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Organised Religion…is it really necessary? My thoughts…

Posted by Madame on July 31, 2008

This is a subject that we, Dandelions have spent some time discussing and I pretty much have come to understand their views on it….the beauty of our group is that we agree to disagree…we cant help it for, we are an opinionated bunch! 😉

This is a sensitive subject that I have chosen to write about….I know that, so I hope that all you readers will understand that these are MY personal thoughts and views on the matter.

How would I define Religion? It is a PERSONAL relationship between your God and yourself. There should not be any ‘middle-men’ or ‘third parties’ involved. This is how I view religion. Religion is about FREEDOM, its not about ENSLAVEMENT, which is what I feel that most major religions have amounted to.

How would I then define Organised Religion? Well…all the recognised major religions in the World would fall under this category.

Religion is a subject that has consumed me for almost all of my cognitive years…Is there really a God or isnt there??? Would I still go to heaven even if I didnt go to Church? I was born into a Catholic family, attended Convent school and even studied for my degree at a Christian College. I feel that, it is this ‘forced’ indoctrination into a religion that was not of my choosing that has contributed towards my general apathy…. perhaps?

I look around me and when I see the atrocities committed in the name of religion….both now and in the past…I am more and more convinced that ORGANISED RELIGION….is NOT a good thing! How often does someone look down on you because you do not go to the same church as them? How often have you heard this : If you dont repent for your sins, you will go to hell…? How often have you heard this…that only people of a ‘certain’ religion are permitted to go to heaven? Hmmmm…like ‘Hell’ and ‘Heaven’ are two distinct places with their own zip codes 😉

Organised Religions have lead to blatant discrimination against people! Yes, you are guilty of discrimination when you feel that your religion is superior to the other person who does not share your beliefs. Nowadays, we all talk about racial and sexual discrimination. Its the ‘IN’ thing to do and we have been made fully aware of it. How many people actually call religious intolerance….discrimination? Because that’s what it is! Very few, I assure you.

Even the so called ‘Holy Books’….how much of it is fact and how much of it is fiction? This is a hard one to answer for I stand in the middle when it comes to this….it is part fact and part fiction. If you study them closely enough….you will find alot of holes and so many of the so called miraculous happenings can be explained away by Science and Logic.

The two largest Organised Religions of the world today are Islam and Christianity. Both these religions along with Judaism share so much in common when it comes to stories from the Old Testament of the Bible. But yet….why are the Christians persecuting the Muslims and vice versa?  Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Zoroasterism dont seem to have a problem with each other. Why is that? Have you ever thought about it? The only plausible explanation that I can come up with is, that Islam and Christianity are so bent on evangelizing each other and the rest of the world!!! It is this hell-bent belief that their religion is THE ONE and all other religions are false…total shams. I find that, the other religions respect the religious differences between people…

A person who goes to Church/Temple/Mosque very often is he/she better than a person who does not go at all….infact, is a Self-Proclaimed Aetheist? NOT at all!!! What makes a person good or worthy are the acts of kindness in thought, word or deed. This defines ‘true goodness’ in a person. Organised Religion does not even enter the equation here. We all learn to differentiate right from wrong at a very early age from our elders, our morals, our principles are also influenced by these key people in our lives.

Is Organised Religion necessary for us to learn right from wrong?

I say “NO”.

Is Organised Religion necessary to teach us human acts of kindness?

I say “NO”.

Would our moral compass malfunction without Organised Religion?

I say “NO”.

A person that I greatly admire once told me…”Live your life like a prayer”. This has stuck with me all these years and has impacted my life in a big way. For me, after much thought and reflection….My answer would have to be “NO”…Organised Religion is NOT necessary for us to be truly responsible, kind, caring, thoughtful and loving individuals….and YESSS!!! I do believe in the existence of God 🙂


9 Responses to “Organised Religion…is it really necessary? My thoughts…”

  1. erniejean said

    There are pros and cons in any organisation, religion-based included……I think the main problem with them is that they are run by PEOPLE……and we all know how MAN tends to buckle under the numerous yummy temptations that come with power…….

  2. Cherubim said

    Even though I am a Muslim, I agree with you. *braces self from mad people*

  3. missjolie said

    I am Catholic but not a practising one, received holy communion at 10, and confirmed at 12… simply because I attended to a Catholic School. I agree with you on this subject. Organised religion did nothing much for me… but it did inform me about God. I realised when I was older I could reach him on my own not through any other means. Just by praying directly to him….I also didn’t need the church to tell me what was right or wrong. All I needed was my conscience.

  4. barbie said

    god must be petty if he cares so much about the rituals that humans need to perform in order to ‘worship’ him, the concept of ‘merits and demerits’, sending so many messengers/prophets/aliens to earth in order to ‘enlighten’ us. at one hand he is the most magnanimous, at another hand he cares a lot how we live our life? at one hand he gave us the gift of brain and free will to do things, but yet he restraints us from doing certain things.

    for me there’s no clear right and wrong. am i a nihilistic? maybe. with our limited understanding now, there’s little proofs to offer whether god really out there or not. am i an agnostic? perhaps.

    to be continued.

  5. Quid pro quo strategist said

    In my religion, my god is an Almighty Invisible Pink Unicorn, AIPU, AIPU. My god is PINK and it is INVISIBLE. don’t ask me how it makes sense, this is faith we are talking about not reason. I have faith that my god is PINK and INVISIBLE.

  6. wits0 said

    No, Dandelion, you do not need organised religion to be a good person. Not as long as your personal creed that you follow observes the Golden Rule of Mankind.

    A religion can become a cult. Here’s how you evaluate things:
    The Advanced Bonewits’ Cult Danger Evaluation Frame 2.5

  7. Madame said

    missjolie… SPOT ON, Babe! 😉

    Barbie…cant wait for the conclusion to your take on Organised Religion, so hurry pls….Its very good thus far for me 🙂

    Jingo…U know smthg, I think if you sit down and write a ‘Holy Book’ on the Almighty Invisible Pink Unicorn :D….2000 yrs fm now, it wud be suddenly ‘discovered’ and will become a major religion 😉 Go on…do it! Btw, this was missjolie brainwave…I thought it was very credible 😀

    Wits0… I agree…Organised religion is almost akin to a cult 🙂

  8. devex3 said

    the truth is religion does not really mean much. What does the Bible, torah, Qur’ran, whatever, tell you that you cannot work out for yourself?
    do not kill-oooh i wouldn’t know that without reading the holy book.
    do not steal-obviously
    do not envy-you are only human.
    do not lust- obvious and bit negative aren’t we?
    love god- obviously easy to work out depending is scenario.
    The only problem is:
    The 7 days of creation follow the exact scientific timeline. how?
    (i think it is a fluke and that sea=liquid land and sky is hardest to get to)

  9. AARON said

    Oh god.
    whatever you wrote above is the truth.
    i felt the same since i was 10 years old.
    now im 21 years old.
    i did my best in eliminating these borders between religion.
    but, my effort is fruitless.
    now i feel as if the time for the others to realize this truth is getting shorter ( the time of the judgment is approaching )
    hence, now is the time for change to take place.
    whats with these holy books i ask?
    who wrote it?when they wrote?they experienced God themselves and wrote these books.
    but when on earth we all gonna experience God ourselves without any 3rd person or books or whatever.
    God is called with different names and ” taken to different religions ”
    soon changes gonna happen.
    then those religion obsessed people will realize the truth about these idiotic religion borders.
    as if some created by God and others by satan.

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