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Is Uncle (Auntie) Pet the new Umi Hafilda?

Posted by ella-mae on July 29, 2008

Meet Umi Hafilda,

last decade’s sodomy trial’s glamourous whistle blowing sensation. There were hushed whispers of her obsession for DSAI and when he failed to reciprocate, the same sweet red-stained lips that passionately longed for DSAI went on instead to spew ugly lies about the man.

When the sodomy saga returns again after 10 years.

Umi Hafilda is not involved,

but (TADA!)

meet Uncle Pet!

Malaysians scrutinised Uncle Pet when he made an appearance with Saiful’s lawyer in a MalaysiaKini video.

The Dandelions’s Madame said Uncle Pet’s feminity gave her a complex. Well darling Madame, I guess almost every woman who watched the video felt the same πŸ˜‰. Some people including the illustrious Raja Petra Kamarudin said Uncle Pet is actually an auntie in disguise. But I think he’s more of an auntie in the making.

A pissed off Uncle Pet spoke to MalaysiaKini today.

The object of Uncle Pet’s anger: RAJA PETRA KAMARUDIN… Reason: For calling him Auntie Pet. And Uncle Pet challenged RPK to a duel (jeng jeng jeng) in any gelanggang of his (RPK’s) choice. He sounds so jantan in this video. But more like a fake jantan… kinda like how the mak nyahs sound when they are in an argument…. Kesian Uncle Pet. Sex reassignment surgeries are not cheap.

I wonder what RPK’s reaction would be to Uncle (eerr Auntie) Pet’s challenge.

But even more interesting is why did Uncle Pet say the first medical report from Pusrawi meant nothing because forensic examination could not be done. Like HUH! Uncle (Auntie) Pet, are you now a medical expert also? When the first doctor who examined Saiful reported there was no sign of sodomy, it also meant no crime was committed. No crime means no need for forensic examination. Simple as that!

And Uncle Pet, what is your real name please? Remember… berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah πŸ˜‰


33 Responses to “Is Uncle (Auntie) Pet the new Umi Hafilda?”

  1. howsy said

    Double his (or her?) name and you’ll know what his (or her?) stands for. πŸ˜‰

  2. wits0 said

    Laughing too much oledi to bear watching auntie Patsy in video!

  3. ella-mae said

    howsy, wits… do u guys see the resemblance between umi and uncle (auntie) pet… auntie.. oops uncle.. or auntie pet is “umi hafilda” dying to come out ;)… i bet shim will look like umi after we wash his hair and give him a dry blowdry job…

  4. He said the medical check up took only 1-2 minutes at Pusrawi? Oh, goodness, who is telling the truth here?

  5. 2 cents said

    no difference people…they are going to get DSAI by hook or by crook anyway…

    this is a really sick country..

  6. ella-mae said

    NoktahHitam, even for the slightest sniffles, doctors take more than a minute or two with their patients. Saiful went to see the doc claiming to have been sodomised. Rectal examination will most definately take longer than 2 minutes la… Uncle (auntie) Pet is liar!

  7. wits0 said

    After the said make-over, Ella, auntie Patsy make even look more feminine than Umi. Little chance of being accosted by PAS’s moral police in Terenganu.

    Meantime we have a very macho(“jantan-ness” exuding) auntie appearing about to challenge RPK to a duel(how, where and with what weapons?. The gauntlet comes off and the condom on? LOL!

  8. ella-mae said

    wits.. hahahahahaha. i bet uncle pet has a sharper more acidic tongue too compared to RPK. that is all shim will need. my money’s on auntie pet πŸ˜‰ hehe

  9. barbie said

    crap lah this uncle petpet. haha! the doctor took 2 minutes to check Saiful’s butthole because it’s already loose and easy to probe.

  10. missjolie said

    it’s funny. in the first clip he acts all feminine and then in the subsequent one, after RPK called him an auntie, he became very manly all of a sudden. what’s going on here?

  11. Muda said

    A creature of two worlds would try to adapt in every type of environment in order to survive . More so if the enemy is within range !

  12. yh said

    dont even dare to reveal his name? uncle pet? sounds doggie to me. woo..woo..shiok eh?

  13. moy said

    RPK ‘s gelanggang is in the cyber world la… auntie pet should go into the cyber world and blog (fight) back la… kalau nak cakap lawan… RPK tak pukul perempuan la… so auntie pet… pls la

  14. amoker said

    oh baby…

  15. Hahaha said

    Uncle pete/untie pete famous song is, “I did it both ways” Sorry Frank, you are not my match!

