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So Where Does This Latest “Endorsement” Of Thuggery Leads Us?

Posted by ErnieJean on August 11, 2008

Najib: Bar Council’s persistence caused extreme reaction

KUALA LUMPUR: The Bar Council’s persistence in going ahead with a forum on conversion to Islam has triggered extreme reaction from certain quarters, which in turn would threaten the country’s harmony.

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said he had expected the extreme reaction to occur as the council ignored advice to call off the forum. (So thuggery is excusable, in this situation?)

“We had expected this to happen. I’ve already said this before, don’t make it an open forum, do it behind closed doors. There will surely be some form of extreme reaction that will occur (if it was held openly).

“We’ve expected the incident to happen because the issue that was to be discussed is sensitive,” he said after launching the Federation of Malay Economic Bodies (Gabem) exhibition and convention at the PWTC here yesterday.

Najib was commenting on the abrupt conclusion of the Bar Council’s controversial forum on conversion to Islam on Saturday, in which groups of protesters held a noisy gathering outside the Council’s headquarters demanding that the organisers stop the function.

Asked if the Internal Security Act would be used against the forum’s organisers, he said that would be up to the police and Home Ministry.

Najib also said that the basic pillars of the Constitution should be accorded full respect if Malaysians wanted to live peacefully and harmoniously.

He added that Malaysians of different races should respect the sensitivities of each racial group and the basic tenets of the Constitution.

“As a society comprising different races, Malaysians have displayed the spirit of tolerance and respect to the other races.

“If we try to dissect or argue against the basic terms that was agreed upon in the Constitution, then it will surely cause endless arguments which can affect our country’s peace and stability,” he added

(The Star, Monday August 11 2008)

Ok, first and foremost, is our PM-In-Waiting telling us Malaysian taxpayers that disobedience to the Masters-That-Be will be punished accordingly (to laws they deem fit, but of course) and one can forget about the right to impartial protection from thugs by the law-enforcers, whom by the way, were supposed to be maintaining security and peace without prejudice, political, racial or religion, in the first place right?

To sort of say “I told you so” & “serves you right” to the organisers of the forum, which by the way to me, was a very civilised and nuturing way for peoples of different religious backgrounds to understand the intricacies of the different religions, is akin to a slap on the face to thousands of taxpayers who pay for his salary (and his wife’s couture shopping excursions overseas).

And for Najib to mouth-off the standard “Tenets of Constitution…….Spirit of Tolerance……Respect sensitivities of each racial group” statement, while pretending that he’s not aware that one of his “machai”s who proudly proclaimed himself as UMNO-Ass-Kisser, called for “Chinese and Indians to go to hell” (and got away with it), just about infuriates!!

The “machai” in question, wearing a green and white Malay Student Front (GPMS) shirt, started the verbal melee when he grabbed hold of a microphone and lashed out at the crowd of about 100 participants. (Btw, does he even look like a student to you? Hhhmmmm….)

“I represent Umno. Stop this forum” declared the unidentified individual who also uttered “Don’t insult Islam” and “You! Chinese, Indians, go to hell!“.
(text & picture source: Malaysiakini)

Excuse me, but wasn’t that forum supposed to be about religion? How on earth did it get hijacked and turned into racial and Jewish bashing? Yes, there were shouts of “Death to the Jews” during the protest, folks…..(you may roll you eyes in disbelief if you want to now).

FYI, there are many non-malays who have embraced the Muslim faith and would most likely be better Muslims than that imbecile (bet he wouldn’t disagree about that if it’s the dear PM’s missus right? Boss punya pompuan leh……)

Oh yes, in case I get misunderstood, this is not about a particular religion or race for that matter, as I don’t believe in imposing one person’s beliefs or self-perceived superiority onto another individual (otherwise known as “Bullying”), but rather, this is about an outright ridiculously-half-heartedly-camourflaged attempt to bend folks according to one’s rules and regulation (or shall we say “comfort zone”)…yea, it’s called “Fascism” to a certain extend…..though this time, it’s not only confined to the political control, but social also.

So the question remains, can our government of the day, boast of being a melting pot of different cultures and religion with all that “mutual respect and tolerance” mumbo-jumbo, and not get hit by lightning for outright lying through their teeth?


6 Responses to “So Where Does This Latest “Endorsement” Of Thuggery Leads Us?”

  1. wits0 said

    Najib might as well proclaim that in rape cases, the victims are at fault. Amazing isn’t it? It has to take an English education in good ole England to produce such a a talking head to make such an uttereance!

    His dad introduce his educational policy at home and sent his son to England hoping that everyone else should become stupid while his son gets smart and continue the expected dynasty.

    It becomes clearer now that what transpired was an umno machination.

  2. mesoso said

    aiyah..sorry hor..but i have to say this ah. we are nobody here, why leh? becoz we not like them mah? and if we not like them, then we are nobody, no need get so upset..let it be lor, let’s party lor, dont bother lor..why? becoz if we bother, also no use one, lagi get worst, we lagi kena go back if we no want go back china, we might as well remain mr nobody lor..u know wat i mean?

  3. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    I respectfully disagree, mesoso. when bullying is a fact, it does not mean that bullying is right. we despise bullying of any form, not doing anything to stand up against bullies will only make the bullies more in-your-face and obnoxious. we have to care about it. We are where we are today because our predecessors care, hence we have a better life. to succumb to bullying is to not appreciate what our predecessors have done for us. i am a no push-over.

    even though each of us combine is no Mahatma Gandhi or Abraham lincoln. we have to do our part to nurture an environment for the next mahatma gandhi or abraham lincoln to come forth. All of us touch each other’s lifes far more than we realsie ourselves. you can make things better starting from those closest to you.

  4. mesoso said

    wah..u make me feel so butch jingoisbuthornydadadada..i am all fired up now !! send them to me..i shall wack them silly wif my phek2 (kepiak, kepiak, kepiak…!!) until they turn blue…

    respectfully yours,

  5. barbie said

    “Malaysians of different races should respect the sensitivities of each racial group and the basic tenets of the Constitution.”

    It’s obvious this bunch of nincompoops have no respect for the other racial group other that Muslim and Malay? Basic tenets of the Constitution, Najib? Please, coming from his smelly mouth that said ‘Malaysia is an Islamic country’ under the constitution, he still shamelessly comment on anything constitutional?

    Why stop the forum? If you do not agree, send your representatives from JAKIM, JAIS, muftis, and discuss about the issue. Are we Malaysians that immature not being able to hold a proper and civilised discussion?

  6. mesoso said’re my MAN..!!
    is fear, my dear….fear that they may not be able to hold a decently intellectual discussion without foaming and frothing at the mouth and spouting unholy obscenities..sad isn’t it? but i still have you to brighten up my day…hehehe

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