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You Sure About That “Jihad” War-Cry, Datuk Seri?

Posted by ErnieJean on August 14, 2008

The Star, Tuesday August 12, 2008

Wanita Umno’s by-election ‘jihad’

BUTTERWORTH: Wanita Umno has declared its campaign in the Permatang Pauh by-election as jihad or a holy war.

Its deputy chief, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, said the movement would act as a bastion to stop an ambitious individual from achieving his dream and personal glory. 

Without naming the person, she said he would do everything possible to become the Prime Minister at the expense of the people’s welfare and the country’s stability.

“The wing views the by-election as a critical election not just for Barisan Nasional but also for the whole country and its people.

“It is a jihad because this individual should not be given the chance to destroy the country’s political stability and prosperity.

“If we allow him to lead the country, he would lead us to destruction,” she said after launching the Barisan Nasional Wanita Permatang Pauh by-election machinery here yesterday.

Shahrizat said the Wanita movement and its Barisan counterparts would observe election regulations and would not resort to violence while campaigning.

“We hope there won’t be elements of fitnah-memfitnah (slander) and empty promises. It would be a campaign of good values (berhemah-tinggi) because our intentions are pure (suci).

“Overall, we will bring truth and facts (to the people). There will not be tricks or empty promises.

“We know we are the underdogs but don’t underestimate us.”

She said Barisan was expecting an aggressive battle, noting that PKR was known for its “violent traits”.

She also said she did not see any reason why a by-election was needed as the people of Permatang Pauh had earlier chosen their candidate.

Ini satu langkah takbur. (It is an arrogant move) It is troublesome to the voters and an exploitation,” she added.

OK, I know this is sort of a very much delayed reaction……but one needed time to recuperate from laughing too hard, y’see?

An obvious attempt to pander up to the master who gave her a nice cushy post as some advisor, her “jihad” war-cry against slander, empty promises, destruction of political and economic stability, would have garnered so much more support should it actually have been focused on her beloved party that overspent for the Elections four years ago by a cool RM124 million above it’s legal limits? And with the accounts ringing up for what has been spent by that same party for the recent March election, isn’t it no wonder that our fuel prices had to be raised by that much!!!

More “jihad” worthy issues to take up? How about the selective prosecution of individuals deemed dangerous to society? The selective witness-protection program? The selective endorsement of seditious statements or thuggery? The selective usage of tear gas and water cannons? The unexplainable overpriced public projects and purchases?  Need I go on?

And for her to talk about bringing the truth and facts with no tricks or empty promises, it is no wonder that she surrounded herself with the UMNO ladies when she made that statement, instead of some open ceramah where rotten vegetables would be aplenty……

“Jihad”? How about starting with “jihad”-ing some of your unfinished business when you were the Minister of Women, Family and Community……….such as the “existing-and-doesn’t-look-like-it’s-going-anywhere” loopsided laws concerning women and their families? Would definitely have made one look less like a court-jester.


10 Responses to “You Sure About That “Jihad” War-Cry, Datuk Seri?”

  1. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    you have hit the bull’s eye!

  2. mesoso said

    errrr…i thot it’s the brown eye? ;D

  3. ihateidiots said

    This Shahrizat is talking through her ass hole! She shouldn’t be throwing words like jihad around!

  4. wits0 said

    She only qualifies for 18 studs not 72 like for males. A woman is only worth a quarter of a man.

  5. Madame said

    JIHAD???!! Kinda reminds you of George W’s “CRUSADE”, doesnt it?!

    This is low-down tactics at its best…by using the word ‘jihad’ they are hoping to sway the more religious islamists to their side. Sickening really!!!!

  6. barbie said

    How about jihad my ass? 😛 mp Please lah Datuk Shahrizat, no trick or empty promises? Perhaps you are getting older and your memory start to crumble away. Please remind your president UMNO on his promises and jihad his ass off.

  7. mesoso said

    did i hear jilat..? barbie?? ooooooooo…kinky..

  8. mesoso said…ok, i give up..yes..yes..
    yes? yes? ummmmm…wat cute buns u got..barbie..!!

  9. DaGame said

    aanyways, just wanna clear things up, Jihad doesnt mean holy war. it means TO STRIVE AGAINST ONE’S EVIL INCLINATION. taken from Dr. Zakir Naik

    I dunno why Mr NSTP translated it into “Holy War”. kinda ‘ingenious’ people working 4 the press nowadays

  10. erniejean said

    Well, these same people are also the ones who coined the term “1st Lady” for Bodowi’s wife……..need we say more?

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