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Consensual Sex: Will Saiful be charged as well?

Posted by ella-mae on August 7, 2008

Anwar was charged under section 337B in court this morning. MalaysiaKini has the news here.  A lawyer confirms section 337B refers to consensual sex and not assault.

Since consensual sex against the order of nature is a crime, don’t you think it’s kinda odd that ONLY Anwar was charged in court today? And why exactly is Saiful Bukhari under police protection?

And Uncle (Auntie) Pet, what say you now?

I thought earlier Saiful was willing to swear upon the  Holy Quran that he was violated by Anwar. Violated, kena rogol, sexually assaulted!!!! That’s what Saiful claimed earlier… no mention of consensual sex!!! Like hello, what’s happening, Saiful? Looks like the police  “main your belakang” olredi.

Updated at 1:19pm.

Here’s Saiful Bukhari’s first entry at his blog.Monday, July 7, 2008

Buat Rakyat Malaysia…

Assalammualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera Rakyat Malaysia,

Dengan ini, saya Mohd Saiful Bukhari Bin Azlan ingin mencabar Anwar Ibrahim supaya BERMUBAHALAH di hadapan para ulamak.

Kepada Rakyat Malaysia yang dikasihi, Ingin saya tegaskan disini bahawa isu ini adalah ISU PERIBADI antara saya dan Anwar. Saya harap agar seluruh rakyat Malaysia bertenang dan tidak termakan dengan taktik kotor si MUNAFIK yang sedang dalam kelemasan ini.

Saya terima segala tohmahan dengan hati terbuka dan tidak sesekali mempersalahkan rakyat dalam hal ini.

Sebagai mangsa, saya berhak untuk mendapat pembelaan.

“Yang HAK Pasti Berdiri, Yang BATIL Pasti Jatuh”.


Saiful Bukhari.
Posted by Saiful Bukhari at 11:11 PM

So what is it la… victim or willing participant???

20 Responses to “Consensual Sex: Will Saiful be charged as well?”

  1. and even stranger that as far as i know (and please can anyone contradict this) no-one else has ever been charged under section 337B.

  2. ella-mae said

    i don’t know if anyone else has been charged under the same section before but then aren’t there many openly gay people in malaysia? so are they going to charge every single one of them?

  3. I really feel ashame of our leader, ashame!, ashame!, ashame! no dignity, no mercy, no faith in God.. This kind of father… sampai hati buat maruah kami digadai….

  4. Please stop this nonsense aquisation, m’sias judiciary became the laughing stock of international judges, nobody is believing in our education standard… the more we educated the more we should understand and comply laws and rights, but seems laws and rights is sidelined… our leaders is not the correct one.. think dear people!

  5. mesoso said

    saiful is neither a victim or a consensual partner. the medical examination done already said so. i know. i am gay. the question is why they still persist with this charade if not for political reasons..

  6. mesoso said

    ella-mae..just fyi, there are a great many straight couples who also indulge in anal sex. they just donbt come right out to admit it. at the same time, there are also a great many gay couples/people who dont necessarily indulge in anal sex.

    the current issue just reflects the level of intellect (or the lack of..) that we see in our current BN gomen. when you cannot compete on a level ground, you use underhand tactics lor..

  7. barbie said

    even fellatio aka blowjob is a crime under section 377b. yes, only involving penis. cunnilingus is not so guys, keep doing what you know best 🙂

  8. saggiethewarrior said

    Blow job is a crime..damn !!

  9. mesoso said

    barbie..u know why cunnilingus is not a crime? is becoz in those victorian fellas had thought of blow drying their ladies’ whiskers..kekekeke

  10. SAYFOOL is indeed a fool. Let’s not even back thread to his level of education.

  11. barbie said


    Then one guy accidentally found the ‘art of blowing whiskers?’ Damn!! 😛

  12. ella-mae said

    thanks for pointing what other sexual acts comes under the section, mesoso and barbie. i kinda did think so too but wasnt too sure if i thought right 😉

  13. Cherubim said

    Well, in Malaysia the ‘poker is punished rather than the ‘receiver’.

    It has never been enforced because it is a ridiculous law.

  14. mesoso said

    ya barbie..and i think that fella who found it was so thrilled, he decided that it was not against the order of biased..!!

  15. pervster said

    oh god…blow job’s a crime too??!!!! ……..all the men will be going to jail soon…….


  16. Amused Taxpayer said

    The first who should be thrown in the slammer would def be our dear ex-minister of health, rite?

  17. wits0 said

    Earlier, scientist discovered the Black Holes ; lately they discover Dark Matter, re:

    Now we know that M’sia has many such items aplenty. None of which are equal as some are more so than others, all quite naturally too.

    “Against the Law of Nature”!

    How does the hole-ly Gomen enforce that a husbin will not end up in his wife’s wrong os?

    The image obsessed Gomen has also to show the world that it is more hole-ly than S’pore’s government via a 20 years penalty versus a two year one.

  18. ainy said

    This is not about saifool or anwar, this sodomy thing is obviously about us, the rakyat. The BN gomen has been sodomising us for 50 years already and if we keep giving them the power, they will definitely sodomise our children as well!

    So the people of M’sia, pls wake up and know the true colour of the so-called beloved leaders of Malaysia.

    YB = Yang Berhormat or Yang Berliwat???

  19. mesoso said

    ooooooooo…ainy, Yang Berliwat sounds so much more appropriate to these BN goons. on a sadder note, i guess we must all really enjoy getting liwat-ted, since we keep putting them on top of us (or is it on top of our behinds..)

    like they always say…belum cuba, belum tahu, sekali cuba, hari-hari mahu…

  20. DanielYKL said

    Check these out:


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