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Malay Unity & The Never Ending Race

Posted by barbie on July 27, 2008

Gosh!!… They are at it again! The often overstated ‘Malay unity’ is buzzing around the town again. PAS and UMNO were having discussions and negotiations quote unquote ‘for the sake of Malay unity.’ Oh, the latest good news is they are planning to have more discussions in future according to PAS president Hadi Awang since this ‘negotiation’ because quote unquote: ‘such talks augured well for Islam and Malays.’

Who are the Malays uniting against exactly? Their fellow Malaysians? After living together for 50 years, they are still suspicious of other races, that they need to ‘unite’ for their ‘survival?’ UMNO, for the past 50 years has disillusioned the Malays. The ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ (Malay Supremacy) euphoria craze has heightened since Mahathir’s era and ever since then the issue has evolved to a disturbing, scary state of paranoia. Just look at UMNO meetings, how UMNO leaders religiously talk about ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ and ‘Malay unity’ often coloured with battle cries to Non Malays not to ‘question their privileges’ (yes privileges not rights you confused bugger) and be forever have feeeling of gratitude to the natives of this country, because simply put they are the ‘masters of the house’.

How you think Mahathir earned his expulsion from UMNO by authoring The Malay Dilemma, a book promptly banned from Malaysia, which posited that the Malays are the definitive people of Malaysia, and thus deserved special rights as the sovereign people of the nation. It also controversially argued that the Malays needed affirmative action to overcome deficiencies in their genetic stock. Yes, we should thank the old man for all the ‘good things’ he did. He is a closet racist, it is not a surprise he is fanning the racial sentiments lately outside the government.

If Malay unity is that matters, there was no need for PAS leaders to hold secret meeting with UMNO or certain power hungry PAS leaders are shamelessly pimping the party to be sodomised over and over again by UMNO? It is very obvious for personal gain. Important leaders like Nik Aziz and Mahfuz were not involved and they were in the dark on such negotiation. This talk is sending confusing signals to:

1. PAS grassroots
2. PR component parties
3. Non Malays supporting PAS under PR banner last election

Heck, there are hush hush talks behind the bush that if there is any party that might leave Pakatan Rakyat at the eleventh hour, it would be PAS. The key reason for PAS to leave PR is quote unquote again: “to cooperate with Umno, no less, for the sake of ‘Malay unity’”.

This is nothing but a ploy for UMNO political struggle, using PAS as the puppet. UMNO said the talk is important for the Malay ‘unity’ so is UMNO implying the Malays are not united? So what UMNO is about then? What UMNO all this while? Oh, the Malays are losing political power? Using their mainstream media, UMNO is trying to paint a grim picture especially to the Malays they are losing their political foothold – how Penang and Perak has become Chinese the traitorous immigrants states, Selangor PR government bowing to the Chinese and doing everything to please them – eg. building a humongous pig farm for them. Malays are ‘marginalised’ now! The talk for ‘Malay unity’ is urgent, that is what we are doing with PAS, or best ally now, said UMNO the saviour.

Let it be clear that, no Malay states fell to Chinese or Indians or any Non Malays hands on during the last election like how they are spinning it in the government-controlled media. What happened was that some Barisan Nasional-led states fell to Pakatan Rakyat, which has now formed the new state governments. Furthermore, it is not about Malays losing political power to the Chinese or Non Malays also like how the government-controlled media is spinning it. Pakatan Rakyat is definitely a coalition of many races – Malays, Chinese, Indians, Dayaks,Kadazans, Baba Nyonya, Punjabis etc.

Umno is still the party with the most number of seats in Parliament. It got more than half the 140 seats that Barisan Nasional won. Umno’s seats are almost at par with the number of the seats the three opposition parties won combined. Umno got 78 seats while the three opposition parties combined got only 82. And only 28 of the 82 are DAP seats. The balance 31 from PKR and 23 from PAS could be considered ‘Malay’ seats seeing that these two parties are viewed as Malay-based parties (at least this is what they all say). Therefore, Umno’s 78 and PAS’s 23 would give the Malays 101 seats in Parliament. Add the PKR Malay seats to that and the ‘Malay’ seats would be more than half the 222 Parliament seats. So, what is this bullshit about Malays losing their political power to other races?

If anything that is evident to the Malays, it should be that UMNO has failed miserably with its self  assigned task of ‘securing the fate of the Malays’ and ever since the March 8 political tsunami, UMNO suddenly become so ‘focused’ on doing that. Pfftttttttt!! Malay unity is a redundant battle cry, used over and over again by UMNO for its political mileage. Malaysians are increasingly aware the importance of ‘Malaysian unity’ is of the utmost importance, not a single entity of ‘Malay unity’, ‘Chinese unity’, ‘Indian unity’ etc. Malaysians do not want that out-dated politics anymore. We a more mature to decide for the best of Malaysia, to be more competitive globally instead of bickering among ourselves.

