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Remembering Port Dickson in Permatang Pauh

Posted by ella-mae on August 20, 2008

Even the coolest of the coolest would lose his temper if something like this happens to him.

At prominent spots in Permatang Pauh, large screens have been put up to play Saiful Bukhari’s infamous oath-taking over and over again. Joceline Tan thinks Saiful Bukhari looks even more handsome on the big screen. On a personal observation, I think Joceline Tan is a cougar la… ever since I read her gushing article on Khairy (yuck!!) Jamaluddin. Someone please tell her Khairy likes parading in female clothes.

It comes as no surprise when Anwar Ibrahim loses his cool and threatens to reveal Najib’s rendezvous in Port Dickson (ooo la la). MKini has the story here. However, this link says the open-secret tryst took place not in PD but in KL.

So which is? PD or KL?

Meanwhile, enjoy this wonderful rendition of I Will Always Love You from Ziana Zain. Rosmah Mansor cannot match or pegang lilin to Ziana vocal prowess la. Maybe the first-lady-in-waiting should take singing lessons from Ziana 😉


15 Responses to “Remembering Port Dickson in Permatang Pauh”

  1. Klaw said

    So that was what the PD case was about. Was wondering what was such a big secret. Thanks for sharing the link.

  2. erniejean said

    Let’s hope Najib continues to push the right buttons…can’t wait for more on that love-tyrst…..

  3. telur dua said

    Since it is now fashionable we may as well ask Najib to swear on the Qoran that ‘Port Dickson’ is not true.

  4. malayamuda said

    We will ask him to swear on the Quran then not to politicise it after that.

    Then we will put a big screen and inform the rakyat what actually happened in Port Dickson at the Pekan elections

  5. wits0 said

    Once upon a time there was a port. Then dick-son came in.

  6. jamila said

    PD saga was embarassing….but check the girl in pekan junggle…there’s a very pretty girl kept there!

  7. barbie said

    Naugthy Najib! You deserve a good whipping from Rosmah now! Joceline thinks shit smells good if BN ask her to write an article for it. I can imagine the title ‘Shit redefined’ or ‘Worshiping shit’. Saiful hold the Al-Quran using his left hand, that tells you how Islamic his ‘sumpah laknat’. He made few mistakes – the date of the sodomy incident and he proceeded to swear. Hilarious. I swear on all Gods known to man, Saiful is cheap. Hah!

  8. i still remember it was exposed after the Rahim Thamby Chick case. in 1993 or 1994, in an article, Time magazine (or was it Newsweek) did mentioned that Anwar was trying to cleanse the government/UMNO when Rahim Thamby Chick was accused of having sex with a minor.. and Najib is the next person in the queue as there was a close proximity case involving him with an artist in PD…

  9. wits0 said

    The trouble with system-approved scribes like Jostling is that they think the power of their pen is so powerful that it can raise a Lazarus or two at will. Changing the smell of sh*t to that of perfume is a smaller matter therefore.

    Speaking of that bowtie Thamby case, it appeared that LGE was punished severely on the instruction of someone way up on top because he dared to touch that fella’s good friend and countryman. What do you people think?

  10. the moon said

    Jocelyn is just a piece of trash self proclaimed journalist working the right arm of the MCA. The MCA owns the STAR and of course it will say Saiful is handsome. I am sure she thinks he has a big cock for her fat mouth too. Maybe Saiful should think about liwat her instead. Kah Kah kah…

  11. Ismail said

    You guys must be really young…Najib was caught in a motel in PD with a starlet…

  12. doggone said

    Just wondering if he used his pricktoscope to check on those delicate vocal cords.

    “And I..ay..I..will alwayss.. blow you..owhhhooo owohoh.oo.”

  13. mesoso said

    (for barbie..)..i swear…by the moon and the stars in the sky…and i swear..(can u hear the music??) ..

  14. Klaw said

    Ismail Says:
    You guys must be really young…Najib was caught in a motel in PD with a starlet…

    yeah, hahaha. You hit it right on the spot.

  15. zorro said

    Jocelin Tan sometime ago asked Jeff Ooi to arrange a tea meeting between us. Dang I lost the way. Moreover, tea is not my cup of tea. Double single malts maybe.

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