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Is Helen Mirren hot? You bet she is …

Posted by Oscar the Grouch on August 18, 2008

I have always maintained the following – if I was ever been given a choice to go out on a dinner date with either of the following individuals:

a) Either one of the girls from Twins, the now-infamous Hong Kong pop singer group;

b) The current Miss Chinatown;

c) Judi Dench;

– my choice would be Dame Judi Dench, hands down.

Well, without doubt, the Twins and Miss Chinatown would be physically pleasing to the eyes, not to mention, garnering the envy of other hot-blooded males; but the fact is, Judi Dench would, to me, make a far superior date-companion to a romantic dinner engagement as compared to a dull, uninteresting young lass who is interested in nothing but exchanging disengaging cutesy smiles; whilst interjecting in between the awkward silence interval with incomprehensible small-talk.

And perhaps that is why the wonderful write-up, Sex and the 60-somethings (Culture Cul De Sac, Starmag, August 17) by Jacqueline Pereira, makes such an engaging read. Yes, I can identify with appreciating a salaciously sensual, though somewhat aged, lady. In fact, I find the word “aged” as rudimentary crude; perhaps, a more appropriate description to Dame Helen Mirren’s maturity should be just that: attractively mature; as opposed to old, elderly, senior or even, ripe.

But before I carry on, I wish to place on records that I am not over 90 years of age, of which some may then accuse me of flirtatiously zeroing my wanton attention on the younger woman. In fact, I have yet to cross the 40 years age timeline, of which, it does not mean I am a young kinky sex addict whose sole pastime interest is to click on pornographic websites bearing the heading of hot naked mature ladies or granny porn.

I am but a decent gentleman whose idea of a great date is to have a romantic dinner, whilst engaging in pleasant, yet intelligent conversation. The dinner-chat must be interesting, slightly off-beat at times, but never dull. A smile, or a laugh, emanated from such dinner-chat, should be sincere and natural; never a forced social compulsion of trying to please one’s date.

A woman who is confident, self-assured and engaging is very sexy. A woman who is confident, self-assured and engaging at the age of 63, as in Helen Mirren, is even sexier. Therefore, my answer to the question, “Is Helen Mirren really desirable at 62?”, would too be a resounding “Yes”.

In fact, the actresses whom I find physically and mentally attractive, as opposed to just physically good-looking, have all been, well, mature. Helen Mirren is only one of the many. Take the example I have referred to earlier, Dame Judi Dench, who at 74, is one hot babe in the role of M in the James Bond film series. Who cares about the other Bond Babes that come and go after each movie instalment? M is the permanent babe that stays along, even after poor aging Pierce Brosnan got booted out in favour of the younger Daniel Craig. In fact, as Bond’s boss, Judi Dench has always been on top of him, as opposed to the other poor girls.

And then, there is the delightful Meryl Streep. She has charmed audience, since her younger days, not with her physical looks, but with solid and engaging acting skills – from The Deer Hunter, opposite Robert De Niro, to Kramer vs. Kramer, opposite Dustin Hoffman. Those who caught a bit of her latest offering, Mamma Mia!, the film version of the ABBA musical, will find that Streep, at 59, is still charmingly attractive. Of course there are younger contenders – such as Michelle Pfeiffer, who looked beautiful decades ago in Grease 2, and still look incredible today, at the age of 50; and Julianne Moore, who is still ravishing at 48, not to mention she is a spokesmodel for Revlon.

My point of contention, at the end of the day, is that it is not the skimpy red bikini adorned by Dame Helen Mirren that makes attractive. It is what is beneath her that shines through her desirable physicality – her mind, character, personality, poise, charisma, intelligence, charm, traits and individuality; all of which has been fine-tuned in the course of time, to this state of what I would term as maturely attractive. Yes, I am in love with a woman’s mind – one that can engage, participate, amuse and tease alongside with my own intellect and wit. It is never an issue of loving a physical body of a woman with mindless disposition.

But having said that, I have been made to understand that Helen Mirren actually looks incredible in the red bikini. I have also did a google-search and found that Mirren has frequently appeared nude on film as far back as her first film Age of Consent, and was over 50 years of age when she appeared nude in the film Calendar Girls and on the cover of the Radio Times 5-11 October issue in 1996.

With such revelations, I wish to place on records that I did not google search for Helen Mirren’s nude photos.


4 Responses to “Is Helen Mirren hot? You bet she is …”

  1. Hmmm, Julianne moore, come to papa

  2. Madame said

    Oscar….sigh…sigh….sigh 😉 Are there anymore men like you around??? 🙂 Well said indeed!

  3. erniejean said

    To engage, participate, amuse and tease alongside with one’s own intellect and wit………..that would be the ultimate dream date, wouldn’t it?

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