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RM2bil deal to maintain government’s vehicles. Good huh?

Posted by barbie on July 27, 2008

RM12,000 annually = RM1,000 per month maintenance for each of the ‘locally-made luxury-line Proton Perdana leased from Spanco.

1. The cars are leased, not owned. How much the government paid to lease the cars? Then again, it was reported before June 2003, “.. the Government paid Spanco RM100 mil a year to lease and maintain its entire fleet”. So after June 2003, the RM80 mil a year is to maintain only or to lease and maintain?

2. You still need RM1,000 per month maintenance each month? That’s damn lot! It is not like you need to charge many parts of the car each and every month.

3. The contract was inked for a duration of 25 years??!! RM2 billion easy money for Spanco. No competitors.

4. It is mind boggling, the contract was awarded to a company that only has the Government as its customer.

5. Under the deal, the Government gets new Proton Perdanas every fourth year. How much a new Proton Perdanas priced for the Government? Since the Government was reported willingly forking out RM5,700 a car jack worth RM50 before, I wonder how much the new Proton Perdana cost. Perhaps the move by the Terengganu government was not that bad at all. They got discounted price for buying Mercedes than probably paying more when you buy locally made Proton Perdana.

6. But, the logic for the purchase is too clever for an idiot like me to understand. It definitely make no sense, when you need to pay higher maintenance for a cheaper car and lower maintenance for a more expensive car. How is that possible?

7. Terengganu excos showed middle finger to Pak Lah by not following his directive – the cars are only for foreign dignitaries. Read here.

8. Pak Lah said ‘he is in control?’ but obviously nobody listens to him and his cabinet. I am anxiously waiting for actions to be taken against these naughty excos. Pak Lah, bukankah awak pantang dicabar??


5 Responses to “RM2bil deal to maintain government’s vehicles. Good huh?”


  2. ella-mae said

    barbie, Mad Said said seems to be in the centre of all this… opening up many cans of worms since the merc purchase in trengganu. first he revealed how much the trengganu government spent maintaining the former official cars. and after the PM and his deputy vetoed the idea of the new mercs being used by the Trengganu exco members, Mad Said points us to Spanco’s direction… haha.

    You think this guy has something up his sleeve? He’s coming out of this smelling sweet and nice like a baby’s bottom 😉

  3. sarawakian said

    25 years of exclusive contract?!! WTF….Shit has hit the ceiling! and it ain’t a pretty sight! I won’t forget the name Spanco. Who owns this company btw?

  4. ella-mae said

    check out the link Ko Yem Binjai gave… takes u to the management team of Spanco 😉

  5. high_bridge said

    once again, pathetic…the best word to describe the state of the governments collective ideas becoming fowl smelling shits…

    Did the word monopoly springs to anyones mind out there???

    My suggestion which is always perfect, is to make a lottery style draw on live gomeng tv..u noe? like wesminster tv..i meant the program not the draw. But think of it..nobody can complain, bicker, accused etc…so simple, structuring a system where every company outhere with a fair amount of race, experience and expertise get an oppertunity!!

    It should be 2 years for every company. Period. After that, the general public should be well informed of the standards and services of these car companies by publishings or making avail. service records for the Gov vehicles, this will in either ways help or smear the names of these car companies depending on their sincerity when they no longer can lean on the consistency of goverment piggybank . Then everyone can smile and be happy….

    U NOE….

    Pass the big pie around…not fockin runnin under the table wif it…

    HAMPEH in english – pathetic

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