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Idiocy of BERSIH, Batu Burok, or any form of hunting

Posted by Cherubim on August 3, 2008

When a crime is committed, the authorities usually commence investigation immediately based on the evidence at hand. When the evidence has been processed, like jigsaw puzzles, the police would be able to take the next course of action following that trail to the person who is eventually responsible for that crime. Or, you can watch CSI and see how that’s illustratively done.

Somebody is still highly unhappy about the now-historical Bersih rally. They’d called Medaline Chang and Faisal Mustaffa over it 3 months after 10-11-07, and now they’re aiming Bersih T-shirt sellers.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, according to our UMNO-led government, rally T-Shirt sellers are a threat to the nation!

As I understand this whole situation in this blessed, corrupted nation I call home, the BERSIH rally wouldn’t have pulled the crowd it had if not for the Batu Burok tragedy, where our own police shot live ammunition at the innocent people who gathered to listen to other people make speeches in a civil society event.

For that crime of free will, by choosing to go there to listen and inform themselves of the things our government will never tell us, those two poor souls who were shot got salt rubbed to their wound by being slapped with the charge of ‘scaring the police until they wet themselves forcing them to use gun fire to stop it’.

Of course, people who had nothing on them but kain pelikat, songkok, and pebbles from the paved road are so dangerous that they deserve to be shot. -_-” Unfortunately, people aren’t stupid.

Bodoh! Kalau anggota polis tembak orang tanpa sebab yang kukuh, dia yang patut bertanggungjawab, bukan pergi dakwa mangsa yang ditembak, faham? Alasan yang diberi pun tak masuk akal.

I could understand wanting to help a fellow policemen, one of their own, but I cannot possibly comprehend the tenacity that they could even think that they could sweep this under the carpet and make the victims the fall guy instead of the man who shot them.

If you’re an UMNO-BN supporter (let’s face it, UMNO runs the show, the rest just picks up leftovers), ask yourself this. If those two were your brothers, your sons, your grandfathers, your grandsons, your friends, your one true love, etc, how would you feel? What would you think?

Like you, I’d love some responsibility piled onto the shoulders of the commanding officer at the time, but the man who pulled the trigger at least is the least they could do. Neither will happen, and it’s going to be the 51st Independence of Malaya in 29 days. But I digress.

It begs the question, what kind of message really are they trying to send to us, the people of Malaysia? Hey, if you have independent thought, you risk being ISA-ed, shot at and urm, being called to ‘testify honestly’. It doesn’t matter how many months it has been, it could be last year for all we care, but we want to scare you. Never mind you have the ability to scare the police into shooting live ammunition into you.

The police is merely trying to appease the people on top who feel threatened because of their tenuous hold on power, not the people they were meant to protect. But wait, we forget something, the police in Malaya were first established to help the colonial masters maintain ‘peace’ by dividing and controlling the ethnics separately, using mass media information. Remember what Lynch once said about African-Americans? “Keep their bodies strong, but their mind weak.”

That’s the exact formulae used on us.

Think of this, again. Why aren’t the recent Kelana Jaya all-day carnivale rally molested like the other rallies and was allowed without a hitch? They’ve been intimidating us with talk of military exercises, police cooperations with the military, rumours of a third announcement of Emergency for weeks beforehand. They cannot possibly, physically restrain ‘millions’ who wanted to come, but they can scare the living lifeforce out of us, and they did, successfully. People still came at their own peril, and enjoyed a nice picnic instead.

It tends to make your head spin, doesn’t it?


3 Responses to “Idiocy of BERSIH, Batu Burok, or any form of hunting”

  1. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    Again a well written article. I love it . 😀

  2. Madame said

    Well said, Angel! 🙂 Why, why, why???

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