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Upside Down Country & Thank You BN!

Posted by barbie on August 21, 2008

Wednesday August 20 2008

PM: Call to fly Jalur Gemilang upside down evil

MALACCA, Aug 20 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has described the action of a blogger in calling on his blogsite followers to fly the national flag upside down as a sign of protest as evil.

He said flying the Jalur Gemilang upside down could not be regarded as an act of mischief alone but a despicable one, what more with Malaysia about to celebrate its 51st independence anniversary.


Evil – term used to indicate a negative moral or ethical judgment, often used to describe intentional acts that are cruel, unjust, or selfish.

You know what Pak Lah? Telling lies is evil.

How an act of flying the flag upside down is considered ‘cruel, unjust or selfish?’. A flag is just a flag, it is a useless piece of cloth if not for the symbolism behind it. It is an inanimate object, but it is the principle behind raising a flag that matters.

The government tell you to raise your flag during the Independence Month – August but for what reason? Any of you aware of the reason for you to raise the flag? Oh, it is August, government encourage us to fly the flag so we follow. That’s it? There are many interpretations to the act of flying it upside down, depends on which side you are standing. Flying the national flag often regarded as an expression of love, loyalty and pride for the country.

Love? I love this country. Loyalty? I am extremely loyal to the country. I love the country so much and I am  determined to show my loyalty by not letting this country going down the drain or to the dogs. Keyword is “country”. Do not confuse government with country. Country stays, government changes.

Changing of government is very normal, except for Malaysians. The current government is slowly destroying this beautiful country with its incompetence, self-serving and increasingly racist remarks, its continued divide and rule policy and its its indifference to the rampant corruption at the highest level of government. What’s left for Malaysians to be proud of?It is apt to fly the flag upside down because the country is upside down.

So Pak Lah is hoping for the police to act on this matter? Shoot me. Is there any law that say you cannot fly the flag upside down? The most they can do is to press charge under the Act of Sedition.

Get it right, it’s just a sign of protest, the message here is ‘protest’ not ‘disrespect’. It is ‘disrespect’ to people that do not understand or share the same sentiments, but this is a free country so you are free to think what you like. Of course the government and its supporters will continue saying this is evil and shit, but it is expected from bunch of nincompoops and morons.

Only morons playing over and over again Saiful’s confession during election campaign to garner votes without realising voters nowadays are getting more astute and they do not like to be treated as idiots. Only retard wrote about how handsome Saiful is in her paper when there are many things to write about. Only sohais believe what Saiful said – this is not politics, but a personal matter between him and Anwar Ibrahim. Saiful is a hero? Yes, he is a hero. You know their version of hero is somehow screwed when  they called our overated, hyped and ‘nationally’ celebrated space tourist is also a hero. I heard he is a hero for AliCafe and Sunway Lagoon now? So much work to be a hero. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Lastly only an imbecile would make this kind of statement:

Ismail Sabri, in his speech, said that Chong Wei’s success shows that the Chinese are not discriminated. “Our sports programme is for all Malaysians,” he declared and promised to ensure Chong Wei returns with a gold medal in four years.

To top that off, I would like to take this opportunity to thank BN for not discriminating against Chinese in sport and for agreeing to license Indians who collect scrap metal illegally. Thank you for playing the racial card relentlessly. Thank you to UMNO for organising many activities disguised under non-governmental groups, to push for Malay interests. Thank you for the increasing articles in Utusan Meloya Melayu championing Malay rights and criticising minorities’ demands. Thank you also for the propaganda on the “unity talks” between UMNO and PAS.

BN UMNO is doing overtime gunning for Malay support  at all cost and in the process further racially divides this country. We shall work together as Malaysians to stop these delusional racist bigots agenda from destroying this beautiful country. Let’s hope for the best!


7 Responses to “Upside Down Country & Thank You BN!”

  1. wengerkhairy said

    Hmm.. Padedoh disagrees.

  2. fooi said

    Betul. They are playing ‘r-ist’ politic. Trying to divide and conquer. They are always hoping and waiting for the right time to hapus other.

  3. Kwen said


  4. missjolie said

    Good one barbie !!!

    Chong Wei’s success shows that the Chinese are not discriminated. “Our sports programme is for all Malaysians,” (can I go and puke now?)

  5. Madame said

    Evertime a person is identified by his race/religion and NOT by his nationality….he is being discriminated against! UMNO needs to stop patronising Malaysians…PERIOD!

  6. Pak Daun said

    Well, just stop using race declarations in ID etc – should have been declared illegal years ago.

  7. anna_iskandar said

    ape lah malaysia now..
    xde hala tuju..
    now sebok cite pasal hal masing2..hal dlm kain sendiri,bukan hal or isu negara..
    sometimes i felt shame to be malaysian.

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