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The Willy Man… IS really 10 ten inches long!!

Posted by Foodie on July 29, 2008

Willy Man - Pashupatinath, Kathmandu
Willy Man – Pashupatinath, Kathmandu

We were huffing and puffing, drawn out from the long exhaustive walk at Pashupatinath when we finally decided to rest our weary feet at a small clearing in the massive open air temple of Kathmandu. “There’s no such thing as the willy man lah” quipped Damien. “Are you sure he’s not just a myth or rumour conjured by people to attract visitors?”

“I think ….more like some figment of her imagination. An obsession and quest to find the man with the biggest dick on earth like they are trying to find the bigfoot in the Yosemite!” James roars with laughter.

I’m talking about the willy man who dwells in the Pashupatinath. I was surfing the internet prior to our Tibet cum Nepal trip when I happened upon a list of must see or dos in Nepal which included a most interesting subject; the ‘Willy Man’! This man they decided to nickname Willy was apparently so well endowed, that he was one of the main attractions of the temple. With an extremely long ‘piece of equipment’ he could also supposedly lift and swing huge rocks with it. How I had no idea but I knew we had to make a stop for him. This I had to see for myself. My curiosity was instantly aroused but could you blame me? It wasn’t because I was sexually frustrated or anything mind you. I just found this darn interesting! I was over 21 years of age at that time and thus above the age limit to be exposed to such things. Good old Nepal, this could never happen in Malaysia (bolehland), here such acts would be deemed as indecent exposure and the sadhu’s ass would already have been dragged to jail, whipped AND slapped with several charges.

Meanwhile, the guys feigned disinterest but I could judge from their body language, that they were nervous as hell about meeting this willy man I’d talked about so incessantly, as much if not more than me! We all know how men have this issue with size and they compare it too. Why else would they have something so silly as a ‘Pissing competition’? In fact, let’s be fair, this obsession with size involves both sexes. However, thankfully for women, our equipment is not a means to an end. So size matters but not really that much! 😉

“You say he can lift huge rocks with his ‘thing’?  Sure or not? If he can lift rocks, my brother here can do a 16th beat on the drums! How long is it really?!” Damien does a crude imitation of himself playing drums with his ‘yunnowhat’. I screw up my face but laugh hysterically at how silly he looks, trying to swing his imaginary piece of equipment all over the place whilst thrusting his hips forwards and backwards. He looks like a baboon on heat. 😛 (sorry Damien but you did)

“Somewhere in this temple, he lurks….I’m sure” and just then out of nowhere, as if he had heard us, this exceedingly lean, scruffy looking sadhu appeared out of nowhere. He was half naked with only an orange cloth covering his lower half of body. He had long dirty unruly hair in a bundle and they are tangled in a mass of what seems like a botched up job of dreadlocks. Some bits looked like it had been soldered because they seemed to resemble a chunk of hair that had stuck together permanently, taking form.

The two guys struggled with their cameras and lenses whilst I negotiate with the Willy Man. We knew he was the man because his sign language was crystal clear. First, he pointed to a rock the size of a melon and then he pointed to his groin. The guys jumped up and down screaming “IT’S THE WILLY MAN! IT’S THE WILLY MAN!” I swear at this point, the willy man gives them both a shifty look.

“300 rupees (if my memory serves me right). You take picture. Me this (points to groin again) go up (points up to the sky) big rock(points to the rock)!” says the Willy Man. I attempted to bargain but the guys yelled, “PAY THE MAN WHAT HE WANTS LA.QUICK! ” With slightly unsteady hands I pay him the money.The guys try to kick the rock and it doesn’t budge much. “Wah piang eh, this one not fake! Damn heavy man!” The Willy Man then proceeded to lift the cloth and revealed LO AND BEHOLD a ten inch limp dick! I stole a quick glance at the boys and saw their jaws had dropped almost to the ground at this point! With a deft hand, the Willy Man placed his ‘equipment’ across the cloth that hung the rock and lifted the rock by standing up whilst holding on to the end of his ‘equipment’. Click Click Click our cameras went. We were like mad paparazzis focused only on this man’s groin region. The Willy Man even swung the rock a bit to show off and I swear I could sense envy from the boys as their jaws dropped even further. Before we knew it, Willy Man lowered the rock and cloth and the show was over! We were in awe. All three of us. Out of respect, we walked away in silence and waited until we were a fair distance away before we broke out in peals of laughter that lasted I think a good 5 -10 minutes! Man, the Willy Man Rules the Day!!!


21 Responses to “The Willy Man… IS really 10 ten inches long!!”

  1. Amused Taxpayer said

    LOL!!!! Wonder if his equipment is already dead rom all that swinging….

    Bet a certain Uncle(Auntie)Pet would love to get to know Willy-Man a lot better……

  2. ella-mae said

    haha funny story. the part about your friends especially. yeah,. i agree with the amused taxpayer.. uncle (auntie) would so love to meet the willy man..

  3. 10 inches, I see. I am not that impressed, actually.

  4. missjolie said

    LOL Oscar! those grapes damn sour hor???? 😛 😛

  5. saggiethewarrior said

    10 inch only..what a loser

  6. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said


  7. sloone said

    Hahaha! I was recently in Nepal (kathmandu). Never heard about the Willy Man or else would have taken a peek… 🙂

    Nice story!

  8. Quid pro quo strategist said

    i don’t think it is a real thing, i mean look at it, from in front of my computer, his manhood looks like a transparent plastic!

  9. Madame said

    Sour grapes, Boys???? 😉

    LMAO, Babe! Good one…. 😉

  10. d_sticks said

    There’s a willy man in penang….but he’s not willing to perform. sorry girls.


  11. missjolie said

    didn’t realise 10 inches was the norm. looks like i’ve been shortchanged all these years 😛 😛

  12. Madame said

    Yeah, me too! Wanna go check out The Willy Man in Penang? ;D

  13. missjolie said

    Sloone, he’s there but hard to find because he has to stay near his heavy rocks 😛 and you know how pashupatinath is massive that place.

    Madame, first we need proof that this Willy Man in Penang really exists…. 😛 there are many who would love to claim that title as you can obviously see fm the other commentators above:P

  14. saggiethewarrior said

    The Willy Man in Penang schlong is about 10cm long …not 10 inches…

  15. barbie said

    I doubt it, probably just 10mm long. Please don’t get confused with cm and mm 😛

  16. Madame said

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA…..Saggie, Barbie….u guys totally crack me up ;p

  17. Bodowee said

    what’s the point of having a 10 inch willy if the receptive inner passage is like 10 feet wide , you could park an ambulance in there

  18. missjolie said

    Bodowee, yes theoretically speaking but do we really need to go to the extent of parking an ambulance? 😉 the reason behind the great range of elasticity of the receptive passage is for child bearing rather than for sex. I think God would know better. If it were for sex, God would not have equipped ALL men (well with some exception of course ;P) with an average of 5/6 inch willies now will he? 😉 😉

  19. the emperour said

    10 inches is something…thats too bad…i have 11!:D

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