Then, the talk about helping Malays never end. Sure they will put up some tables, statistics to support, to justify the action. This is an insult to the many hardworking good Malay friends I know doing well without ‘help’.  There’s no way Malays will catch up with other races especially Chinese if they keep on relying on subsidies, living on crunches. Why? Need not to say, NEP failed to deliver the results they want. Do you believe that after 40 years or so of NEP, 90% of the Malays still considered to be poor? And that 18.9% equity holding never fail to be quoted by Malay politicians.

What you can say but NEP is a failure? From the start, the implementation is already at flaws. All the while the emphasize is to help, to give, give and give.. So when they will be able to stand on their own? The rhetoric is to help all the poor regardless of race which is good, but as you know, Malaysia is famous for the half baked if not bias implementation.

Why Malays will never catch up with other races if this kind of policy is allowed to be continued? Well, by putting the emphasize on Malays, by giving preferential treatment to Malays, you are making other races more competitive. The ungrateful Chinese, being the ‘cunning and smart’ race they always claim themselves to be will find ways to go around the system. Same goes to other non Malay races. And the illusion of one day Malays will make it, they will be on par with other races will remain a dream if they are being helped all the time. How do you expect a person to be competitive if he is offered the handicap? And do you think other race will stop and watch the Malays doing their things? No!! Damn ridiculous. As the Malays being subsidized and helped in every sector, the Chinese, the Indians will compete on their own abilities. Who do you think will come out as a better and competitive race?

Take this as an analogy, two athletes is running. The first one (let us call him Ah Beng) already at a distance because of his ability, and the another one (let us call him Ahmad) because of his slow start, he’s lagging behind. But, since they want to help the weaker Ahmad to finish on par with Ah Beng at the finish line, they give him some magic pill that will make him run faster, but only as long as the magic pill effect is there.

As the effect wears out, he will be running slow again. So they keep running, and it seems Ahmad is catching up with Ah Beng, but every time Ahmad speeds past Ah Beng, the damn magic pill effect wear out, so he gets slower again and Ah Beng being a good runner keep running in front him. I should tell you also, Ah Beng is a very competitive asshole, he will push himself harder when he sees challenges, obstacles.

When he knows Ahmad is being helped, he pushes himself to run faster and faster. So, they question is will Ahmad be able to finish together with Ah Beng? Hell no! Unless Ah Beng stop and fall asleep or fall dead because of severe fatigue, then maybe Ahmad has the chance. But as long as both of them running that way, the chance of Ahmad winning the race or even close to Ah Beng is zero!

Stop with this attitude of pointing which race is superior, which one is weaker. Prepare all the Malaysians regardless of race political believe to compete with the rest of the world. Pampering one race will only make them weaker and neglecting other will only make them more hostile and competitive. And this is no way to preserve the unity among Malaysians. Malay unity is not but secondary to Malaysian unity. Only if our leaders truly understand this. I still wait for the day to come.


13 Responses to “Malay Unity & The Never Ending Race”

  1. Malay Unity & The Never Ending Race « The Dandelions…

    Who are the Malays uniting against exactly? Their fellow Malaysians? After living together for 50 years, they are still suspicious of other races, that they need to ‘unite’ for their ’survival?’…

  2. sarawakian said

    Powerful! Insightful! Loved it! two thumbs up!

  3. azzrizal said

    uniting for themselves. dont think to far, what uve mention maybe the case, but that is for a start.
    we hv problem ourselves. did u know, for example, a simple prayer in a small community mosque was conducted by 2 different imams, just because they hv differences in political views? that shouldnt happen. such a disgrace.
    politics led that such incident happen. malay hate malays not because of they hv done something wrong,
    just because you r on the wrong side of the party. thats why. this is a sad story, atleast to me or other malays.
    next time, if its hari raya or something, we cant visit relatives because of political differences? hell no.
    so they hv to work things out. dont think to far. its okay, but please dont always think negative.
    but i appreciate your views in this. thank you.

  4. walski69 said

    Great blog, and great post… surprised I didn’t come across this site sooner. In any case, while on the simplistic level what commenter Azzrizal says might be true (it’s more to do with shallowness, rather than disunity, if you asked me), there is indeed something to worry about when UMNO and PAS even toy with the idea of re-unification.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…” Politics make strange bedfellows. But to what political end?

    This anak bangsa Malaysia, however, ain’t gonna be fooled again

    p.s. I’m linking this site to mine, post haste 😉

  5. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    How long did it taje you to wrtie such a masterpiece. 😀

  6. Great post.

    You know shallow Malays are easily offended when we talk about Malay supremacy. But if you ask them, what’s their benefit? They could probably list a thing or two (not more than five). So, they dont really know what they are fighting for?

    Unity? To fight whom? Who’s waging a war? Stupid malays will fall for this.

  7. Madame said

    Very insightful indeed! Loved this one… 🙂

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  9. […] CM ‘White Beard’ drives a Rolls Royce! Forget Terengganu!Samyvellu doesn’t want to miss the orgy!Malay Unity & The Never Ending RaceRM2bil deal to maintain government’s vehicles. Good huh?No to Malay nationalism, yes to […]

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  11. You know shallow Malays are easily offended when we talk about Malay supremacy

  12. To fight whom

  13. did u know, for example, a simple prayer in a small community mosque was conducted by 2 different imams,

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