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Yet Another Example Of How One “Double Talks” And Shoots Himself In The Foot…..

Posted by ErnieJean on August 10, 2008

Have you realised that our politicians may not be the brightest of the lot (well, “DDDUUUHHHH”!!), or for that matter, not bright at all, but one thing’s for certain, we can be “proud” of the fact that no other country’s politicians can “double-talk” like ’em and proceed to shoot themselves in their feet (or an alternative “foot in mouth” has happened before)

The Star, Sunday August 10, 2008
Adnan: Running a government is more than just sweet talk and pledges

BERA: Umno supreme council member Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob has reminded PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim that it will not be easy to govern a country.

He added that managing a country was not about making unreal and empty promises and leaving out core development projects and plans for the people.

“It is not only about using profits made by Petronas simply to lower the present petrol price to RM2.

“It is also not about telling the whole nation simply that he will take over the Government on Sept 16,” he said in his speech before presenting land titles to 40 settlers at Felda Mayam land scheme yesterday.

Adnan, who is also Pahang Mentri Besar, said that to administer a country meant that one had to ensure the people are able to lead a good life and enjoy sufficient and sound public amenities.

He said Anwar spoke eloquently and could impress his listeners with his speeches but that was it.

“His talks and sweet promises are unsubstantial,” he said.

He said he hoped the public would be able to see the insensible plans Anwar had outlined and whether these plans would really benefit them in the long run.

Ok… it just me or shouldn’t the terribly apt advice be directed at a certain somebody who will probably be known in the future as “Father of (Redundant) Corridors”?

And then he went on to say……

On Felda Mayam facing frequent water problems, Adnan suggested that the settlers dig wells or use pumps as a temporary measure while the state government tried to iron out the matter.

He said land schemes in Pahang were established in rural areas and there were bound to be water problems, unlike those living in urban area.

Sweet sounding promises?

Excuse me but if I’m not mistaken, we’re supposed to be aiming for developed nation status in 12 years (and of course cows can fly), and this Menteri Besar expects taxpayers in his state to dig wells for water? And that is right after he mentioned about how the administrator of a government should provide sufficient and sound public amenities?!?!

Talk about “Double-Talk” here!!!!!


24 Responses to “Yet Another Example Of How One “Double Talks” And Shoots Himself In The Foot…..”

  1. mesoso said

    well..i think when DSAI takes over, these same people will be singing a different tune. maybe even go down on their knees and beg for forgiveness, and will immediately turn around and condemn UMNO to smithereens..

  2. barbie said

    Adnan Yaakob? The idiot clown never fail to entertain..

  3. edomikari said

    Oh come on now, look at the bright side. As they dig their own well, they learn how to suffice for themselves. In time, they might even have their own water system, build their own power generator, have their own public transportation etc, the government might even consider assigning them as an autonomous region! Now, Malaysia stands comparable to major powers like China! Won’t you be proud then?

    (Although I won’t deny the possibilty of secession movements, terror acts coming afterwards, considering what’s happening now in Xinjiang and Ossetia)

  4. shaydflin said

    You better talk about morality that your MCA want to drop lah. What is this forum.

  5. barbie said

    Shaydflin, it is okay to write in Malay if you cannot write properly in English. Kita faham. Ini ‘belog’ bukan forum. MCA bukan kawan baik/kuda tunggangan UMNO? We talk what we want to, and yes you are free to write anything you want as well, better if you write to shoot yourself in the foot. Haha!

  6. shaydflin said

    karut punya forum

  7. ihateidiots said

    blog Shadim. blog. bukan forum. faham ke??

  8. erniejean said


  9. barbie said

    Karut tapi datang tiap-tiap hari, siap komen lagi, memang mengarut mamat sewel ini. Nanti, Shaydflin ini bukan mamat tapi minah. Minah sewel. Nyahahahahaha!

  10. shaydflin said

    Ok, minah sewel, macamni lah saya nyatakan pendapat saya:

    Minah minah sewel disini merupakan empat atau lima minah sewel yang membayar cukai kepada kerajaan, maka dengan itu mereka mengatakan berhak untuk menyatakan satu pandangan kepada masyarakat umum mengenai pendapat pendapat sewel mereka itu, dengan mengodam para pemerintah.