  16. aaa bbb ccc said

    Uncle Pet’s bloody long hair is disgusting, not to mention her ‘f’ up face.

  17. Rakyat Malaysia Cina said

    who is this betina?. qualifies to become miss aqua (pondan)

  18. audie61 said

    check who was involved with UMI Hafilda and you will know who is involved. Round 2 today

  19. najib said

    simply ask to swear on the holy quran… how shameful… he himself should proof he is credible to to even mention about the quran and he asking people to swear on it… disgusting auntie…

  20. I think Raja Petai are more good from Raja Petra..cause when we eat the Raja Petai make our health healthy..and when we blown the aircond from our back side..all people arround us can smell the lovely perfume..but not as Raja Petra..when he blown the aircond from his back side..nobody smell..cause no prove,no evidences,no eating Raja Petai..just simply-simply take notes from no where(Kota SODOM)..then claims sodomize is not true..I think Raja Beruk will laughing until not enough place.. when seing Raja Petra.. SAME FACES..

  21. Mohammed Rahmat said

    Is uncle (aka auntie)pets real name auntie Patricia??

  22. Augustine Peel said

    Why don’t Malaysiakini revisit the personalities from Anwar’s 1998 case such as Umi and Azizan and find out how wealthy they are now this will give us an insight on the conpirateurs. This could also be like the reunion of the personalities of the trial of the century which undoubtedly placed KL alongside Mogadishu.

  23. Madame said

    Hahahahhahha….the pretty boy is challenging RPK??!! Watch that finger, ppl….watch the way she flicks her hair!!! Damn…She’s really giving me complex *pout* πŸ˜‰

    Btw, Auntie Pet….RPK is too much of a gentleman….dont believe he likes to duel with women πŸ˜‰

    Perhaps, MT can start a fund for the Oh-so-desired surgical procedure? πŸ™‚

  24. d_sticks said

    MUahahhaahhaah!>…uncle pet…does look like aunty pet……
    ….i wonder whether it’s actually uncle (or aunty) PAT…and not pet……….he never did reveal his real name…maybe it’s Patrick (as in spongebob squarepants gay partner)….. Uncle Pat….. Geeez…i wonder what uncle Pat likes to “pat…………….DOWN BOY!!!!!

    ….Hmmmm….. Uncle Patrick Starfish and Nephew Sauful squarepants?…



  25. Surind said

    Welcome & thanks πŸ˜‰

  26. brape banyak lagi duit rakyat masuk akaun diorang ni..

  27. sam said

    Oh Dear, I am an outsider. I am interested to hear the case so reading news. I saw that man pictures several times but I did not know it is UNCLE PAT. I thought it was a woman. Only now I know. Thanks to the video clip.

  28. mesoso said

    uncle (auntie) pet..u r a F$#@&^% mak nyah lah and that is no bull-shit. if u betul2 ikut cara islam, u wouldn’t ask anyone to swear on the is it that you are so convinced of what happened. were you there as a witness? did they do it in front of you to see? are just lying through your teeth..

  29. ahmad mandela said

    Chit.. SayFool & Auntie Pet-Pet, enuff is enuff. your plans already mess-up. Conspirator! my suggestion.. you ask Ezam to make up this sodom story, start with a new one. please! We malaysian are eager and addicted to read sodom fucking story.. I Hope could live another decade to finish the Trilogy of Sodom Me.

  30. barbie said

    Anak Merdeka, berambuslah engkau dari blog ini. Bosan aku melayan orang bodoh seperti engkau. Hidup masih di zaman 50-an.

    Yeah, Singapura sepatutnya milik Singa, seperti Tanah Melayu itu milik Melayu. Sejarah kepala hotak engkau.

  31. islambul said

    Uncle Pet “berani kerana benar” “we are muslim”
    So why not use Islamic Law ? Sumpah2 tak main, Bawak saksi yg nampak dengan mata kepala bahawa zakar anwar masuk dalam dubur saiful ? Ada ke ? Tak ada jangan cakap we are muslim lah !!!!!!!!

  32. Faith Believer said

    Uncle Pet is definitely a woman!!!

  33. Faith Believer said

    Uncle Pet probably groomed Saiful since young to take it up in the “ass”! cos Uncle Pet is actually Aunty Pet, definitely a pondan! and his challenge to a fight with RPK is like some Pondan trying to “outbitch” another!

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