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Thank Goodness It’s Friday!!!!!

Posted by ErnieJean on August 15, 2008

Woo Hoo!!! It’s Friday again!! Always loved Fridays!!!!

Anyway, thought it’d be nice to check out what’s been slithering out of our beloved leaders’ (and ex-) gap today, just for laughs, to kick start our weekend……..

Spotted from NST, Aug 15, Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar  commenting on the ministry’s Publications and Quranic Texts Control Division’s warning to Catholic weekly Herald to stop dabbling in politics.

“If you start doing that, everything else can be broadened. Everyone can argue and say this is a matter of interest and therefore affects religion. (you mean it doesn’t?) But if you mix politics and religion, it can create a lot of misunderstanding.

“That is why the government has always taken the view that you should not mix politics and religion.”

Erm, once again, two sets of rules and regulations when it comes to mixing politics with religion?

Spotted from NST, Aug 15 (again),

Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, exclaiming alarm over rising violent crime rates amongst Indian youths, said MIC will be re-starting its programme to counsel such students in school to prevent them from starting a life of crime, and was kind enough to boast that previous efforts yielded results as the party managed to reach out to 13,000 students.

“We would like to resume our approach of stemming the tendency of Indian youths to enter crime by tackling the problem at school level.

“We should mellow problematic students by telling them how they should act for the betterment of their life,”

You mean to say Mr. Semi, that after helming MIC since dinosaur years, you’re only starting to be concerned about the youths in the community that you and your “machais” have professed to love and to care? Why was the program that supposedly yielded results (although one conveniently forgot to mention out of the 13,000 students, how many were actual success stories) suspended in the first place? And would simply advising juvenile delinquents to “act for the betterment of their life” really work at inspiring and motivating them, when they see lousy loafers who make it big and rich by kissing the right asses, while majority lead hard lives, earning barely enough to even have a decent meal a day?

DAP is certainly right about welcoming Semi and his goons to help out in the Permatang Pauh by-election………exactly which side will benefit the most with his “door-to-door” campaign strategy, me wonder?

Spotted from the Star, Aug 15

Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid, the first doctor who examined Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan on June 26 for alleged sodomy, was sacked from Pusrawi Hospital for failing to come to work since Aug 1.

Pusrawi general manager Wan Mahmood Wan Yaacob said that Dr Mohamed Osman had taken three weeks leave and was scheduled to return to work on Aug 1 but had failed to turn up.

“Under the labour laws, an officer who fails to turn up for work five days consecutively will have his service terminated automatically, without notice,” he told M-star yesterday.

But at today’s NST we have a totally contradicting report!!!

Pusrawi Hospital has no plans to terminate the services of medical officer Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid, the first doctor to examine Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 23.

Mohd Saiful has lodged a sodomy complaint against Parti Keadilan Rakyat adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Its general manager, Wan Mahmood Wan Yaacob, said Dr Mohamed Osman’s services were needed by the hospital and that he would return to his duties when he was ready to do so.

Since NST supposedly lifted that story from Bernama, the govn’s official news agency, where did the Star get theirs? So, it’s “sacked” or not?

If what the dear Datuk Wong Chun Wai’s declaration on this morning’s RedFM interview is anything to believe by, that the MSMs are D-place to get news reports of the ultimate truthful kind, then can anyone explain this contradiction?

But perhaps, the “hero” of the day should go to the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in charge of religion Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Spotted from today’s Star, our friend was commenting on Khalid’s refusal (did he really refused to or basically attempted to explain his proposal?) to apologise for his statement, which he indicated had led to protests from Malay students.

“I don’t think that just because UiTM is in Selangor, he has the right to make such a proposal.

“Those who question the position of UiTM will have to walk over the GPMS’ dead body first. (let’s not tempt fate here, shall we?) If the question now is whether the Malay institution is being pressured, the answer is no, but if the question is whether there is a narrow political agenda, the answer is yes.”

He also urged Malay and Islamic-based NGOs and institutions to unite in defending the dignity and status of the Malays.

The Government should not hesitate to enforce the Sedition Act on the Malaysian Bar Council if it organises an open forum on the rights of the Malays and Islam for the third time, Ahmad Zahid said.

He said the Bar Council had organised two open forums on the social contract and special privileges of the Malays and conversion to Islam.

“If they do it once more, we should not be dayus (weak) to enforce the Sedition Act.” (How about the joker who called for Indians and Chinese to go to hell? Or that other joker who called the the “babis to go back to China”? Not seditious ar?)

 Why must these people equate everything to challenging the Malay rights? A well-intended simple straight-forward proposal (and we’re talking about it being a proposal only ya, not outright demand) of opening 10% to non-Malay students has basically been hijacked into yet another one of those “keris-wielding-chest-thumping-potential-gain-in-political-mileage” cry for blood.

Aiyoh…if dun wan, just say, dun wan lah………why the drama and dead bodies?

So, tha’ts probably the highlights of Friday’s vomit-sprewing moments…….. Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

(p.s. will be praying hard for tomorrow’s nomination at Permatang Pauh to go through smoothly and incident free)



4 Responses to “Thank Goodness It’s Friday!!!!!”

  1. mesoso said

    ernie ah..i tell you hor…dont waste money buy these stupid papers ah. save money for friday parties mah. i stopped buying papers last six months liao..and guess wat? i managed to buy for meself a cute cute kitty-cat handfone ah..another six mnonths, i can buy nice nice blow up doll for my barbie ah..

  2. erniejean said

    LOL!!! Mesoso, sometimes hands ichy, so go click onto their online news portal mah…….
    Good to know what crap they have out in public sometimes, so that when in a bad mood, can take that “char kiak” (wooden clogs) and hantam at their names……

  3. mesoso said

    oooooo..good idea..use “khar kiak” and hit hit them hard hard hor..but i got better idea..u take these old paper hor..u light a fire and then you say these words..KNNCBBmahP&k*KHLK…wish some god to bless them lor..then you can sleep peacefully at night.

  4. barbie said

    Wait wait.. I just read Sharizat want to jihad this coming by election, now isn’t that ‘mixing politics and religion’ together? Ha!

    Syed Hamid Albar keep spouting shits out of his mouth, I believe his mouth is smellier than the smelliest sewage trap you can find.

    How funny when you don’t even need to find your own sources to dispute the ‘accuracy’ of their reports – NST and The Star, same goes to other not worth mentioning mainstream press. They made blunders in many of their own reports, contradicting themselves it’s no longer a reliable news but just a piece of junk paper, good reading for jokes anyway.

    Aiya, nevermind lah about the 10% quota proposal. Damn these people keep harping on ‘Khalid Ibrahim has no right, has no power regarding the quota, hey he’s just talking lah! Of course he got no power, but he has right to say anything he wants. After all it’s just a proposal. Don’t like? Move on. I doubt many non-bumis waking up everyday wishing UITM will change their entry policy. Bah!

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