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Azizah out! Anwar to contest Permatang Pauh

Posted by barbie on July 31, 2008

We all thought it was going to be Bandar Baru Kulim… we were all so wrong… woo hoo. Let the games begin!

Read MalaysiaKini news here.

Today is exactly a month before August 31st!

On another note:

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has warned his rival Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim not to bribe lawmakers to defect to the opposition.

Anwar has repeatedly pledged to topple Abdullah’s administration through parliamentary defections by mid-September.

Abdullah tells The Associated Press in an interview today he has heard many stories about Anwar allegedly tempting government legislators “with monetary offers”.

Abdullah says if this proved true, it would “be the worst form of corruption to buy people to bring down the government that has been established by the will of the people.”

Anwar needs 30 lawmakers to defect for the opposition to seize power. But he is fighting a sodomy accusation that could derail his career for the second time in a decade. – AP/The Malaysian Insider

Hmm.. it seems like someone’s balls is shrinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is exactly what my Malay friends say ‘Cakap tak serupa bikin’. UMNO openly offer to bribe PAS as I wrote in ‘UMNO caught with pants down, but no action taken?!’ and it is not hearsay stories! It is proved true that UMNO tried to bribe PAS, so is there any action going to be taken?

While all this alleged ‘monetary offers’, I quote from the goat’s mouth ‘many stories’. Come on, if you have evidence on the alleged ‘monetary offers’ then prove it 🙂 To think a leader of the nation gave an interview like a village head, quoting rumors instead of talking like a true leader. Pftttt!!


4 Responses to “Azizah out! Anwar to contest Permatang Pauh”

  1. ali allah ditta said

    BN can send in Firdooss or Ezam or Pat Lah it will be a walkover for him.

    Eh,what happens if they arrest him on nomination day? BN wins uncontested lo!!!!


  2. ella-mae said

    we thought about that too. BN is capable of anything at this point 😦

  3. ella-mae said

    hey u know what… even if they arrest him on or before nomination day, a rep can file nomination papers on his behalf. remember manoharan…

    let’s see what they’ll do..

  4. 2 cents said


    if this fails, we just need to make sure that we kick them out kao-kao the next GE. we shall remember every little dirty deed they have done…

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