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Did We Ever Come To Our Senses?

Posted by ErnieJean on July 28, 2008

Was the outcome of March 8 Elections really a clear indication of Malaysian voters, old and young, finally coming to their senses? That they have finally realised the need to take charge and make the government of the day to work for them, to be answerable to the Average-Joes and Jills, and NOT the other way round?

I was naively idealistic, to have thought so, pumping my fist in the air as we celebrated Pakatan Rakyat’s historical win in the 5 major states…..

“Now, we can start seeing changes…slowly but surely” I told myself, wanting to believe in the possibility of the cause, that most of us have been aching/praying/screaming for……that this nation will, one day, be a nation for her people, cutting across the barriers of race, religion and social.

Alas, July 14 reminded me to think again? How many of us can forget that eventful day, one of the numerous occasions where most of us Klang Valleyites were forced to burn expensive fuel as a sacrificial offering to the AMNO-Gods, just because someone wanted to file a motion of no-confidence against the Primie Minister (well, about time, don’t you think….come on…be honest…)

Had a MSN conversation with this acquaintance on that fateful, who btw, is self-employed and a father of three school-going kids…..and it left me with such bitter taste in my mouth that it took 10 “Listerine” gurgles to wash it out…….(my reaction highlighted in italic maroon)

TK says: Your fren lagi cause me prob, i really dun like ur fren lah

Me says: My fren?

TK says: Yalah, DSAI lah…..he caused the traffic jam (spit coffee on screen, in disbelief) i fetch my daugher to school just now, but bcos of the jam, have to turn back. Not sure when this jam will last.

Me says: Erm, it wasn’t him who called for the roadblocks……it was Nazri’s call, didn’t you know?

Blaming Pakatan Rakyat is precisely what the morons want to achieve. What is so wrong with the MPs inviting their allocated 5 guests each to observe parliament sessions?

But bcos it’s a motion of no confidence, they become being super paranoid and decide to put up road blocks.

And for what? You mean taxpayers are deemed more dangerous than the actual criminals?

TK says: Sigh, for a small man like me, I dun give a damn (choke on saliva), I just want a normal life

Me says: Well, every “small person” should be entitled to a normal decent life.

TK says: Anyway, i am willing to be not patriotic to my country, I am seriously working out a way to move (Erm…….got people want you meh?) cos to me politians are the same every country

Me says: At the mo, dun think any of us have an option…to be patriotic or not…..yes, politicians are same everywhere…..It’s how they are being kept in check by “small people” like us that makes a country liveable. if everyone say he’s small and couldn’t care less about what the politicians do, then the govn can just about get away with anything, don’t you think?

TK says: I am abandoning this ship, seriously (Well, seriously, maybe you should…..and if your marriage is not looking too rosy, might as well abandon that too)

Me says: It really doesn’t matter where one goes, you know. In many developed countries, the govn knows the people are more demanding, hence they become automatically more accountable, so no matter where you run, you’ll face the same situation. Where r u planning to go, anyway?

TK says: Dunno but just wan to get out. (Go to Timbaktuu lor) Anywhere oso can – purely economic reason not political. (Politics decide the economics lah dufus!!! How did I get to know this fella again?)

In steven covey’s teaching, there are two circles – circle of influence and circle of concern. I only concentrate on circle of influence. Circle of concern is beyond me (What the …….!!!!!!??? This fella wants to be influential but can’t be bothered to be concerned !? Def a potential politician……)

Me says: Nothing is beyond an individual if he doesn’t want it to be. (wringing imaginary neck)

And this question has been nagging me ever since….is he the minority?

Surely not…..since, the current govn, known for its “practices that cannot be seen during daylight” got re-elected back to power, albeit with a small majority, but they got back in anyway.

Sigh……What totally saddens me is how someone, who can be so self-centered, is going to be the role model for his kids who would grow up and be somewhat moulded to the likes of him and his opinions……..

Wanting to live in a place of normality, security and harmony, where nobody dies of hunger, where children gets their decent education, where neighbours are friends……..who doesn’t?

And it’s so dissapointing that an educated adult doesn’t realise that who we have up there making decisions on our behalf in Parliament, and making them accountable for every decision made, directly affects the quality of life we live.

Who would want to go to the streets to demand justice and good governance? To be sprayed with chemical-laced water and gassed? To be beaten to a pulp and man-handled by the very people hired to protect us?

But if it’s what it takes to ensure that we leave behind a decent home/country for our future generation, where everyone is accorded their individual rights to food, health, education, religion, home, etc, then shouldn’t we at least make an effort to lend our voices and moral support to those brave and willing enough to stand out make a difference?

I’m not a worshipper of personalities or parties, but if that person or persons carry the same cause that I believe in, then they can bet on me lending my support there….

In the mean time, I suppose I’ll just have to keep on biting my tongue and honour the right of an individual to state his/her mind, even if it’s the dumbest and most puke-inducing ever ;p


9 Responses to “Did We Ever Come To Our Senses?”

  1. Madame said

    Its called apathy, Ernie Jean. However, Malaysians over the last 4 yrs have become politically aware and that’s a good thing! 🙂 Slowly but surely ppl will start to care…political dissent was not tolerated b4.

  2. Lays said

    They are many ignorant citizens in Malaysia, who prefers to live their life under a well.

    I’ve spoke to quite a lot of ppl just like TK. They just want to rant, and do nothing. Putting facts on the table will resulted feedbacks like “I don’t want to know”, “I don’t care anymore”.

    Because of ppl like TK, the politicians are able to bribe their ways into the Parliament.

  3. erniejean said

    The funniest thing about it all is that these people actually think that by running away to some foreign country, they can continue hiding in their own world of “Me, Myself & I”.

    Have they ever thot about, what if, the politicians there start behaving like the ones that they were running away from, in the first place……

    Migrating to another country is by all means, the right of any individual to seek a better life, but to migrate based on such a shallow reason is, seriously, beyond me 😛

    Does being self-centered do that to one’s brains and ability to think?

  4. Lays said

    They are like leeches.. they are everywhere.. lol.

    I think people from this era been living a peaceful life till the point they forgot there are things that we, as a human should strive for.

    In order to remain in their comfort zone, most of the time, people will choose the most convenient path as their direction in life.

    I usually regard this situation as human-devolution.

  5. missjolie said

    There is a saying we are all too familiar with…Ignorance is bliss….this person is obviously living in an ignorant but blissful state becos of his cluelessness. until it explodes in his face that is. then he won’t be singing that tune. this tidak apa attitude is just so typical of the large population! very selfish.

  6. saggiethewarrior said

    I have too many friends like these…numb skulls I call them…

    they whine and whine and whine and then they vote BN..when asked why?

    “Why change..politicians all the same!”

    What the F**k !

  7. barbie said

    He’s an idiot. The only explanation. Only idiots think that way, with their God-gifted brain, hence when you confront them with facts, they shun away. ‘I don’t know. I don’t care’.

  8. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    Wah ernie, you made my day. delicious post, I love it completely, it’s serious and hilarious.

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