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Jeanne “Madame Dumpling” Badawi and Patriotism.

Posted by ella-mae on July 28, 2008

KUALA LUMPUR, July 27 (Bernama) — The hibiscus should be promoted again as a symbol of true warriorship, the Prime Minister’s wife, Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah said today.

She said the choice of the hibiscus as the Warriors’ Day logo was appropriate since the flowers symbolised bravery and sincerity of soldiers in their fight to safeguard the country’s sovereignty.

“Let us together enliven the tradition of having the hibiscus to mark Warriors’ Day,” she said when launching the Warriors Day campaign here, Sunday.

She also said there was a need to enhance public awareness and understanding on the concept of the Warriors’ Day campaign and celebration.

“Warriors Day is not merely a day when there is ceremonial parade at the National Monument or raising donations for ex-servicemen.

“It is also to nurture spirit of patriotism in the society,” she added.

Jeanne also advised the people not to allow themselves to be influenced by negative elements which were trying to disrupt racial unity and stability in the country.

She also called for more quarters, both from the public and privare sectors, to participate in programmes that could help promote patriotism and those held in memory of the fallen heroes who died while protecting the country.

At the function, Jeanne received contributions from corporate organisations for the Warriors” Fund and also presented aid to several ex-servicemen and widows of those killed while on duty.


Does Madame Dumpling even know what patriotism means?

Jeanne darling, I doubt you and your hapless husband could ever comprehend what patriotism really means let alone wanting to now promote it. Patriotism is one’s deep love, devotion and loyalty to his country. And right… we all know just how “deeply” your family loves this country… enough to rob her continuously!

Allow me to give you a little tuition about the Bunga Raya 😉 and what it should really mean to all Malaysians.

The Bunga Raya or hibiscus was chosen to be the national flower by our country’s first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj in 1960. The flower which is found in abundance throughout Malaysia first arrived via trade from its original home in the Far East in the 11th century.

Known for its medicinal properties, the plant’s roots are used as cure for fever, while the juice acquired from the leaves is said to be effective in relieving skin eruptions and glandular problems. The petals are commonly used by women to darken and highlight their eyebrows.

Incidentally, this flower is also a native national emblem for the stolen generation of indigenous peoples of Australia. I heard your husband has a home (homes? maybe) there 🙂

In Malaysia, the five-petal Hibiscus rosa sinensis was chosen over other hibiscus varieties as the most symbolically relevant because it represents the RUKUNEGARA (the Five Principles of Nationhood). The colour red signifies courage.

The Rukunegara is the Malaysian pledge of allegiance indicative of the country’s national philosophy and ideology. It was mooted in 1970 to promote and encourage national unity amongst the different ethnic races of Malaysia. The reading of the Rukunegara is compulsory at every official event. The pledge is recited weekly in all public schools in Malaysia.

Do you still remember the Rukunegara, Jeanne. Read below to refresh your memory.

MAKA KAMI, rakyat Malaysia berikrar akan menumpukan seluruh tenaga dan usaha kami untuk mencapai cita-cita tersebut berdasarkan atas prinsip-prinsip berikut:






Maybe your Bahasa Malaysia is not so good… so let me give you the English translation.

NOW THEREFORE WE, the people of Malaysia, pledge to concentrate the whole of our energy and efforts to achieve these ambitions based on the following principles.






I wonder who wrote you the speech for the event, Jeanne. Did Khairy write it? You advised the people of Malaysia to not be influenced by negative elements that were only trying to cause disruption to racial unity and stability in this country?????

Aiya, Madame Dumpling… is your brain made of dumplings also ah? To start with, is there even racial unity in this country? And who is the real cause of the instability in Malaysia ah?

Perhaps you should read what Barbie posted here and here. Meet my friend Barbie, he can teach you more than a thing or two about patriotism. He may be young but the boy has a lot of fire in his heart and he is passionate about his country. Unlike you Badawis la!

Don’t forget to read our Madame’s (she is a better looking, classier Madame) Malaysia… Truly Asia? post.

And what stability are you muttering about la? Malaysia is in a mess: no thanks to your husband and his racist predecessor. Both have managed to turn Malaysia into the laughing stock of South East Asia.

So what patriotism are you talking about?

You lot who are bent on destroying this country and her people with your greed for more power and more money are the last people who should even be discussing patriotism and its nature.

Oh wait… I get it! I get it now…

I remember now the late Endon and her batik promotions.

Well Jeanne Badawi too wants her own “trademark product” and it’s the hibiscus for her.

Madame Dumpling wants the hibiscus to be promoted as a symbol of true patriotism.

Maybe this is another opportunity for your family to make money? More private-sector sponsored endorsement to promote the Bungaraya, perhaps. More money maybe for your own daughters… since they got in so late into the game. One of them owns an event company, right? The same one that handled the launch event  for The Pavilion 😉


12 Responses to “Jeanne “Madame Dumpling” Badawi and Patriotism.”

  1. saggiethewarrior said

    Jeanne is getting into the act I see…afraid Rosmah upstaging you huh?

  2. erniejean said

    Yes, Madame Dumpling seem to have a knack for really shallow statements about nurturing patriotism and everything else.

    Remember the last time, she attempted to encourage our change of lifestyle by asking the rakyat to plant their own vegies, and in the meantime, took the opportunity to show off her well-kept fruit and herb garden? Does she think we’re so dumb as to not know about the people employed by taxpayers money to upkeep her garden, which incidentally happens to be paid for by the taxpayers too?

  3. ella-mae said

    hahahaha u are one acid-tongued chickie, erniejean 😉

  4. Jeanne “Madame Dumpling” Badawi and Patriotism. « The Dandelions…

    Does Madame Dumpling even know what patriotism means?

    Jeanne darling, I doubt you and your hapless husband could ever comprehend what patriotism really means let alone wanting to now promote it….

  5. royz said

    Well you can’t blame her for trying. Occasionally, “the first lady” needs the spotlight on her.

  6. ella-mae said

    i dont mind her trying but do it with her own money and NOT with ours 😉

  7. Madame said

    I’m sure there are a helluva lot more
    causes that she can adopt/promote/contribute to….than a flower, for Pete’s sake!!!!

  8. knox said

    Nothing Jeanne does seems to be right for you ppl.;P
    Give her a break…

  9. Madame said

    Hmmmmm….I do think the people of Malaysia would also like to be given a break 😉

    Cheers, Knox! 🙂

  10. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    I have nothing against Jeanne, she just happens to catch the flu virus of PM. She is an innocent (relative to Malaysian politics) by-stander. Garden maintained by whoever is not important, it is trivial. I am sure Nikolas Sarkozy has is own personal assistants. As long as it is not a propesturous garden that I see in the Palace of Versailles

  11. ella-mae said

    Knox, she is preaching patriotism while the her family are robbing us on a daily basis. This nation has been sodomised over and over again by these people. She has no blardey right to speak on patriotism and she hardly has the qualifications to tell us how we should love our country.

  12. sarawakian said

    Fox in socks, socks on knox, socks on knox and knox on box…(are u the knox fm Dr Seuss? sure sounds like one to me)

    “Nothing she does ever seem right” precisely your point there. what is the point of all she’s doing? as if it were going to change anything or make a difference. It’s corny enough, let alone hypocritical, to preach what you cannot practice….. Promote Patrioticism my ass. More like more brain washing!

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