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Oh, how I love my beloved country …

Posted by Oscar the Grouch on August 13, 2008

Oh, how I love my beloved country …

A state where election is supposed to be fair & free

But all types of ballot defrauding-con is all I see

Complete with the publicity-propaganda beamed over TV.

Tahun Melawat Malaysia is always on every year

But unlike Oktoberfest, my country’s fiesta offers no beer

But we do welcome all foreign tourists, far and near

So much so, some of our leaders hump the cuter ones in the rear.

Malaysia My 2nd Home is one of our latest tourism proposition

All foreigners are delightfully accepted here without much apprehension

Unless if you start to blackmail, you will be blown-up into oblivion

And some dude called Razak Baginda will be blamed for fornication.

My country places outer-space exploration as an upmost priority

Sending our dear Dato‘ Angkasawan to orbit is an ultra-necessity

Who cares if the planetary budget reaches a level of abnormality?

To hell with it, heck, we don’t even believe in simple meritocracy.

My country believes in putting in place good moral law

Buggering and oral pleasure is sinfully illegal to the core

But then, we do have leaders performing in hard-porn gore

Undertaking such stimulating antics that make us cheer in awe

Our Federal Reserve Unit desires itself to be super-efficient

Unleashing its water cannons during the illegal demonstration

“Kill the Rakyat”-is the FRU’s battle-cry in the demolition operation

Those who innocently join the protest are now jailed for treason.

My beloved country is abundance with its natural resources

Yes, my nation is able to rake revenue from its various sources

Yet, despite its petroleum, the economy is horrendously hopeless

Only Petronas makes the returns, whilst the people remain jobless.

Our leaders aspire for our great nation to be fully developed by 2020

All sorts of construction infrastructure are put up hurriedly

But when the buildings start to fall one-by-one repeatedly

The government decides to divert the issue with a charge of sodomy.

Therefore, oh, how I love my beloved country …

I can see no wrong with it; and I say it not at all jokingly

No matter what others say, it is my home which I proclaim so lovingly

It is the greatest country in this world, and that’s the end of the story.


7 Responses to “Oh, how I love my beloved country …”

  1. Impressed said

    Your poem sums it all 🙂

  2. erniejean said


  3. ihateidiots said

    I am very impressed as well….next great poet in the making!

  4. mesoso said

    wah…oscar, better lock your doors at night and hide under the blanket ah…better make your bird2 sing nursery rhyme instead.. :p

  5. d_sticks said

    not bad man….not bad at all…


  6. Err…

    Let’s not sum our fuckingly stupid politician to the Malaysian agenda.
    We can do it, if only we could overthrow the government!

  7. barbie said

    Impressive Oscar, superb!! Top of the notch~!

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