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The battle in Permatang Pauh is on Aug 26!

Posted by barbie on August 6, 2008

It is official!

From Malaysiakini:

Permatang Pauh polling on Aug 26

Aug 6, 08 12:10pm

The Permatang Pauh by-election is slated to be held on Aug 26 (Tuesday) while the nomination day would be on Aug 16 (Saturday), announced the Election Commission this morning.
The EC also said that it would use the latest electoral roll for the by-election, which will see 57,969 registered voters being eligible to vote. There are also 490 postal voters.

The by-election is being called following the stepping down of PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail last week, to allow her husband Anwar Ibrahim to contest.

Although, BN deputy chairman Najib Abdul Razak had said that the coalition will defend the seat, BN has yet to decide on who they will field against the former deputy prime minister in Permatang Pauh.

On another yet to be confirmed news, Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar is meeting all editors (I assume the mainstream media – news editors?) today for some briefing. For what ever reason, you are free to speculate 🙂

Why the Home Minister wants to meet the editors at this time?

Lastly, according to ‘my reliable source’, cops are at Anwar Ibrahim’s house now. For what? Rumours of an impending arrest on Anwar caused many reporters flocked and some have been ‘camping’ outside his house.

Stay tune for the updates!

Updates 12:45pm:

Anwar served notice to appear in court
Aug 6, 08 12:38pm

The police visited the home of PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim in Bukit Segambut, Kuala Lumpur at noon today and is learnt to have served him with a notice to appear in court tomorrow.

The police team was led by ASP Jude Pereira, who refused to speak to the waiting horde of reporters as he left Anwar’s house.

Anwar meanwhile will be calling for a press conference at the PKR headquarters at 3pm today.

At present he is believed to be having a meeting with his lawyers and party leaders.

Anwar is being investigated by the police for alleged sodomy based on a complaint made by his former aide.

At about the same time Anwar was being served with the notice, the Election Commission in Putrajaya announced that the Permatang Pauh by-election would be held on Aug 26. Nomination has been fixed for Aug 16.

Anwar will be contesting for the seat in his attempt to return to Parliament. His wife and PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail stepped down from the seat last week to allow the return of Anwar.

The charging of him is not expected to have a bearing in the by-election as only convicted persons are barred from contesting or made to step down from being an elected representative.

Are they going to charge him for real this time? Where is the police report? Where is the medical report? We couldn’t help but to think that they are people out there doing their best using all the machinery and resources available to crush Anwar’s political career. On last Sunday, Nanyang Siang Pau reported:

OPPOSITION leader Anwar Ibrahim is unlikely to be arrested until a new DNA Bill is passed in Parliament later this month, according to influential daily Nanyang Siang Pau on Sunday.

Mr Anwar, accused of sodomy by his 23-year-old former aide Saiful Bukhari Azlan, has refused to give his DNA sample on fears that it could be manipulated.

Under current Malaysian laws, the police cannot force anyone to give a blood sample. That will change once the DNA Identification Bill is passed. The Bill makes it illegal for anyone to refuse DNA testing in criminal cases.

It was initially expected to be tabled in December, but Deputy Home Minister Chor Chee Heung said last month that the ministry will try to table the Bill this month.

This resulted in the government having to deflect accusations that it was fast-tracking the Bill in order to nail Mr Anwar. Officials said the police had wanted the Bill tabled since last year, as a DNA data bank would help solve cases.

Mr Tian Chua, information chief of Mr Anwar’s Parti Keadilan Rakyat, remains unconvinced of the Bill’s urgency.

‘I don’t see why it’s so urgent to push through this law. Even if the police has the law behind them, it’s obvious they’re rushing it to go after one man,’ he told The Straits Times yesterday.

Nanyang also reported that the police will not move against Mr Anwar while he is contesting the by-election in Permatang Pauh, so that they will not be accused of not allowing a fair contest.

However, the newspaper noted that if the former deputy premier is convicted of the charges after becoming an MP, he will lose his post.

Yes, why the urgency? Any thinking Malaysian with only half brain working can tell this has something to do with Anwar Ibrahim. The ‘perfect’ timing and the great speed of doing thing, is something Malaysians deprived of for so long, it becomes quite rare to see this sort of efficiency. It sure seems this country is very efficient when it comes to serving the interests of certain political masters. Members of Parliament, if you still have any conscience, this is the time for you to do what is right.


12 Responses to “The battle in Permatang Pauh is on Aug 26!”

  1. saggiethewarrior said

    Let the Game begins !!!

  2. Madame said


    You said it well…it IS rare to see this kind of speed and efficiency!!!

    Wake up, Malaysians….PLEASE!!!

    Wake up MPs….Remember we put you there to be our voice….so please speak up now!!!

    This is a crime against justice!!!

  3. missjolie said

    This is an atrocity. How can they amend the bill to suit their fancy? This is political foul play at its WORST!!!

  4. The person up there feel confortable doing all what he likes because all the MPs are DUMB! and all their supporters are equally dumb… how can’t these supporters and MPs distinguish which is genuine and fake? Is this the proove that these governing MPs are low quality? Are they not ashame the whole nation watching them? honestly I really feel ashame of this!

  5. Amused Taxpayer said

    And while they work with such great lightning speed on matters concerning the political monkeys, can someone tell me whether the proposal on NURIN ALERT is still around or already “sudah hilang”?

  6. hanitha said

    semoga kite semua selamat hidup n tinggal di bumi malaysia ini yg sedang d tindas oleh manusia2 durjana… bila kah kebenaran akan tegak semula?? rasa nk ketuk2 je kepala dorang tu…bangang n bodoh sgt nie knp??? tu la lantik org pekak..jdk gini la kita…

  7. Mambo-5 said

    Conspiracy of the highest degree…once they zap the DNA from Mr.Anwar Ibrahim,they will sail through with their fabrication of evidence, lies and false witnesses to nail our forerunner & saviour of our beloved country.

    It looks like only the King and his Rulers can intervene to stop this atrocity.

    At present, the entire police force and the army are under their stronghold and we are always subtly intimidated with threats of an emergency state should things get out of control.

    In spite of the dark clouds that loom over us, I must hail the bravity exhibited by our citizens in our stand against those who have plundered our land time and again! We stand united in our fight for justice and extermination for the venom that threatens to destroy our country.

    Let us continue in our fight. Remember always…United We Stand!!!

  8. missjolie said

    Hey Mambo-5, I think you just stole my line 😉

  9. ella-mae said

    and all this had to happen during the merdeka month. makes us wonder doesnt it… if we are truly merdeka. we are still living a bondaged life in this country….. even after almost 51 years.

  10. DIOR said

    Boycott Merdeka Day!!! Let the Uuuum Noooo and BN goons stand on the podium alone, without the Rakyat. They are all a crock of shit, let them swim in their own shit!!! Merdeka???? What Merdeka?? Look how they run the country ” corruption, filth, imbeciles, the Uuuuum Noooo and BN gang they are scum and poison !!!! They think they own the country!! HIDUP DSAI !!!

  11. […] The battle in Permatang Pauh is on Aug 26! — 10 comments […]

  12. mesoso said

    mesoso got his poms-poms ready for Permatang Pauh..
    but mesoso needs some male cheer leaders..barbie? jinggo? what say you??

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