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Thank You Mr. Rudd, we are very flattered…

Posted by saggiethewarrior on July 26, 2008

Putrajaya: Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on Thursday praised Malaysia’s revitalized democracy as the two countries celebrated their warming ties by announcing a plan to jointly train teachers from Afghanistan.

Revitalized democracy…hm, let me see.. if this means revitalized then ok.

The opposition parties can only use the websites and alternative media for campaigning whilst the ruling party uses everything, even mat rempits, oh pardon me..Mat Cemerlang.. hghhaiighttt..ptui !

# The opposition parties collect money from sympathizers for campaigning whilst the ruling party uses government coffers..
# The opposition parties’ work hard for their votes whilst the ruling parties just have to set up new army camps and walla..guaranteed voters

There are many more ..I just don’t have the energy…

Rudd, on his first visit to Malaysia since taking office, said Malaysia’s democracy was “tested and applied” in March 8 elections in which the opposition made unprecedented gains, loosening the ruling coalition’s 51-year-long hold on power.

“Democracy is not just alive and well in Malaysia but flourishing,” Rudd told reporters at a joint news conference with his counterpart, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Yes Mr. Rudd, it is flourishing, I think you mean it is impoverished…how the hell can it be flourishing when

* People can’t walk the streets in a peaceful manner without the Police running after them with batons
* Government servants can’t openly support their opposition leaders without being cautioned or transferred to some god-forsaken districts
* University students can’t participate in Political activities..unless it involves the Ruling parties..

There are many more ..I just don’t have the energy

As part of their improving ties, the two prime ministers announced that Afghan teachers will be trained in Malaysia with the help of the Australian government and universities.

Malaysian teachers will train teachers..Expect these then

* The teachers will go to Afghanistan and set up tuition classes..
* The teachers will follow the guidelines to the T..being creative is not necessary
* The teachers will take their professions as part time, and will work full time as direct selling agents, Tupperware stockist, raya cookies suppliers and fabric retailers among others..

There are many more ..I just don’t have the energy

Rudd, who was making a one-day stop in Malaysia on his way home from Japan, said part of the reason the agreement was forged is that Malaysia is a Muslim country that “can comfortably partner with the education needs of Afghanistan”.

I am not sure if our education system has “comfortably” covered our own needs…let alone to help out Afghanistan. It’s for a good cause I know..but with the public school system faltering, isn’t it better if we fix our own backyard problems before assisting others?

People who know me will be quick to remind me that I went to Public school and managed to somewhat survive that. Yes..survive I did..but it was because of my parents. They pushed and pushed until they couldn’t push no more…and then there were the rotan, the hose pipe and the legendary wire hanger. Any child in the world would have done well in school if they had parents who swore by “tough loving”.

Kids nowadays can’t have those. why? Because the economy is so bad, both parents have to work, on top of that some parents even have to dabble in part time jobs to make that extra money.

Yes Mr. Rudd, besides our “flourishing” democracy, our economy is also prospering. Anyway, I think he is just being nice to us because he wants another nasi kandar chain in Australia…

And let me do you a favour Mr. Rudd,

One of your predecessor referred to Tun M as recalcitrant ( that caused a lot stirs here simply because three quarters of us have no idea what recalcitrant meant). To make your life and our life easier, just call Tun M’s successor Mr. Numb …


4 Responses to “Thank You Mr. Rudd, we are very flattered…”

  1. missjolie said

    yeah great, just what we need. more terrorists!!!

  2. Crankshaft said

    I was bitching to my Aussie colleague about Rudd’s comment about democracy not just alive but flourishing, when he pointed out that the fact we have risen from our lnaguid, apolitical stupor is democracy in itself.

    About 10 years ago, because our economy was reasonably thriving, and we had limited information (since the internet was in its infancy in Malaysia – much less blogging), we never bothered much about our elected representatives.

    We did the electing and then left them to their own devices. Right now, their shenanigans are being brought out into the open.

    I’d say to an extent, that’s democracy, and not the dictatorship that we’ve had for so long.

  3. saggiethewarrior said

    Crankshaft, well you are right in that sense..its not perfect but I guess we are on the right track…

  4. Madame said

    I love the Malaysia of today as opposed to 4 yrs ago. Democracy is a messy affair…its not neat n nice. We are on the right path….so take heart, Saggie 🙂

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