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Hare-Brained Or Brilliant?

Posted by ErnieJean on August 12, 2008

Is it just me or does it seem really irritating when “well-meaning” folks (who obviously didn’t mull over those thoughts long enough) come up with hare-brained ideas to overcome certain current difficult situations, such as, beating the rising fuel cost, for instance? I mean, by all means, yes, we should all attempt to come up with ways to make our lives and those around us more bearable and if not too impossible, as perfect as can be.

But please, is it too much to ask for those ideas, especially those promoted heavily on the airwaves and such, to be practical in the first place?

There’s this particular radio station that I listen to, (especially for their morning breakfast show, where their two DJs totally rock, I must say, especially the funny impersonations of a certain queen or scotsman), whereby after every traffic report, a few of them would shout out in unison “Ride The Bicycle!!!“.  (Yes, they’re still doing it, despite the cold shoulder)

Not that I have anything against riding the bicycle, it’s fuel-free, non-polluting, very cheap to own and maintain, blah blah blah…….but come on, think about it, for a moment here, shall we?

Concern No.1

We’re talking about riding a bicycle to work everyday on Malaysian roads and highways……not only will one turn up at work, all covered in soot from those black-fume emitting exhaust pipes belonging to huge monstrous vehicles (that somehow managed to escape from being hauled up by our local transport authorities), there are also the totally non-existing pedestrian/bicycle lanes for one to cycle in safety, potsholes a-plenty, petty thieves/rapists/flashers hiding in some nearby shrubs, missing manhole covers……….one may manage to save some money on fuel, but perhaps spend thousands on medical?

Concern No.2

How about our beloved Malaysian weather? Some days, nice and cloudy. Some days, extremely hot and humid, then thunderstorms in the evening and some other days, the other way round. Imagine arriving for work drenched either in sweat or rain……..not very good for that upcoming promotion, is it? And let’s not forget the annual (or is it bi-annual now?) haze episodes, courtesy of our beloved neighbouring country…….

Concern No.3

And there’s the school going children. As if the frequent crimes committed against children is not frightening enough, coupled with our govnment happily “tai-chi”ing all responsibilities onto the parents…….do we parents even dare consider for a moment in allowing our kids to cycle to school, even if the school’s located, say 10m away?

It’s not just merely about this bicycle campaign but rather about those people, who have the opportunities to reach out and influence thousands of lives in this country, coming up with totally useless statements and advices that would make us laughing stocks among the international community…..and there are many more examples (depressing isn’t it?)……

  • the most recent one being a certain missus of a very lethagic politician calling for M’sians to plant their own vegetables and fruits……..without thinking first whether everyone has the privilege of living in mansions (fully paid for by taxpayers) sitting on a few acres of well-landscaped gardens.
  • A certain walrus-like daughter and her leech-husband of a “lembik” politician, calling for parents to spend more time with their children and not to send their kids to child-minders……..once again, do they think everyone’s daddy or daddy-in-law can afford to feed the entire family, including the in-laws? People have to work to maintain that roof over their heads, to put food on the table, to send the children to school……
  • Because they can’t control the spiralling prices of food, they tell taxpayers to eat “healthy” (meaning don’t eat so much lor) and instead of rice, eat bread, (What’s next? Instead of fish, eat tofu?) while they themselves continue to expand sideways, binging on caviers and steaks.
  • Last but not least……take public transport….seriously, no one can be that clueless, can they?

Care to add to the list?

2 Responses to “Hare-Brained Or Brilliant?”

  1. edomikari said

    In Japan, bicycle is a very popular form of transportation because:
    – They’re highly affordable
    – Maintenance cost is very low
    – Most roads have sidewalks, so it is practically safe

    As for long-distance transportation, of course they have commuters, underground trains, etc. Most of the time, you don’t need a car to go for work unless your work involves you meeting clients here and there.

    My suggestion is that you people start using bicycle for grocery shopping at least. I can’t stand it when people start their engines just to go shopping at a shop that’s just a stone’s throw away.
    But then again, in Malaysia, they shop at hypermarts like Carrefour/Giant/Tesco, so bicycle is again out of question…

    Let’s review again the problem in implementation:
    1. Bicycles are low quality (ah, reminds me of how I spent like almost RM200 or more to maintain a single bike..)
    2. Inadequate infrastructure for safe cycling
    3. Inadequate public transport system to commute to workplace.
    4. Shopping habit/culture: Most of Malaysians would travel far to find cheapest deal possible, even for regular shopping.

    No. 1 is due to low quality imports from China (but still, they are expensive!). Malaysia should consider making their own.
    No. 2 is due to rural planning. But then again, if people aren’t cycling, why consider building sidewalks? A chicken and egg problem.
    No. 3 is I don’t know why, but the system keeps failing even after numerous refreshes from time to time. Who is to blame?
    No. 4, the most difficult of all so far it seems, requires cultural revolution.

    In Soviet Russia, the bicycle rides you!

  2. raising Kids

    Hare-Brained Or Brilliant?

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