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Posted by saggiethewarrior on July 24, 2008

When one of us came up with the idea to start a blog for us all Dandelions, we were all excited. This despite the fact almost all of us never blog before. I mean, how hard can it be…turns up..very very hard. Saggie (also a first timer) had a ridiculously fun time in literally dragging Madame through the whole blog maze …

Madame : Hi Saggie

Saggie : Hi Madame..

Madame : How to join the group blog….I’m clueless as usual

Saggie : Me as well clueless

At this point..we we were still ok..thinking how hard can it be right ? You type, you edit..and you post…

Madame: What draft this people talking about?

Saggie : My 1st draft

Madame : Woo Hoo…managed to set up my acct. You?

Saggie : Yep…finish my first draft too hahaha

Saggie : Go there..and click left corner of the screen

Saggie : There you see others works and also start your own

Madame : go where?

Hmmm…go this point I started to play with my hair..stand by mode to pull what ever left of them…

Saggie : ok.ok, have they sent you mail yet

Madame : yep

Saggie : the mail, you can see two links there in the mail..yes?

Madame : the one where u set u your word press profile?

Hair pulling ..commence…(at this moment all the smileys Madam sent to Saggie are not really helping…)

Saggie :…the mail they sent after you set the password and the username

Madame : yep…..activated it already by typing in my password. Then another screen comes up with word press….and the dandelions blog is listed there. is that it?

Saggie : click that, click on dandelions

Madame : clicked on the home page now

Madame : and…?

Saggie : click dashboard, left hand corner

Madame : yep…all done and ???

Saggie : are you in dashboard ?

Madame : yes i am. I see 1 post, 2 drafts 🙂

Saggie : in, the 2 drafts are mine and Barbie’s, write away madame

Madame : how to read what u wrote, Saggie? cant seem to click on it

Running out of hair to pull…pulling my beards now..

Saggie : Go to Posts and then click on mine..

Madame : cant seem to click on it. why, why, why????

Saggie : which page you are now?

Madame : posts-manage posts

Saggie : ok ok, go back to dashboard, then click drafts

Madame : ok…hold on 🙂

I am running out of things to hold on to…

Madame : ok went to dashboard, clicked on the 2 drafts and????

Saggie : you can see the 2 drafts yes?

Madame : yep

Saggie: click on them to read

Madame :YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!


You know the old aint over until the fat lady sings ?….

Madame : errrr…..still trying to change my display name to Madame. Cant seem to do that either…sigh…I’m totally hopeless ;)…i definitely need to change the display name…..I tell you….this whole thing is stressing me out…totally 😀

After few more maneuvering, she managed to changed her name …

And then it continues

Madame : Just uploaded my pic…what do u think? 🙂

Saggie : hang on..on the way, I cannot see..This is gonna be a long night hahahaha

Madame : hold on trying to decide which part to crop

I love pain..and I came back for more..

Saggie : Hows the photo going?

Madame : all done! u shud see it soooooon 😉 how to write about me????

Saggie : You just start a new it as draft after..Barbie will post it for you

Madame : ooooookay….hmmmm….brains are already fried after all this idiocy 😀

After I finish few ciggies…

Madame : ok, all done. now what shud i do?

Saggie : go to about page, edit, then paste your piece to the about

Madame : shudnt i save first?

Saggie : save first yes

Madame : ok saving now…

And then..tragedy strucks…well … we sorta see it coming

Madame : damn…i went n clicked on publish…..YIKES!!!!

Saggie : You have officially publish our first post mam,

*laughing till I cry* at this moment

Saggie : Your about is on our front page

Madame :YIKES!!!!!!!!!!

Suffering from stomach cramp…laugh too hard

Madame : hahahahhahahahhahhah…cant stop laughing. Barbie is gonna kill me

Saggie: Yes he will



6 Responses to “VIRGIN BLOGGER”

  1. erniejean said


    Madame…….we love you!!!!!

  2. missjolie said

    sounds like a scene from the three stooges. who’s curly who’s moe…and where’s larry??? LMAO….

  3. barbie said

    didn’t know you have a lot of hair to pull 😀 which hair?

  4. Madame said

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA… I laughed till I almost pee-ed in my pants ;D Saggie shud be awarded a prize for extreme patience… 🙂

    Good job, Saggie!

  5. ella-mae said

    saggie, are u entirely sure you were pulling your hair and not plucking them out? to my knowledge, you don’t really have ENOUGH hair to pull out ;)))) so i guess we should really inform our readers that you were in actual fact plucking measly bits of hair off of your head and face ;))

  6. erniejean said

    Plucking with a twizzer…LOL!!!

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