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Why the people of Permatang Pauh must not vote for Arif Shah!

Posted by ella-mae on August 23, 2008

30 Responses to “Why the people of Permatang Pauh must not vote for Arif Shah!”

  1. mesoso said

    wah..the commentater’s voice so ang-moh one..can do story-telling”once upon a time, there was a handsome prince by the name of barbie, who wore his intelligence like a shield almighty,….etc..etc…”..but if got bahasa version hor, mesoso thinks can reach a wider audience…

  2. ella-mae said

    lol, u cooking the wrong fish, buddy.

  3. wits0 said

    So, that AH demagogue of the Komtar protest thinks ppl have forgotten eh? And the MSM seems very deliberate in obfuscating that too earlier at his announcement of candidacy. No way, mamak murtabak, that you stand for anything worth voting for in athousand years.

  4. ella-mae said

    the same demagogy they’ve used for the past 3 decades. i hope the people of permatang pauh would wise up and realise that the country is relying on them for the change she so desperately needs.

  5. wits0 said

    Over 4 decades, dear Ella-mae, in increasingly high volume as soon as the Indonesian Confrontation was overcome by the Commonwealth Forces and I’m old enough to remember. The demagoguery that destroyed the highest point of M’sian unity ever achieved during that crisis and became greatly entrenched afterwards, in ’65, after the umno ejection of S’pore.

  6. Kiamat originated from the North/s.

    mahathir is the culprit
    mother of the culprit of all
    Samy Velu and Lim Kit siang as well
    and some media for ANWAR as well.

    yang rugi rakyat.

    kejayaan mereka tidak menjamin any blogger
    become millionaire.
    RPK will be jailed, he challenged that.
    RPK will pose as threat, even if Anwar is up.
    RPK forgets that.

    kejayaan family
    tergantung pada bapa
    bukan pemerintah
    bukan mahathir
    bukan badawi.

    badawi don’t get us wrong
    became more powerful.

    Quraishy, tidak akan serah kan Malaysia to XXXXX.

    clash will happen.

    Malaysian will be a tool.

    Visit and Notes in our blogs
    never go public.

    will be at lost
    IF..False Flag

  7. zorro said

    OK gang….got the link ella-mae sent. Just got back from ceremah and late dinner. Putting up your video presently. Thanks gang.

  8. wits0 said

    4. Arif Shah was the Indian Muslim Malay wannabe who made the call as Seberang Jaya state assemblyman to rename George Town “Bandar Datuk Abdullah Fahim”. u/q

    Damn, ain’t he go a big closet of skeletons!!!

  9. ella-mae said

    more like mausoleums of skeletons.. hahaha

  10. Amused Taxpayer said

    Yes, funny how our MSMs conveniently forgot to mention about that protest that took place not too long ago, huh?

    Too bad Ms. Ella-Mae ain’t giving those folks a chance to forget…muahahahaha

  11. wits0 said

    The perfidiousness of the MSM should be understood as legendary in Bodohland by now, Amused Taxpayer, that’s why I have refused to buy them for decades. Even now I hardly elect to click on a free URL to the local MSM if I can help it.

  12. bangmalaysia said

    Hi Guys,

    Great work, welcome to the blogging world.

    Gonna link you for sure.

  13. Mikemmery said

    Great piece. Uncle Zorro got me here. If u don’t mind will embed the video for Permatang Pauh cyber campaign later. Keep blogging without fear! Cheers!

  14. ella-mae said

    bangmalaysia, thank you 🙂

    mike, please go right ahead and post it at your blog. a commentator left us the link in our of the other entries.

  15. Excellent blog guys & gals.

    Just put a congratulatory message, re your one month anniversary, on my blog and a link to Dandelions.

    Please keep up the very good and vital work you are doing.

    Ella-mae, can I post some of your videos on my blog?

  16. ella-mae said

    mr. mariner, thanks u so much! and please go ahead and use the videos. a commentator left the link at one of the other entries.

  17. […] courtesy of The Dandelions) […]

  18. mwrmmg said

    Very funny accent!

    Maybe a BOGUS minah salleh!!! maybe a local pretending likes some reputable ( as if ) foreign journo.

    Big deal about the bogus Phd. He stopped pursuing anyway. Even if he just have SPM/MCE, if he can represent and serve the people, what is wrong is that. He’s doing a good job as ADUN already.

    And does she have to explain about what mamak is? ( aah… pretending to explain to the Bogus foreign audience – and which foreign audience is so interested in this by-election ? Gus Dur, Estrada, Wolfowitz,?? )

    There is more to pick on Anwar than this so called not pursued bogus Phd.

    Please try harder! More is needed to really discredit this guy

  19. ella-mae said

    i happen to know plenty of people who speak with accents. there’s nothing wrong with that really.

    think about it, if this guy can lie to the people about a bogus PhD… do u seriously expect him to perform his duties with integrity!! oh please la…

    u betul betul delusional!! still living in la la land. bagaikan making straight wet thread… wake up la!!

  20. bangmalaysia said

    Thanks ella-mae and congratulations for a very successful one-month run. Your blog is truly like a breath of fresh air.

  21. wits0 said

    The dud Star hasn’t corrected the fakir mamak’s fake qualifications here yet, dated 21/8/08:
    Tell us the dud Star isn’t in cohort with lies. It’s already the 24th.

    Arif Shah and Grandfather’s George Town 😀

    Does he really even have a genuine Dip in Civil Engineering???

  22. barbie said


    No big deal about the PHD, we just love writing about it 🙂 We hate liars. So? What’s your beef?

  23. undoubtly, PKR will win permatang pauh. Nothing for us to do except pour oil and makcik2 like gossips.

  24. mwrmmg said


    Anwar is the biggest liar. Haven’t you noticed? He has not produced any credible proof of all his allegations and claims. All just talk. And this is the man who wants to be PM.

    So you hate him too?

  25. wits0 said

    Anwar of today deserves to be PM. He’s not the same one a decade ago. Having gone through vicissitudes and saying the right things now, he is the best man for the job. Bumno is the same scummy entity and can never change.

  26. barbie said

    Oh is it? Thanks for telling Mwrmmg, I would not know if you never tell. Damn!

  27. mesoso said

    ella-mae, wah for a minute, mesoso thot ella-mae was scolding mesoso,..for being delusional and living in lala land wif my prince barbie..then mesoso saw…aiyah, actually hor, ella-mae was replying to that mwwrmmg watever thing…


  28. Mwmmrg,

    Please read Jingo’s article on ‘Democracy in Malaysia?’ You will know why.

  29. nick said

    hey this is a text to speech software? very good !!!

  30. nick said

    penangite = penang gites . HAHAHAHAHA

    funny software, anyone knows what software it is?

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