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Dear Diary…

Posted by Foodie on August 10, 2008

Before I go on any further, it’s a food diary by the way ….. Want to lose weight effectively? Here’s what I recently discovered. Keep a food diary! Yes! That’s what the senior investigator, Victor Stevens of Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research in Portland, Oregon claims. According to him, hands downs, one of the most successful weight-loss method was keeping a record of what you eat.

In the six-month study, participants who kept a food journal seven days a week lost an average of 8 kg, as opposed to only an average of 4 kg by those who didn’t keep a food diary. There, I have your attention now have I?

So that’s it, I decided to start one a few days ago in an attempt to shed the extra few remaining kilos I’ve been trying so hard for so long but failed. The reason behind the guaranteed effectiveness of this diary is more than just writing down the details of the food you consume, rather it’s about using these records later to identify your eating habits (bad or good) which can be used later for scrutiny and modification. It will also reveal if you are a junk food addict and a glutton. Scary isn’t it?

According to M.D. Sanjay Gupta, whilst most of us think we KNOW what we eat, the reality is we only have a general idea and tend to have selective memory, especially when it comes to junk food! Yes, don’t we all have a temporary case of amnesia when our other half questions us about the fast dissapearing cookies and chocolates ! With this food diary there is no more cheating and denial (groan). It’s written down so the mystery of those extra calories magically appearing on the hips will soon be solved in a jiffy. Forget the “I don’t know why but I’ve tried and tried, yet I still can’t lose the extra weight.” or the “Nothing works. I hardly eat! Honest to God!” Let’s be brutally honest here, we’ve all cheated when it comes to dieting, so spare me the lies because I’ve been there and done that πŸ˜›

I’ll be frank as frank can get, as soon as I started my food diary, I instantly became aware of what I should be eating and what I shouldn’t be. The thought of putting down ‘an entire bag of Lay’s Original Chips’ just didn’t sound impressive. It would also make me look like a depressed and emotionaly unstable glutton. I decided to go for the Fuji apple and banana instead. (it sounded far more sane than the entire bag of chips and you know the saying, you are what you eat! and I ain’t no flaky chip)!

Portions I realised were also controlled. It’s like someone is now constantly watching over you BUT very closely. The diary encourages a sort of self monitoring system. You see with this food diary, you also have to be specific. You cannot just jot down, ‘a couple of chips‘, you have to be PRECISE. Make it detailed if you can. For instance; 10 pieces of chips or 25 gms if you are fanatic/disciplined enough….

Anyway, so far, I’m not seeing the kilos shedding yet (it’s way too soon) but I can tell you for sure, if I continue the way I am with the diary I’ll bet my Royce (chocolates) it will come off slowly but surely and in the long run I would have not only a slimmer body but a healthier body fm within. Keeping this diary is NOT just about losing weight. It’s about eating RIGHT.

Previously, I would not have hesitated when I had the urge to finish an entire tub of Baskin Robbins’ Jamoca Almond . Now, the mere thought of that hard evidence to convict me later is enough to put me off! So you can say it’s been working very well for me so far!

Oh, and just make sure you keep the dog away in case he eats your diary or you somehow left it in the cab when your spouse asks for it! ;P Good Luck and happy dieting ;D


15 Responses to “Dear Diary…”

  1. ella-mae said

    wah, i’m gonna try this method. and if it works, woman… i’ll get u a tube of MAC Strobe Cream… see… i put it in writing olredi!

  2. Madame said

    Great idea, missjolie!!! πŸ™‚

  3. mesoso said

    its also proven that having sex burns up to 200 calories each time..may be more effective than keeping diaries works.. :p

  4. barbie said

    i agree with mesoso. more sex = healthy body! πŸ™‚

  5. missjolie said

    It helps you burn calories but it’s not as effective as you put it to belah mesoso! If it were, there wouldn’t be fat people in this world! You still need exercise and to watch what you eat at the end of the day. Mesoso, does you real name have the same two syllables? and do they errr start with A??? Are you AA? ;)(wink wink) didn’t know you was gay!

  6. erniejean said

    The diary diet does work actually…..only if one stay honest lah…..hehehe….have actually cheated and lied to the diary myself before ;p

  7. mesoso said

    barbie..u wanna come burn some calories with me..?
    msjolie ah..actually hor, i am quite versatile, like roti prata..flip flip flip, front and back also tasty with the correct sauce..hehe (err..the fat people no burn their calories in bed fact, they always snack on junk food in bed..tat’s why lor). eeeerrr….who is AA? handsome ah tat fella??

  8. missjolie said

    LOL….ahah so u r what they refer to as AC/DC ;P ….but i like yr roti prata analogy, flip flip flip..front and back also tasty with the correct sauce. LMAO πŸ˜€

  9. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    ahem, amatuers! the only way to burn more calories is to have an orgy! ha, beat that!

  10. mesoso said

    wah seh..jingoisbuthornydesperado (my goodness..typing out your nick oredi makes me salivate..)..with you , me and barbie..let’s get it on..ooooooooooyeah, orgy baby…beats pole dancing any time.. πŸ™‚

  11. barbie said

    oh i am invited???? πŸ˜€

  12. mesoso said

    barbie no need an invitation. my door always open for you..just come right in..make sure bring butter and kaya.. πŸ™‚

  13. barbie said

    ehem, what is your profession again mesoso?

  14. mesoso said

    ehem…my profession??
    professional lor..

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