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Posted by ella-mae on July 30, 2008

The Star Online reported Najib who is now in Zambia said the muZAKARah between UMNO and PAS will not be at the expense of the non-Muslims.

But what caught my eye was Mohd Ali Rustam’s comment.

Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam described Nik Aziz’s suggestion as “a separated spouse seeking to return to her husband.”

“They (PAS) seem uncomfortable in Pakatan Rakyat, and now want to return to the previous relationship with Barisan Nasional,” he told reporters in Malacca after opening a workshop to research the history of Malaysia.

He was referring to the time when PAS worked with Barisan Nasional under a pact in 1974, before splitting with the coalition.

I showed The Dandelions this excerpt and Barbie was the first one to respond (as usual).

Barbie: ali rustam.. always an idiot




  1. UMNO TO PAS: AKU LAKI ENGKAU BINI… « The Dandelions…

    Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam described Nik Aziz’s suggestion as “a separated spouse seeking to return to her husband.”…

  2. Madame said

    Why is it that the leaders of the country feel the need to make such derogatory remarks??!! They almost always make the comparions to women or smthg female. Rmbr, that idiot who made a comparison with menstruation? Or the other one who said that women enjoy being raped? There is an alarming trend of sexist remarks/comparisons or sexual innuendos being made with regards to women n such by these Neanderthals!

    Ali Rustom is the VP of UMNO and as such represents the views of his party. So I can now safely infer fm this that….UMNO is a bunch of racist, sexist, corrupt goons!

  3. Amused Taxpayer said

    Yes, why are they constantly making references to the male-female relationship at every chance?

    Becos these goons have their brains down south…that’s why…….and quite aptly called the Dick-Heads……..

    If I were from PAS, i’d be so damn insulted!!! But perhaps dickheads have no pride.

  4. Madame said

    …and Dickheads too! 😀

  5. he’s trying to do a magic show la, give him applause sikit.

  6. barbie said

    why Malaysian leaders always come up with some ridiculous, stupid analogy?

  7. saggiethewarrior said

    Because they are ridiculously stupid

  8. wits0 said

    Madame, umno is the fascist perversion that must go for Malaysia to heal, survive and prosper.

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