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Something’s rotten in the state of Terengganu

Posted by ella-mae on July 25, 2008

Everyone is talking about the luxury cars purchase in Trengganu but I smelt something even more rotten when i read the following news at The Star Online.

My brain jumped and went BOING!! when I saw the numbers. These people spent more than my measly housing loan to maintain their PROTON PERDANA!!

The smell got even more rotten when I saw Proton’s response to the above report.

Now you do the math and tell me what you think. I wonder if this is another revelation that will be swept under the carpet or will ACA be conducting proper investigation to find out why the heck so much money was spent to maintain a PROTON PERDANA la??

And why were Mohd Jidin and Wan Hisham who purchased their cars for PERSONAL USE  claiming car maintenance??!!??


One Response to “Something’s rotten in the state of Terengganu”

  1. DanielYKL said

    Whoever is in charge of maintaining the fleet of Perdana must have made tons of money. Just absurd! how many of us make that type of money in a year? And that amount is just for them to maintain the car.

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