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We Are Not Racist

Posted by saggiethewarrior on July 28, 2008

Some say racism and hate goes hand in hand; racist hates others from different race. Now if that is racism then we are not racists. I believe we are peace-loving people who really have learnt to live in harmony despite being different. We have Chinese teachers teaching Indian kids how to use abacus, Malays eating Thosai, heck we even have an Indian Malaysian Idol (she is so gorgeous by the way!), Malaysians voted her! How in the hell is that possible if we are a bunch of racist! I remember my siblings religiously voting for her, and adore her ever since. I adore her too but for a wrong reason; hey I am a man!

Racism also defined as one group despising other group of ethnicity because of what that other group have done wrongly to them. Now, here we have a problem. Don’t come screaming at me and say otherwise, it is true and you know it! Some Chinese and Indians hate the Malays because of the now infamous much talk about Bumiputera Policy (I say some ok..not generalizing here so take it easy will you!). They hate the Malays because the Policy was drafted by UMNO i.e. Malays.

Let us see if the hatred is indeed justified. I am not going into details, you can google it up if you want, for arguments sake, lets take the most glaring part of the policy which are discount on housings, dedicated mutual funds and scholarship for higher educations.

I bravely put my neck on the line here by saying that the non-Bumis are not against the policy; they just want it to be toned down. For one, why do we need to preferentially award the education scholarship, if you are smart enough, you should get it, right? They should make new application forms with nothing but results and family income data. No names and religious required. If you’ve got the brain and your parents are not well off, you will be qualified.

On housing, instead of the 7% discount across the board, it should be split. The affluent and middle class Malays should buy the properties at level price with the rest of Malaysians. With savings made from this, property developers can afford to offer cheaper properties to the lower income group of all ethnicity. Now is that not a win – win situation for all?

Two basic needs of human being, education and roof over their heads, get them right and all else will be fine I say.

Clearly we are not bunch racist bigots. We do however feel uneasy on the Government Racial based policies. The Government on the other hand thinks we have problems integrating. Hence the unnecessary National Service Program and other stupid programs initiated by the numb nuts. These are not solving the real problem you thick skull!

Come on you knuckle heads! Basic rules number one in solving a problem, fix the cause, not the effect!

Fix the Bumiputera Policy and all will be fine…


8 Responses to “We Are Not Racist”

  1. We Are Not Racist « The Dandelions…

    Clearly we are not bunch racist bigots. We do however feel uneasy on the Government Racial based policies. The Government on the other hand thinks we have problems integrating….

  2. Madame said

    Fix the Bumiputera problem and all will be fine…Fix the cause, not the effect! Well said, Saggie 🙂

  3. missjolie said

    I could NOT agree more with you Saggie. You’re MY warrior 😛 If only those numb skulls knew this.

  4. quote

    ‘But if you only have love for your own race
    Then you only leave space to discriminate
    And to discriminate only generates hate
    And when you hate then you’re bound to get irate’

    black eye pea.

    I am a racist, against the racists. Sometimes its just better to let it be.

  5. saggiethewarrior said

    Racist against racist..join the club…

  6. missjolie said

    sometimes its just better to let it be???? let the racists be????

  7. Yes Missjolie, some people are too hard headed, that it would take more than a sledge hammer to knock some sense.

    Rather than forcing it upon these hard headed and wasting time arguing, we might as well guide the younger ones (i.e. small siblings or kids).

    So yeah, let the racist be, avoid conflict all together. Are we ‘peace and loving’?

  8. missjolie said

    aaahhh…i see. ok i get it now 🙂 thanks for the clarification! muchos gracias amigo.

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