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Scrap Metal Collectors = Indians of Permatang Pauh? If You Say So, Mr. DPM….

Posted by ErnieJean on August 20, 2008

Chinese, Indians Told To Give Clear Support For BN

BUKIT MERTAJAM, Aug 19 (Bernama) — Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has urged the Chinese and Indian communities in Permatang Pauh to give a clear signal of their support for Barisan Nasional (BN) by rejecting the opposition in the Aug 26 by-election.

He said they should not gamble with their children’s future by supporting the opposition candidate who had been making false promises.

“Do not be easily hoodwinked by the opposition promises and fall for their trickery because if we were to believe them, we will be quarrelling with each other,” he said when addressing the Indian and Chinese communities in Sama Gagah here Monday.

He said in the March 8 general election, the Indian and Chinese communities were unduly influenced by the opposition and now it was the time to support BN again.

Najib said BN would champion the Indian and Chinese communities’ cause in the constituency as they had been neglected by the opposition.

He said to look after the well-being of the Indian community, a special cabinet committee was formed, while their educational opportunities were enhanced through the setting up of the Asian Institute Of Medicine, Science and Technology.

Vocational and skills training courses were also conducted for those living in the estates, while Tamil primary schools with less than 50 students each would be merged to enable the government provide better facilities for the students.

Najib said the government had also agreed to approve scrap metal collector’s licence for Indians in Permatang Pauh.

At the function, he announced aid for three Tamil primary schools and six Chinese primary schools.


Is it me or does Najib’s pleading, oops, I mean, campaigning method, seem somewhat like an ill-concealed attempt to make a mockery of the voters? Scrap metal collector’s license only if they vote for UMNO!!??? Special cabinet committee!!?? Only for one particular community!!?? Only in Permatang Pauh!!?

Our future PM, in his mission to ensure the election machinery is well oiled, has succeded, within a period of less than a week, in confirming the following, what the opposition parties have been trying to tell us silly voters over the past few decades :-

– Belittle the capabilities of a community based on racial prejudices, in this case, the Indian community of Permatang Pauh (Indian = Scrap metal collectors….what a joke!!!)

– Openly sidelining and denying the rights of the other races, including the one whose rights UMNO is supposedly fighting for, in Permatang Pauh to venture into certain industries/vocation (thru selective issuance of licenses and permits?)

– Government aids to “sekolah jenis kebangsaan” only comes in abundance during by-elections.

With that sort of support heading one’s election campaign, Arif can be very sure that he is in “good” hands……… 😛


13 Responses to “Scrap Metal Collectors = Indians of Permatang Pauh? If You Say So, Mr. DPM….”

  1. Maverick said

    Fairdinkum ,
    are you trying to ascertain that the Indians are “kling botoi”, well dpm najib you have utterly erred in your priority of selective prejudice again and again.

  2. CJFOO said

    To put it candidly, DPM have reduced to begging for the Chinese and Indian votes. Why so pathetic? Only if you had treated your fellow non-Malay citizens fairly all these years, you would not be reduced to this pathetic situation. You should earn the votes like the way you earn your respect. You should not ask for their votes but earn them in your own merit.

    Please dont insult the intelligence of the Chinese and Indian.

  3. kplee said

    This DPM must be thinking that the indians are naive and stupid. In actual fact he was saying Indians are only good at collecting scrap metals. While the umnoputras are given APs, etc…. . What a big joke la. If he and his BN go_ons are sincere in helping all the races in the country, these licences should have been given way before this by-election. Why give now??? Real cunning and apportunistic behaviour.
    Look at the millions they r now giving to the chinese schools etc… Why only now??? If the poor indians chinese , singhs, etc… only get goodies during by-elections, then these BN go_ons are worst than devils. Pity the non-malays.

  4. erniejean said

    Actually, it’s more like pity to all Malaysian taxpayers KpLee….we’ve all been taken for a ride…….

  5. wits0 said

    Najib’s idea of magnanimity:
    Example, Rob you of a hundred bucks today, then offer to return you 20 bucks many decades later. And you must be forever grateful and never call me a robber.

  6. erniejean said

    WitsO, but even to return you your rightful 20 bucks, there are conditions attached…..must kiss his ass first, see?

  7. wits0 said

    Don’t this, don’t that, all be sensitive issues, ya know, as Patek has listed somewhere and be happy with a broken country:

    “So reports Aliran: “According to the latest internationally comparable data from the World Bank, individual inequality in Malaysia (as measured by the common Gini coefficient) is the second worst in all of the Asian countries for which data is available. Only Papua New Guinea ranks worse.””

  8. Henry T said

    A cheap politician resorting to cheap gimmicks.

    Dey, Najib, development and all aid is the rakyat’s right and not a bargaining chip.

  9. barbie said

    Dey Najib, keep on making stupid remarks and your days are numbered. I am glad you make more this kind of statements, so people have no qualm kicking your arse out from the government!

  10. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    I so agree with you ernie

  11. anakmerdeka said

    anakmerdeka Says:
    August 24, 2008 at 7:44 pm
    Orang tak faham sejarah memang susah nak kasi faham!!! Dulu sebelum British datang ini tempat nama TANAH MELAYU… ada baca ka sejarah kah? British ada bawa mari China, India masuk ini tempat la….. Masa mau MERDEKA ….. kita punya datuk-datuk ada bincang la. Melayu memang sifat baik hati, setuju kasi Cina sama India kerakyataan supaya boleh terus tinggal sini dalam…..Semua setuju!!! Jadi lah ini negara….

    Sekarang anak cucu tak reti punya dalam mau tukar semua kasi ADIL??? Apa itu ADIL??? Baca sikit lebih lah.. kalau dulu sudah setuju jangan mau bisinglah. Sekarang pun MALAYSIA banyak kacau… Cina sudah banyak wang kacau dengan AH LONG…… INDIA juga tak mau kalah….10% saja tapi lagak macam 60% punya banyak.



  12. ella-mae said

    dulu di amerika, orang british pun bawa masuk orang africa sebagai hamba abdi. orang afrika diperhambakan berkurun-kurun lamanya. tapi akhirnya mereka dibebaskan and selepas menperjuangkan hak mereka… orang afrika di amerika pun diterima sebagai rakyat amerika.. sama taraf dengan orang putih.

    kamu faham apa itu white supremacy. baca di sini

    sama seperti ketuanan melayu (malay supremacy). no difference la.

  13. barbie said


    We get your point. Stop spamming all the posts, and post only once of the same comment or I will banish you from this blog.

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