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Happy 1-Month Anniversary Dandelions!

Posted by Cherubim on August 24, 2008

Hello all!

This blog was conceived by a group of individuals who cares about Malaysia a month ago, and here we are with 40k++ hits… here’s to more posts in the future! *clinks apple juice glass*


13 Responses to “Happy 1-Month Anniversary Dandelions!”

  1. Well, I’ll drink to that. Cheers !

  2. wits0 said

    Congratulation Dandelions. Cheers! Your hits may increase exponentially. 😉

  3. ella-mae said

    yippee, we are one month old.

    thank u to you, wits0 for visiting us and your comments mean a lot to us 🙂

    anyhoo, zorro mentions us here

    and so does mindful mariner.

    thanks, guys 🙂

  4. barbie said

    Thanks people, appreciate the many good comments and feedback from you. witsO, crankshaft, mesoso, shaydflin, anonteabagginmalaysian, just to name few 🙂 Without you guys, we will not receive such attention. I love you people! To fellow Dandelions, keep on doing the good work for a better Malaysia. It is a never ending journey. Cheers!

  5. mesoso said

    barbie ah, u love mesoso ah?..wah..mesoso walking on air now..hehe.

    actually, i really enjoy a lot of your articles. you guys are really good (this is the real me talking, aka mesoso). very insightful, objectives most of the times, of coz can be a bit biased too when necessary but most of all very very funny. u guys tickle me to death. if only barbie would tickle mesoso in the right places..hehe (now, this is mesoso talking..haha)


    p/s: mesoso’s blog oredi 5 months but not even 1000 hits..sob, sob, sob..

  6. ct said

    Congrats Dandelions!! Keep up the good work

  7. ella-mae said

    mesoso, thank you for the wishes and the compliments. means a lot to us. and u have a blog?? give us the link la..

    Ct, thank you 🙂

  8. erniejean said

    *clink back apple juice*

    The best part about this is having a group of great friends to share it with……..

    Here’s to friendship and our country!!

  9. mesoso said

    aiyah…ella-mae, so shy leh to give my sure dont want to read leh (mesoso’s standard like kindergarten stuff only ah, compared to the dandelions..)..and is all about me and barbie..hehehe. sekali u vomit, then how..??

  10. barbie said

    barbie wants to read, now share the link mesoso 😛

  11. mesoso said

    oklah, oklah, your every wish is my command…
    must leave mesoso wif sweet2 comments one hor.. :p

  12. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    dear mesoso,

    If you think we are bias, you can always point out where we might be wrong. 😉

  13. mesoso said

    ya jingo..always biased against my affections for barbie lor..hehehehe

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