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Talk About Coincidences……Only In Bolehland……..

Posted by ErnieJean on August 19, 2008

MALACCA: The tabling of the proposed law, which paves the way for authorities to collect DNA samples and compile a DNA databank, should not be politicised by any quarters.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the Government had previously mooted the tabling of the DNA Bill and defended the timing of its tabling as mere coincidence.

“We have long wanted to bring it into Parliament. (So what was keeping you guys then?)

“If at this present moment it coincides with the problems related to talk about the case, it is just a coincidence and should not be politicised,” he told reporters Tuesday

He said that such laws are needed as they would provide for an important and comprehensive approach towards increasing crime fighting effectiveness and crime prevention while assisting research for evidence that may be required as proof. (but didn’t they insist that DSAI’s old DNA sample was not good enough hence the fresh ones needed? So does that mean those data of all the other criminals collected over time will be deemed obsolete and every, what, 5 years, fresh DNA are to be provided by the criminals? How’s our tracking of the criminals at the moment?)

source : The Star, August 19.

I just don’t get it.

This proposal was mooted ages ago (since goodness knows when), to make it mandatory for criminal suspects to provide DNA samples. Drafting started in 2001, according to our Home Minister. 7 years to draft a Bill when we’ve seen many other unnecessary laws being produced at much faster pace (some say in lightning speed). And the sudden haste to push for the Bill to go though, just when a popular political personality refused to hand over his fresh samples (do be reminded that the govn supposedly should still have the old samples with them), is said to be merely COINCIDENTAL!!!!?????

Well then, perhaps cows can fly and Erniejean will win this weekend’s 4-D.

Tony Pua hit the jackpot when he questioned, “Are laws being changed just to ensure a successful upcoming prosecution of some prominent personality? Are goal posts being shifted against the natural course of justice?”

By the way, is this word “Coincidental” the new flavour of the month?

Shit-ful took a fashionable and dramatical “westernised” swearing by his religious book that his constipation was due to being poked, a day before his alleged perpetrator’s nomination for a by-election, and didn’t he tell the entire nation that the timing was “coincidental” and that he needed to gather strength (perhaps to find a safe haven from the lightning strikes that one may receive for lying  before God).

Oops, gotta go get my camera on standby, in case I see cattle with wings flapping by…………



4 Responses to “Talk About Coincidences……Only In Bolehland……..”

  1. wits0 said

    Liar, liar, pants on fire, yet again!

  2. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    not only that that lah, the problem is our gomen is corrupted. people in the west object to having compile a dna database for all citizens and there are really good reasons to it. Insurance company will pay a lot to get whole of our dna. at the hands of corrupted gomen, they are willing to sell our privacy to those insurance company to get lots of money. at the end, the people are the one who suffer because insurance company have MEANS to discriminate……

    with even if it is not meant for DSAI, this bill shouldn’t be passed especially if we have a corrupt gomen

  3. wits0 said

    Plus , most important to the Gomen, which crony lab operator/agent will get the sole monopoly to deal with DNA testing, reaping in billions even just as middlemen. Remembering how common medicine prices have shot up since a few years ago and that’s something not having to do with only the post ’97 effect. Someone just stick a little 5 sen sticker there and makes 2 ringgit for that. Throat cutting rent collecting somewhat in stealth mode.

  4. erniejean said

    How about this……Arif telling everyone that he’s not going to use the sodomy as part of his campaign….but lo and behold!! Shitful is in town, folks!!!!! And the MSM are singing like ravens about how popular he is!!!!!! Coincidence?

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