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On politicising Beijing 2008 : My thoughts…

Posted by Madame on August 6, 2008

The Olympic motto

Citius, Altius, Fortius which translated from Latin means Faster, Higher, Stronger. The father of modern day OlympicsBaron Pierre de Coubertin came up with this after training with a Dominican monk.

The Olympic Creed

As stated by Coubertin – “The most important thing in the Olympic Games in not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.”

Modern day Olympics came into existence in 1896, thanks to the vision and daring of Baron de Coubertin.

The Sacred Truce

The Sacred Truce was instituted during the month of the Olympiad. Messengers carried the word of the truce and the date of the games all over the Greek world. The truce signified the cessation of all hostilities for one month.

Alrighty then….enough with all the correctness 😉 Its time now to be politically incorrect, my forte 😀 What do I think about the negative publicity that Beijing 2008 is getting? Frankly, it upsets me. For me, the whole spirit of the Olympics is being jeopardized by all the political posturing that is going on. My question is……why all the sudden fuss and why at this precise moment??

The way I see it…..The Tibetan issue is not a new one. Tibet was a part of China and during the in-fighting going on with the Ching dynasty…they broke away peacefully and started governing themselves. They did this for 40 years. Then, China in the 1950s decided to assert its claim over Tibet. Is this wrong? I honestly don’t know. In the last few years, the Dalai Lama has brought the plight of the Tibetan people and their continual demands for independence to the world stage. This is a smart man…He has charisma and the backing of very high profile friends! However, my question remains…if the rest of the world stayed relatively unaffected by the Tibetan issue for the last 50 yrs, why the sudden fuss???

The way I see it….The Sudan issue is also not something that just happened. Where was America (I refer to America, as they are the self-appointed moral watch dogs of the world 😉 ) when mass genocide first started taking place in the Darfur region? Hmmm… I don’t remember them making too much fuss about it actually! And now they want to turn this around and complain about China’s refusal to sign a Sanctions against Sudan pact? Helloooo….have sanctions ever worked? The last time I checked….NO, they don’t! They only bring added suffering to an already burdened people. Remember, Iraq? It only made Saddam even more defiant. Did he suffer? Nope…. Did the average Iraqi people suffer? Yes….

The way I see it….The Human Rights issue in China has been going on for so long and the Tienanmen Square ‘massacre’ high-lighted that to us, ignoramus! However, what about America? Aren’t they also guilty of human rights abuses with Guantanamo Bay? I think they are. What about us in Malaysia? Doesn’t America care about the human rights abuses that go on here? I know that they periodically ‘fart’ and make some small insignificant noises about it 😀 Why don’t they protest and march on the streets to show their solidarity with the Malaysians?

Why now? Why at this precise moment?

Why has China suddenly become the world’s biggest villain ?  This could be to a couple of reasons…..

1. China poses an economic threat to America. In a recent CNN poll, it showed that 70% of Americans feel that China will soon over-take America economically.

2. China poses a military threat. In this same poll, an astonishing 51% of Americans actually believe this 😀

Btw, CNN actually tied in this poll with their count-down to Beijing 2008 special. Isnt it obvious….need I say more? 😉

When I pin-point America, this does not exclude the rest of the Western world by any means… I do so,  because in our world, the guys who have the greatest economic clout and the biggest weapon arsenal are the ones who will dictate to the rest of us minions! This is FACT…not FICTION!

Let’s face the bare reality….we are controlled by the media. Our perceptions are based on what we read, see or hear. Most of the popular news channels are Western-based, so, basically, we are being fed what America wants us to believe. This is called manipulating the media to your advantage and as we all know it is very effective!

The Olympic Games, come along once every 4 years. Honestly, I wait with such eager anticipation for this to happen and this time around I was even more excited because it was China’s turn. I knew that China would pull out all the stops for Beijing 2008 because they have so much to prove to the rest of the world. We were almost guaranteed of a spectacular show!!!

Sadly, after all the negative publicity that China has received…its almost as if the Western world instead of wishing them success, IS dooming them to failure! This would then prove to the rest of the world….See I told you…the Asians are still too primitive to be hosting such a major event!

And what about the ‘spirit’ of the Olympics’? That doesn’t seem to matter at all, does it? No one talks about that anymore. The Olympic Games is the only opportunity that us viewers get, to watch 26 or is it 28 (?) games with teams from 29 countries all participating on a level playing field. Patriotism, pride and honour are the virtues that we associate most with the Games. The Olympic Games has always been above politics and should stay that way!!! If the Olympics cannot be separated from politics then I think that we should put AN END to the Games, once and for all! We are making a mockery of the very principles on which the Games were founded!!!

If the Ancient Greeks, who were a war-mongering nation, could get it so right…..Why cant we???


8 Responses to “On politicising Beijing 2008 : My thoughts…”

  1. saggiethewarrior said

    China WILL run the World economically in the next decade, they also have the biggest Army…those Western Scoundrels are pissing in their pants…

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  3. hyperX said

    Nowadays big event like Olympic, World Cup and etc are for countries to earn profit through tourism. Who cares about the spirit and motto.

  4. missjolie said

    It is a fact that the US cannot stand that now they have to share their super power with China and soon we will have a balance … hence they will do whatever it takes to slow China down. I totally agree with u on the issue of sanctions (look at Cuba) and how the US conveniently presses issues only with the countries that they hv an economic self interest in.

  5. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    You already know my view on all these kerfuffle madam, totally unnecessary. 😛

  6. mesoso said

    madame, maybe we need something more along the lines of the gay olympics or is it the naked olympics…hmm, maybe it is the paralympics..whatever. no issues involved, just pure sportsmanship and perhaps pure locker-room lust for some participants in the gay olympics hehe.. 🙂

  7. barbie said

    mesoso, you mean sexlympics? 😛

  8. mesoso said

    oooooooooo..barbie, you always get me high..let’s hold hands and do the high jump together..come, come..ooooooouiii…1,2,3 jump..

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