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(A) or (B)?

Posted by Oscar the Grouch on July 25, 2008

As I was driving back to the office, from an appointment, I had the car-radio tuned to Radio 24, which I presume is the air-waves version of the Bernama channel.

I constantly tune to Radio 24 for one sole purpose, because there is always someone talking – be it a dull voice reading the mundane news, or the chatter of an on-going interview.

This time round, a little vote game was opened to the listeners. The topic question of the day is:-

” Pilih satu yang tepat :

a) beli kereta mahal tetapi kos penyelenggaraan (maintenance) yang rendah ; atau

b) beli kereta murah tetapi kos penyelenggaraan (maintenance) yang tinggi ; “

Listeners started calling in to vote, either for a) or b). This question was, of course, in reference to the Terengganu’s decision to replace their official cars from Proton Perdana to the Merc.

Some voted for (a), many others voted for (b). Callers were allowed to give brief comments. It was all rather subdued and diplomatic. Until this guy called. The conversation went about something along these lines :-

DJ : Hello, Radio 24, siapa yang di talian sana?

Caller : Saya XXXX dari XXXXX

DJ : A atau B?

Caller : Sebelum tu, saya nak tanya sikit …

DJ : Tanya apa tu?

Caller : Saya kurang faham dengan soalannya. Kalau kereta mahal, macam BMW, tentu maintenance mahal. Tapi kalau kereta tu kechik, macam kancil, tentu maintenance murah. Bukan ke macam tu?

DJ : Err …

Caller : Saya rasa soalan tu ada pelik sikit-lah. Mana ada kereta mahal maintenance rendah dan kereta murah maintenance tinggi. Saya pakai Proton saja, maintenance dia ok, murah dari BMW.

DJ : *long uncomfortable pause*

DJ : *continues* Jadi, A atau B?

Caller : A dan B pun salah-lah. Kedua-dua pun salah, macammana mau pilih …

DJ : Jadi, encik pilih B?

Caller : Eh, takde-lah.

DJ : Ya, Encik pilih (B). Terima kasih *hangs up the call*

Caller : ???


3 Responses to “(A) or (B)?”

  1. erniejean said

    LOL!!! For fun filled banters, go check out Red FM Osc, forget Radio 24…’ll be hooked, esp their Morning programme 😀

  2. dugro3 said

    LOL.. Poor DJ dusen know how to answer the caller.
    Try tune in FLY FM:) I love their shows:) Many freebies to win

  3. Madame said

    Hahahahahhahaha…too true! 😉

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