nepal, this could never happen in Malaysia (bolehland), here such acts would be deemed as indecent exposure and the sadhu’s ass would already have been dragged to jail, whipped AND slapped with several charges.

Meanwhile, the guys feigned disinterest but I could judge from their body language, that they were nervous as hell about meeting this willy man I’d talked about so incessantly, as much if not more than me! We all know how men have this issue with size and they compare it too. Why else would they have something so silly as a ‘Pissing competition’? In fact, let’s be fair, this obsession with size involves both sexes. However, thankfully for women, our equipment is not a means to an end. So size matters but not really that much! 😉

“You say he can lift huge rocks with his ‘thing’?  Sure or not? If he can lift rocks, my brother here can do a 16th beat on the drums! How long is it really?!” Damien does a crude imitation of himself playing drums with his ‘yunnowhat’. I screw up my face but laugh hysterically at how silly he looks, trying to swing his imaginary piece of equipment all over the place whilst thrusting his hips forwards and backwards. He looks like a baboon on heat. 😛 (sorry Damien but you did)

“Somewhere in this temple, he lurks….I’m sure” and just then out of nowhere, as if he had heard us, this exceedingly lean, scruffy looking sadhu appeared out of nowhere. He was half naked with only an orange cloth covering his lower half of body. He had long dirty unruly hair in a bundle and they are tangled in a mass of what seems like a botched up job of dreadlocks. Some bits looked like it had been soldered because they seemed to resemble a chunk of hair that had stuck together permanently, taking form.

The two guys struggled with their cameras and lenses whilst I negotiate with the Willy Man. We knew he was the man because his sign language was crystal clear. First, he pointed to a rock the size of a melon and then he pointed to his groin. The guys jumped up and down screaming “IT’S THE WILLY MAN! IT’S THE WILLY MAN!” I swear at this point, the willy man gives them both a shifty look.

“300 rupees (if my memory serves me right). You take picture. Me this (points to groin again) go up (points up to the sky) big rock(points to the rock)!” says the Willy Man. I attempted to bargain but the guys yelled, “PAY THE MAN WHAT HE WANTS LA.QUICK! ” With slightly unsteady hands I pay him the money.The guys try to kick the rock and it doesn’t budge much. “Wah piang eh, this one not fake! Damn heavy man!” The Willy Man then proceeded to lift the cloth and revealed LO AND BEHOLD a ten inch limp dick! I stole a quick glance at the boys and saw their jaws had dropped almost to the ground at this point! With a deft hand, the Willy Man placed his ‘equipment’ across the cloth that hung the rock and lifted the rock by standing up whilst holding on to the end of his ‘equipment’. Click Click Click our cameras went. We were like mad paparazzis focused only on this man’s groin region. The Willy Man even swung the rock a bit to show off and I swear I could sense envy from the boys as their jaws dropped even further. Before we knew it, Willy Man lowered the rock and cloth and the show was over! We were in awe. All three of us. Out of respect, we walked away in silence and waited until we were a fair distance away before we broke out in peals of laughter that lasted I think a good 5 -10 minutes! Man, the Willy Man Rules the Day!!!

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Is Uncle (Auntie) Pet the new Umi Hafilda?

Posted by ella-mae on July 29, 2008

Meet Umi Hafilda,

last decade’s sodomy trial’s glamourous whistle blowing sensation. There were hushed whispers of her obsession for DSAI and when he failed to reciprocate, the same sweet red-stained lips that passionately longed for DSAI went on instead to spew ugly lies about the man.

When the sodomy saga returns again after 10 years.

Umi Hafilda is not involved,

but (TADA!)

meet Uncle Pet!

Malaysians scrutinised Uncle Pet when he made an appearance with Saiful’s lawyer in a MalaysiaKini video.

The Dandelions’s Madame said Uncle Pet’s feminity gave her a complex. Well darling Madame, I guess almost every woman who watched the video felt the same 😉. Some people including the illustrious Raja Petra Kamarudin said Uncle Pet is actually an auntie in disguise. But I think he’s more of an auntie in the making.

A pissed off Uncle Pet spoke to MalaysiaKini today.

The object of Uncle Pet’s anger: RAJA PETRA KAMARUDIN… Reason: For calling him Auntie Pet. And Uncle Pet challenged RPK to a duel (jeng jeng jeng) in any gelanggang of his (RPK’s) choice. He sounds so jantan in this video. But more like a fake jantan… kinda like how the mak nyahs sound when they are in an argument…. Kesian Uncle Pet. Sex reassignment surgeries are not cheap.

I wonder what RPK’s reaction would be to Uncle (eerr Auntie) Pet’s challenge.

But even more interesting is why did Uncle Pet say the first medical report from Pusrawi meant nothing because forensic examination could not be done. Like HUH! Uncle (Auntie) Pet, are you now a medical expert also? When the first doctor who examined Saiful reported there was no sign of sodomy, it also meant no crime was committed. No crime means no need for forensic examination. Simple as that!

And Uncle Pet, what is your real name please? Remember… berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah 😉

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