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Blogger in Police Custody

Posted by ella-mae on August 7, 2008

Pak Bakaq better known as Penarik Beca was detained by the police last night. His laptop was also taken away. This happened last night at 11pm. Read Kickdefella for more details.

Is there any reason to celebrate Merdeka this year? After almost 51 years of freedom from colonial rule, are we Malaysians truly free?

My heart weeps for Malaysia!


3 Responses to “Blogger in Police Custody”

  1. andromeda said

    I do not understand the need of confiscating laptops when Penarik Beca can save most of his drafts in the server instead.

  2. mesoso said

    they confiscate, then take home for their children to use mah..this is after all the IT age…got so many bloggers out there waiting for their PCs, laptops be confiscated..

  3. hanitha said

    what?? penarik beca@pak bakaq? dorang takut aper ngan posting di blog dier tu?? lps nie dorang tangkap plak sorang2 org yg bagi komen dlm blog2 pro-demokrasi yg sebenar2nya… emmm no freedom of speech la tu.. n takut pd bayang2 sendrik nampak… dandelions… comments pls

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