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The Agony Of A Paranoid Mother

Posted by ErnieJean on August 5, 2008

Can never seem to get enough of that addictive scent of my babies…….the first thing in the morning and one last time before my head touches the pillow, and of course anytime in between………mothers out there should know what I mean ;D

Every whiff of their warm yet cool rosy cheeks or sweaty foreheads, just about reminds me of the infectious laughter, carefree kisses and hugs, love that melts even the hardest of hearts…….I dread the thoughts of no longer being able to savour those moments of warm hugs, unconditional love and the comforting scent of each other……

But being a mother, or for that matter, a parent, is no longer a walk in the park these days, especially when it comes to giving them that same carefree childhood that we all grew up with and remembering with the fondest of memories. I am, what folks would term as an “ultra-paranoid parent”….being ever suspicious of the school teachers, security guards, the neighbour’s 10-year old son, over-friendly waiters, parked vans, etc……..

Which is why I am way over my head in utter frustration when it comes to what seems to the lack of priority by our current elected government in the safety issues of this country, the first being the safety of our children.

Come Sept 17, it would have been exactly one year since an 8-year old sweetheart, by the name of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, was kidnapped, raped, tortured and brutally murdered…..and the monster who did this, is still roaming the streets, and for we know, he could very well be among any of our children, as we speak.

And what about little 5-year old Sharlinie, who has been missing for seven months now, and 11-year old Asmawi Jalaludin who was last seen on March 9? And hundreds more unsolved missing children cases……..

After the initial, almost seemingly, obligated show of urgency by the law enforcers when reports of a missing child surfaces, it appears that, going after alleged sodomists and bloggers seems to remain the top order of the day….and how can we forget the mindless road blocks put up (just for the heck of it), not to weed out criminals, but to punish would-be supporters of the opposition political party by creating bottle-necked traffic jams during peak hours.

While parents of Sharlinie and Asmawi are still scouting around, with hopes of coming up with the slightest ever clues of the whereabouts of their child, why are those who have been paid to keep this country safe, focusing on who gets what in the political seat of power?

Why are they pushing for the DNA Bill to be passed instead of the proposed Nurin Alert!!??

The thoughts that the parents of these missing angels will face the possibility of never ever being able to know the fate of their flesh and blood, to hold and comfort their child, to watch their baby grow up and lead a life of fulfillment, but to be constantly reminded by empty beds, familiar scents and untouched clothings, just about breaks and infuriates me.

And, that’s why, thanks to the “efficiency” of this country’s law-enforcing system, supposedly pumped up with millions of ringgit spent on new crime fighting equipments (and spanking new uniforms), I remain the “Ultra-Paranoid Parent” until these animals who prey on little children are all behind bars (high hopes I must say) and castrated.

And like all the concerned parents out there……let me pose this to those on the plushy seats of power…..”WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU MORONS DOING!!!!????”

(By the way, in response to the way this country is being run and as a symbol of national distress, I’m raising my M’sian Flag upside down until I can see that light at the end of this tunnel)


4 Responses to “The Agony Of A Paranoid Mother”

  1. Madame said

    Ernie Jean,

    THANK YOU for not forgetting little Nurin, Sharlinie and Asmawi.

    Nope…u r not being paranoid….u r just being a mother. It is in our nature to protect and nuture our children at all costs.

    Whilst our govt focus on DNA law amendments, paedophiles roam the streets free!!! Where is our govt? Do they even care about the plight of all these families that lost their babies??!! Sickening, really!!

  2. saggiethewarrior said

    I kiss my son’s head everyday when he is sleeping..heavenly…

    My wife never kiss my head though..maybe I need new shampoo

  3. erniejean said

    Madame, that’s why I’ve decided to fly the flag upside down….you see scores of policemen on the highways cracking jokes while motorists fume in the traffic jams, but wouldn’t think twice about giving stupid excuses such as lack of manpower when it comes to keeping the streets safe.

    Saggie….try rubbing some baby powder…may work. LOL!!!

  4. missjolie said

    Your article reminds me of the pain the parents must go through when their child is taken away fm them…it is difficult for the victims to find closure in cases like these. I really feel for them. Having said that, there are parents out there who neglect their children and are careless when it comes to safety. Nevertheless, the authorities if they want to, I believe they can find the culprits. But they are just too lazy to move their big fat ass! typical isn’t it? go to hong kong and see the cops work and move. speed of lightning. once i saw a van dropping suspicious persons along a road in HK. i called the nearby police station. a cop arrived in less than 2 minutes! Yes I’m not exaggarating. 2 minutes. and managed to apprehend the van in time. In Malaysia, the average time for the police to arrive if there is a break in is around 2-4 hours? (from experience and complaints I hear). If you are ever trapped in a house and someone is trying to break in, you can forget about calling our cops. You might as well just arm yourself with a parang and be prepared to fight till you die. Cos if you wait for the cops. You’ll be sure as stone cold dead by the time they arrive. SUCH INCOMPETENCE!!!

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