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What do straight guys miss out on?

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on August 6, 2008

The previous post on homosexuality was enlightening and serious. Saggie said I am too serious, which I agree, and I promised him to cheer up a bit so here I am. Here are the few things straight guys missed out on being gay (and they are missing out on the absolutely delicious bits!!!!)

1) Ladies feel safe and always like to talk to gay guys. They share the same wavelength. Yes, girls flock around gay guys because they can connect. The gay guys get lots of hot girls that they don’t want to screw!!! The Dandelions can bear witnesses!

2) Girls also feel safe talking to gay guys or going out with them because the guys won’t have ulterior motives to demand sex from girls or guided by their manhood.

3) Gay guys can look at a girl’s bun and say ‘nice ass’, and the girls will like it. The gay guys get away with it with 5 stars for looking and commenting on her booty (with a parting kiss on the cheek)!!! Straight guys comment on ‘nice buns’ and the girls will say, ‘stupid, hamsap ogling ugly man, I am not gonna go near you’.

4) Gay guys can say ‘I have a rough day’, and the girls will flock to hug them. Straight guys just get sympathy stare with complementary ‘Poor you’ statements while ‘fantasising’ for hugs that will unlikely to be there.

5) Gay guys hear about girly stuff girls do that is bound to make straight guys HORNY as hell. ‘Like yeah me and my gal pals were sunbathing at the Spanish beach top naked and we were helping each other rubbing sun block lotion on our backs when our bras got in the way so we have to help each other undo our bras…….’.

6) Gay guys might occasional chance upon bisexual girls and hot lesbos who comment about grabbing other girls and….. Straight guys rarely get the privilege.

7) Gay guys can learn how to improve on their sex lives from girls complaining about their boyfriends sex inadequacy like ‘yeah, my boyfriend was so excited to see me that the sex was like over in 10 seconds, I didn’t even know there was sex, it all happened too quickly’

So my conclusion? If sexuality is a choice, hell a lot of guys will go gay. Ok, hmm no Lesbos input, I personally have no experience with Lesbos I shan’t comment here.


15 Responses to “What do straight guys miss out on?”

  1. Madame said

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA….Too true, Jingo! 😀

  2. barbie said

    “Gay guys hear about girly stuff girls do that is bound to make straight guys HORNY as hell”

    HAHAHAHA! Ehem, what’s the point hearing those stuffs when you are not aroused by it? 😛

  3. mesoso said

    straight guys just misses out on all the “fantastic” sex…hahaha

  4. saggiethewarrior said

    Any kinda sex talk gets me all excited hahaha

  5. missjolie said

    LMAO…and gay guys are fun to go shopping with as opposed to straight guys!!! You’re going shopping with me this Dec and u can tall me how nice my butt looks! 😛

  6. saggiethewarrior said

    can I tell you how nice your butt looks?

  7. mesoso said

    i have a nice looking butt and all ye girls are most welcomed to view it, gawk over it and maybe even pinch it..hehehhe. of coz, if u r a straight guy, even more welcome to do more to it…hahahaha

  8. barbie said

    er.. that is a buttjoke? 😀

  9. saggiethewarrior said

    I am confused..Mesoso wants girls to pinch the butt..and straight guys to do even more…

    You are either a bisexual woman or a straight guy contemplating a threesome…hmmm

  10. Madame said


  11. mesoso said

    mesoso is a straight acting gay male lah..hehe

  12. saggiethewarrior said

    Hmmm..mystery solved..

  13. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    saggie, becareful, straight guys might get smacked. lol 😀

  14. saggiethewarrior said

    Putting on my ass metal pad…

  15. mesoso said


    u a male ah? no need to put on any ass metal pad leh.. :p

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