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Sisters-In-Arms ?

Posted by ErnieJean on August 8, 2008

I was just mucking around the blogosphere when I came across this blog and what really caught my eye was not what was written in the blog, but by a very careless and air-headed comment by this person regarding a Mongolian beauty who died a horrible death, Ms. Altantuya.

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her picture looks scary and looks like hantu.. if i were someone who is responsible to her murder, i will kill and buang all the bukti sampai hilang… c’mon she’s just a pelacur. what’s the big deal.. (Can you believe this came from a supposedly highly educated woman !?!?)

i am so sorry if i sound harsh. just that i dont like her. perempuan simpanan yang kacau rumah tangga orang and mintak duit. dah la duit dah banyak. x cukup? and poor malaysians, nak memperjuangkan pembunuhan seorang pelacur yang memang patut dibunuh.

i am so sorry.

Looks like I was seriously mistaken in thinking that with more females in universities (supposedly to mean more educated individuals amongst us…hogwash!!), this nation would have moved forward from such backward thinking as to be blaming women for every problems involving them… name it and you’ll find that the female party would most probably get the bullets……….rape, molest, theft, adultery, etc……

Let’s put aside the question as to whether Altantuya was, in the first place, ever somebody’s mistress. Why is she being cursed for being the one responsible for breaking up a marriage when it could very well have been initiated and pursued by the roving-eyed husband? 

Isn’t it just so sickening that in those rape and sexual abuse cases, these same people wouldn’t think twice about blaming the female victim for deserving it because of the way she dresses or the way she walks or perhaps for just being born a female? After all, how sexily dressed can a 5-year old be? 

And prostitution……again, no matter what the reason was for someone to have taken that up as an occupation, shouldn’t the blame on this “social ill” be shared between the “service-provider” and her client? After all, if there’s no demand, there wouldn’t be any supply now, would there?

Isn’t it odd, that men have this unspoken “Code of Brotherhood” where they would stand up for one another and go all out to cover each other’s asses when the need arises, whereas the womenfolk wouldn’t think twice about chastising, exposing and publicly shame a fellow sister for being involved in a less-than-desirable situation……of course, I’m generalising here, there are definitely exceptions to the rule.

Casting aside the issue about having to uphold the morality of society or all that holy-boly nonsense, let’s just take a look at what sort of support we women can expect from our fellow sisters……and one look at the above commentator’s statement, coupled with that idiot female student who blamed white uniform tops for encouraging rape (didn’t we all craved to put our fist into that one’s face, well I know I did), doesn’t it look like there’s gonna be a long long journey before Malaysian female victims can look towards her fellow “mates” to stand up for her?

There can always be NGOs such as Sisters-In-Islam, AWAM, etc, advocating, creating awareness and fighting for gender equality, but without the support of the general female population, I really don’t see advancement in improving the general well-being of our womenfolk here, especially with the uneducated and rural ones. Abuse in the form of mental, verbal and physical will still be tolerated, even by the local authorities, on the pretext of it being “domestic” and if not addressed, the daughters of these women will be subjected to the same vicious cycle all over again.

Isn’t it time to put our feet down, come together in arms and start watching out for one another instead of viewing each other as competition?

Imagine the power we women, constituting about 52% of Malaysia’s population, have in our hands, only if we could come together, we’d be able to kick the asses of the powers-that-be to start working on those urgent outstanding proposed amendments to the very biased current laws on rape, domestic violence and gender discrimination (which by the way,  most probably have been KIV-ed for those morons to concentrate on other seemingly more important bills, such as the “DNA-jacking” Bill).

Don’t you think our daughters and their daughters after them deserve to inherit a future that promises a non-judgemental, gender-sensitive and non-discriminative environment?




7 Responses to “Sisters-In-Arms ?”

  1. Hi erniejean…i’m really flattered you read my blog (or stumbled to it)…i do read this blog and with so many writers’s a good blog and active one…

    anyway..Nono did apologize on her comment in my next entry…apparently she was naive..i’m not her side or have any personal motive at all…i’m just glad we’re all have our point of view and it’s really freshening to speak out our mind freely..

  2. erniejean said

    Hey lf34, thanks for checking this blog out too ;)…….it’s good to know Nono realised the the naivety of her comment.

    But the thot of it actually crossing her mind in the first place is what frightens and saddens the heck out of me….and as much as I hope she’s just part of a minority, the reality of it all begs to differ.

    My hope is that women start empowering themselves so that irresponsible statements and actions be eliminated, or at the very least, minimised to almost negligible.

  3. Madame said

    The woman plays the most important role in society. We have the power in out hands to shape the future of society. We are mothers….what we teach our kids will have a far more lasting impact than anything they hear/read or learn outside the home environment. It IS important for Mothers to realise this and to inculcate in our kids…the basic human values of RESPECT and TOLERANCE. This starts at home…the Education System should just reinforce it! 🙂

    I blame the System, yes…but I blame the parents even more!!! 🙂

  4. mesoso said

    yeah…go girls go..!!

  5. yeah…i agree with you on that…but I think women nowadays are more mature and open than the old least their mind is free and not stuck with the old style…but it has it’s own good and bad side of it…

  6. barbie said

    Having a free mind is good, being expressive is wonderful but one must be able to take the heat (or praises) for expressing his/her ‘free mind’. Freedom of speech is nothing if you are afraid people will dissect your arguments inside out. Any comment made, would be put to test, or to be ridiculed, or would receive criticism or pat on the back, depends on the quality and nature of the comment. Well, the way I see it, she was flamed because she made a stupid, ridiculous comment. Then she went and criticize another commentator for relating her tudung-wear and her comment. I agree the tudung issue shouldn’t be brought up, but sidetracking from the main issue also not that right no? This is convenient reasoning, when you are at fault and wearing tudung, people should not judge you based on what you wear, little that we know, every one of us is judged everyday for what we wear, colour of our skin, which school we belong, what is our religion, gender, etc. Moral of the story, think before you speak. (in this case, type).

  7. mesoso said

    ya lor barbie..msjolie always judge me..say i am confused..

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