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No to Malay nationalism, yes to Islamization?

Posted by barbie on July 28, 2008


1. Then it must be a party which discriminates based on religion?

2. Let say the new party is formed, it will be just like PAS – an Islamic party, so  the membership is only open to Muslims no? That is not another form of segregation? Dividing Muslim and Non-Muslims? What is so different between a party that champions Malay nationalism and a party that champions Islamification?

3. Why the politicians always divide people by drawing some lines, and in the case of Malaysia, racial line or religious line instead of working for the unification of whole? Is that really that hard to do? Is it true Malaysia really not ready for a lot of things. Then probably I am a hopeless optimist, wishing for a true unity for Malaysians instead of bickering among ourselves since 1957 about race and religion issue.

4. Call me a bigot, but is there any harmonious society in this world built through the principles of religion? Religion has cause many bad things to humanity, heck religion has caused more wars than anything else in history. Throughout the history of man, religion has been responsible for wars, persecutions, genocide and slavery. It has stifled the development of science and the creation of the very technology that is helping so many today.

Yes, I know you will say, it is not religion per se but PEOPLE who take religious beliefs and use them to justify those wars, the hatred and bigotry towards others. MAN, and his greed for wealth, power and superiority – not the religion – that causes it.

Well, think again, is it not religion that is the cause, the vehicle that allows them to fight? It is always in the name of religion, we shall do this and that. Politicians used religions as toilet paper. So, no religion, less wars. Before you whack me, atheism is still a form of religion. Yes I am one confused bastard. So shoot me.

ps: I hope the idea by PAS to dissolve both parties – PAS and UMNO and form a new political party based on Islamic principles is nothing but just a joke to entertain UMNO quest for ‘muzakarah’. It is probably an idea to throw off UMNO from pursuing the talk for the sake of ‘Malay unity and Islam’ because pig can fly if UMNO agrees to disband.


14 Responses to “No to Malay nationalism, yes to Islamization?”

  1. No-any t h i n g is IS better than the other. please.
    Man Religious? So internet is what religion? SexTube PokerTube SodomyTube ? What hell here?
    Muslim? So why King of saudi not sharing the earth oil to the rest of the world?
    Human? So why the sex is better story than the cat food?
    What is so good about Islam other than a religion of rituals that one stucked with?
    Better than Buddha? Better than Kristian? Better than What IF the people are like bushtard are living on other peoples head? Snapping peoples religion or wives or rice plates?
    Better check your vocabulary right away!!

    The real thing now is the real thing NOW !! NOW before the life after death arrive !!

    What Religion? What Polity ?

    What I mean is.. review, please review.. Religion is ones right to practise AT HOME.
    AT HOME. pull stop. that’s why Muhammad never claimed to write but READ..IQRA’.
    thats why they still proclaimed that the Isa eleihisalam still last to return.
    TO RETURN ??? whatsup here?

    Malaysia has been BULLIED by all these nonsense because they are SCARED of LOSING POWER !!

    I downt want to waste my time. right of opinion doesnt mean right to read as well.
    But PLEASE REVIEW no religion is better than the other OTHER than sucks people suck leaders !!

    please read this TQ: please comment as well TQ :

    Freedom of Speech recorded since Adam and Eve.

    Continued while the Ismailite Cross the River to form Jews Nation.
    Continued while WW I and II
    While Bush wanted to attack Iraq
    While Oil is being yoyo-ed

    no no no no no..we are coming back and it started herein Malaysia

    and the nusantara.

    UK and Europe already started.

    US and Pacific is ON.

    World of Revolution has started. Be part of it !!

  2. Madame said

    I share your sentiments, Barbie. Good stuff 🙂

  3. mawardi said

    Screw you. Without religion, we still wear ‘cawat’ you know? Please increase a bit your basic knowledge of history.

  4. barbie said

    Mawardi, ohhhhhh! That’s your ‘basic knowledge’ of history? 🙂 No wonder you are screwed.

  5. sarawakian said

    It’s not that simple Mawardi. If only it were. Okay side tracking a bit, I need to get this issue of religion out of my system first. Don’t you realise people commit acts of murder in the name of religion/God. I mean, tell me this… how can one call a war ‘holy’? A war is a war! When you kill you are commiting murder. period. No two ways about it from this aethiest’s point of view. It’s because of religion that we hv these crusade wars. Christians and muslims slaying one another ALL in the name of religion….go read some history. It dates back to nine hundred years ago in western Europe, where the first crusade was ignited….and it still continues to this day. All spurred by ravings of fanatical prophets….

  6. MightyDonkeyKong said

    I religions serve to lock down people in a primitive era, or lock down people within a dogmatic framework that is incompatible with the present, then it ceases to be a religion and it becomes a cult.

    Worse still, if this cult serves to impose its will upon others and run down others while proclaiming itself supreme. That is a true indication of a cult, and an evil one at that.

    We can see before our very eyes how Muslims are gradually becoming a part of a cult rather than practitioners of Islam. Not just in Malaysia, but the rest of the world. This is a worrying trend indeed.

    Muslims scream “ISLAMOPHOBIA” wihout batting an eyelid whenever the Europeans criticize them, but they see no wrong in imposing their syariah laws onto others’ societies. They talks about “unity under Islamic rule” in Malaysia but they can’t accept it if others have the same sense of religious supremacy. They claim to be fair and just but yet, they’ll say “it’s fair and just as long as it’s Islam. Others are frauds”.

    Islam has become a cult of hypocrisy and oxymoron. If Muslims don’t do something about it, Islam will be obsolete within the next few generations. Progress, don’t regress. In this age when the whole world is coming together and inter-mingling and assimilating each others’ cultures, most Muslims choose to insulate themselves within a cocoon of 7th-century Arabia. What gives?

    Therefore, I don’t trust any Muslim ruling, making policies, or whatever at all because they’re not in touch with the realities of the modern world and above all, they’re selfish and hypocritical.

  7. royz said

    Never believe 100% what you read. Sometimes it was taken out of context. The MB merely agrees with the suggestion to dissolve UMNO and PAS as long as the new form party are based on islamic principles. By the way, do you really think UMNO would agree to the idea?? If UMNO leaders think they are smart, Nik Aziz is smarter. He’s playing their own game.

  8. barbie said

    royz: you read my ps: do you? 🙂

  9. evil empire said

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  11. No to Malay nationalism, yes to Islamization? « The Dandelions…

    Yes, I know you will say, it is not religion per se but PEOPLE who take religious beliefs and use them to justify those wars, the hatred and bigotry towards others….

  12. royz said

    Barbie, my bad. Was looking more at your readers comments when writing my comment. 🙂

  13. barbie said

    evil empire: let’s not bash any religion here. i am not bashing islam or christian or buddhism or hinduism, i am arguing that religions have been used over and over again for the political mileage.

    royz: none taken 🙂 cheers!

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