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barbie heating up the beat!

Posted by barbie on July 24, 2008

zzzeeettt cccciittttt citt dupp eeeeekkkk kittt kittt… (self created sound effects)

yor.. miss jolie waxing lyrical. she’s not political. nor she’s mental. i’m hype and temperamental. hey, i am white out. what about? we are in doubt. political clout. i need a stout. i can’t think now i’m blackout. don’t like me? just assault, do a somesault. (WTF??)

i need to sleep. get in my crib. ciao peeps!

ps: very very very lame attempt at rapping. i will stick to pantun.. hehe.


3 Responses to “barbie heating up the beat!”

  1. missjolie said

    hahahahaha! not bad not bad at all!!! LOL!

  2. Madame said

    Yo, Dude!!!! Puff Botak’s da man 😀 Loved it….

  3. ella-mae said

    u drink stout ah, barbie? no wonder got belly ;;)

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