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Slitty eyes/slanting eyes, pissed off Chinese, pissed off me!

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on August 19, 2008

Slitty eyes, slanting eyes, that is the headlines that came out from the Spanish Olympics team, trying to imitate the slitty eyes of the Chinese or Orientals. I am pissed off, you would think that I am pissed off at the Spanish. Actually no, I am more pissed off by the Chinese’s or the Orientals’ reactions to this. Pissed off at excessive political correctness too.

Personally I don’t think the Spanish team has any racist sentiment. I have heard of so many stereotype jokes not confined to Spanish people alone. What is shameful about having slitty eyes huh? I don’t know of any negative connotations. One of the world most beautiful women has slitty eyes, Kristin Kreuk that is. The outrage about the slitty eyes imitation has more to do with inferiority complex of the people who are angry. These are the people who are ashamed of themselves and their slitty eyes. They view slitty eyes as abomination to abhor. That is the reason why they feel so offended about people imitating their slitty eyes. They feel like the jokers were attacking their weaknesses. They got it all wrong……

And even if the jokes have malicious intent, one should dismiss prejudice with a smile and really try to get to know these ‘crude’ jokers. They may have been misinformed, but by being their friend, we can help to dismiss their prejudice. People got it all wrong in handling prejudices, build the bridges not lash out your insecurities……It does nothing but reinforce stereotypes.

If we say ‘white people’ are bad dancers, are we racists? If we say Asian women make better housewives, are we racists? If we say African men 8 six inches penises, are we racist?

To end it off, I have a pair of slitty eyes, I like my slitty eyes, and I flaunt my slitty eyes! I even physically exaggerated my slitty eyes as a joke before but no one accuses me of being a racist? Why? Because I am a slitty-eyed oriental. Does that makes me racist to myself?


6 Responses to “Slitty eyes/slanting eyes, pissed off Chinese, pissed off me!”

  1. Crankshaft said

    Absolutely, dude!! There is nothing wrong with having slitty eyes. Why are people making such a big deal out of it???

  2. mesoso said

    mesoso has a slit-ty mesoso considered racist ah?? oh dear… ;(

  3. barbie said

    Inferiority complex, exactly dude. Heck, not surprising the most performed operation by plastic surgeons in Asia is ‘double lids’. Talking about insecurity.

    I love Kristin Kreuk! So fine.. so sweet..~!

  4. Crankshaft said

    What Exactly Offends You?

  5. high_bridge said

    Haiyaaaa….to pek mukit sikalang sula mula omelate ilu eye lid sama ilu hilung sikalang muka macang itu ma saleh wooor…manyak cung oooor…

  6. mesoso said

    barbie ah…mesoso thinks not good idea have double lids on slit-hole. mesoso dont want, no, no…

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