    Ok, sedangkan mereka ini adalah sejumlah number penduduk 5/22,000,000 manusia. Dan mereka ini adalah penyewel penyewel sebenarnya dan telah merusakan sebahagian manusia yang tidak bersalah dipersada politic di Malaysia kealiran paradigma yang karut.

    Saya tidak ingin mengetahui pendapat dari 5/22,000,000 penduduk Malaysia. Tetapi saya ingin memberitahu anda anda semua supaya insaf bahawa anda anda yang merasa sangat bijak itu, sebenarnya tidak lah sebijak mana, kekuatan yang amat kecil, tetapi mempunyai hati yang besar.

  11. barbie said


    Terima kasih kerana prihatin kepada 5 minah sewel (awak pasti semua yang ada di sini minah? Haha!) yang ada di sini dan setinggi-tinggi penghargaan kerana sudi meluangkan masa membaca pendapat-pendapat sewel kami.

    Kami sudah insaf. Sekarang, anda boleh kembali ke blog anda dan belajar menaip dengan betul, tolong pertingkatkan kemahiran penggunaan dan ejaan bahasa Melayu yang betul. Sebagai permulaan, biar saya tolong perbetulkan sedikit bahasa Melayu anda yang tidak cukup Melayu dan lintang pukang antaranya:

    1. Menggodam bukan mengodam
    2. Beginilah bukan macamni lah, anda bukan bercakap di kedai mamak
    3. Sejumlah number? WTF (kata orang putih)
    4. Merusakan? Kami tidak akan kuasa ajaib dan magis untuk merusakan sesiapa.
    5. Penyewel itu, bahasa apa? Suatu pekerjaan ke?
    6. Kealiran paradigma? Wah, penggunaan perkataan bahasa yang cukup hebat, malanglah salah penggunaan.

    Terima kasih Shaydflin. Sini saya hadiahkan serangkap pantun khas buat Shaydflin yang bijak bistari dan prihatin.

    Dua tiga kucing berlari,
    Mana nak sama Shaydlin seorang,
    Terima kasih daun keladi,
    Anda pergi hatiku girang!

  12. mesoso said

    satu, dua, tiga…errr..ahem, ahem..sorri ya..bahasa saya belum pass lagi..hehehe 🙂

  13. mesoso said

    err….barbie..u memang idola saya…wah. so canggih your bahasa. please come teach mesoso. i make toasted “buns” with butter for you..hehehehe

  14. Apple said

    Wah, barbie, hebatnya pantunmu. I sudah terpesona.:-)

    There is some sickening fella using my name “Apple” to post something stupid on your other blog..cheh! Coward!

  15. saggiethewarrior said

    Kuih bulan Buah melaka
    Ubi kentang Ubi keledek
    Mesoso suka Barbie pun suka
    Ape lagi pergila merendek


  16. mesoso said

    yikes..saggie, you want foursome ah??
    i serve good toasted buns with butter…
    sudah ada barbie (idola saya), sudah ada jingoisbutapaitudadada, sudah ada mesoso, sekarang pula saggie..wah..i am salivating..

  17. barbie said

    Ubi keledek Obi Wan,
    Buah melaka buah dada,
    Saggie nampak tidak keruan,
    Tepuk dada tanya selera.


  18. mesoso said

    Nyahahahaha…too 😉

  19. missjolie said

    guys get a ROOM! LOL….fuyoh, i am so impressed. with the pantuns going around. Didn’t know we hv so many talented poets in the making 😀 Terpikat 😉

  20. saggiethewarrior said

    Pergi pasar beli durian
    Beli durina dengan rambutan
    Saggie memang tidak keruan
    Melihat Barbie and Mesoko bercumbu cumbuan


  21. barbie said

    Oi, wrong topic lah! I go create a page for us to do pantun seloka and goofing around 😛 Go there and we have a pantun war!!!!!!! Bring it on!

    Pantun Seloka

  22. shaydflin said

    hebat, hebat, rupa rupa melayu ingin jadi cina,

  23. barbie said


    This is my last reply to you. Your very attitude disgust me. First, you think I am a female. Wrong! Then you think I am a Malay. Wrong again! I am a proud Malaysian Chinese. What? You think only a Melayu like you can speak perfect Bahasa Melayu? Pfttt!

    ps: I put your comments under moderation, so I can have fun reading it and release only when I feel I want to. No hard feelings yeah? Cheers!

  24. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    i am a hermaphrodite bangkali. no one comment ah?

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