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The flaw of democracy in Malaysia?

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on August 21, 2008

Malaysia is in a precarious position for democracy. The pieces are now falling together for a better stage of democracy. If we miss this chance at democracy, we will never know when is the next time again where we will ever have the chance to have a better democracy. Someone in the past also challenged me in this blog, to state why we can actually be better of with improved democracy (he was thinking that my opinion of good democracy is bias and pro-western that actually wrecks destruction if implemented in this country). Here are my reasons why:

Politicians have always been playing the racial card. We may wince and fume at the racist comments made by politicians but there are already growing signs that more and more people are gradually buying into politicians’ racial innuendos and outcries. My fellow bloggers Cherubim and Barbie from UiTM confirm my suspicion. UiTM is a breeding ground for racism amongst the professors and students. I ache to see UiTM students protested against opening up of more spaces for Malaysians, and they have the support of the Vice-Chancellor!

The longer this democracy based racial politics lasts, the more unsavoury democracy is going to be for Malaysia in general. Democracy only works when people are educated without the propaganda. I fear for the future. I fear when the number of racists will outnumber the number of people who are against racism. By then, democracy may no longer be what’s best for the country, democracy then is only ‘good’ for the sustenance of inefficient and unsustainable economic policies and resources uses. Yes, by then, it is still the voice of the majority, but will the voice of the majority be that of greater good when they are the ignorant ones? When the ignorant majority has the power to choose a lousy leader (like Bush)? What good then does democracy serves? Of course the voice of minority to any sane people left in Malaysia will be the right ones to listen to and act upon, but acting on the voice of the minority will then be undemocratic because it is neglecting the needs of the racist majority! This is what I fear!

As the rest of the minorities shrink in terms of percentage, the percentage Malays will and are growing. Things might even be much bleaker, if more Malays get brainwashed into their superiority complex, by then it will almost be infinitely harder to decide upon the right course of action through democracy. It will be way too easy for the politicians to gain power by swatting of the flies (the insignificant minorities) just to psyche up the Malays. By then democracy will actually deliver the death blow to the nation……

Why is the time now ripe for a more mature democracy? Badawi is incompetent while corruption, extremism, intolerance, bullying and inefficiency runs more rampant than before, where even some brainwashed racist Chinese, Indians, Malays, etc are turning their backs against the racist Executive. The racist elites betrayed the trust to ensure the welfare of their racist followers. In a way, the last general election can also be seen as a marriage of convenience between the racists and the non-racists. They despise the Executive so much that they put aside their racism for now to topple the current government. Sometimes, I doubt myself about my bullish belief that Malaysians are mature enough to handle democracy. Under Mahathir, he may be a racist bastard, but he would never allow such a coincidence of marriage of convenience between the racists and the non-racists to happen under his tenure!

DSAI is not my idol or my hero but he is the best chance available Malaysia has to make full use of the opportunity given to us to work for a better future slowly. I fear that Malaysia might miss this opportunity. I fear that once Badawi steps down, in his place is a more corrupted, intolerant, extremist leader who is much more efficient and competent in his ruthless leadership. The West sees our democracy as fragile (a borderline between authoritarian and democracy), while I see our democracy as fragile in a different sense (fragile at using this rare TRUE democratic opportunity of coincidence wisely or risk ending up in a point of no return).


8 Responses to “The flaw of democracy in Malaysia?”

  1. barbie said

    Barbie was not from UiTM lah, not qualified. Only Bumi, remember? 😛 Barbie was from a public university down south.

    In a democracy, dissent is an act of faith. Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.

  2. mesoso said

    well written jingo..and what a fabulous opinion always, you’re the best..hehe (my idol..wink*wink*)

  3. erniejean said

    I share your fears too jingo….and this country is just too dear to be left to rot without a fight to see her achieve the status and respect that she so deserves……..

  4. barbie said

    Er, actually that was a quote from Harry S. Truman, the last part haha!

  5. mesoso said

    barbie..but you so clever to even quote from truman. i wouldn’t know where to look for it. who is truman ah? mesoso only knows one true man..and that is you..hehe

  6. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    why is mesoso chasing barbie all the time?

    Erniejean, i agree with you, we have to keep fighting and fighting and fighting. sigh, such is our sitaution….

    Ohh barbie? oops i got it wrong.

  7. mesoso said

    jingo ah…barbie is mesoso’s idol must chase chase him lor..

  8. Madame said

    Well said, Jingo darling! The time for action is NOW….not later!

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