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In celebration of my very first posting…traffic jam!!!

Posted by ErnieJean on July 24, 2008

Wow… very first blog posting……….stil in awe…….of myself…………I think………………. ;P

I’m seriously on the verge of having an empty purse. Have planned to stop by the bank today at my mostest fav shopping mall, the one supposedly in the middle of a valley, and perhaps, along the way, stop by some outlets still on sale (some with further mark-downs…woo hoo!!)…..

But alas………Why Jusco!!?? Why!!?? Why the Members’ Day today!!?? Since 7am, the entire Old Klang Road’s jammed packed and still jammed packed when last checked…….%$#@&*

So, for the benefit of those who are still blur, in the Klang Valley, one ‘s gotta avoid the roads during the following times:_

1) Jusco Members’ Day Sale

2) Police having received “intel”, esp those concerning the “Others”

3) Heavy rain that last more than 5 mins

4) Last but not least, any other working day

Now, what am I going to do about that empty wallet?


6 Responses to “In celebration of my very first posting…traffic jam!!!”

  1. d_sticks said

    leave intel alone..


  2. saggiethewarrior said

    Traffic to solve the problem ? Tricky question indeed..I remember in the good old days..Police sort the traffic problems by manning busy intersections…now…they make intersections busy by manning them…What gives !!!

  3. erniejean said

    Yes, nowadays, intersection and roundabout traffic jams are most likely caused by some terribly uncoordinated police officers attempting to coordinate………

  4. missjolie said

    …. moonlight! 😉

  5. ella-mae said

    remember the time in the nineties when the traffic police decided to go on “strike” because the public pretty much accused them og causing the jam in the first place? wow… KLites had to endure two horrifying days of very very bad traffic. some how i had more respect for our police force then. things in the force seem to have deteriorated in the past 10 years. hmmm.. someone should consider researching this. could spongebob squarepants have something to do with this, perhaps?

  6. Madame said

    Oh! You poor KLites!!!! U need to move to where I’m at….its pure paradise 😉
    Loved ur piece, Ms. Ernie Jean…

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