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Imam reveals truth behind Saiful’s oath

Posted by ella-mae on August 24, 2008


2315: Ustaz Ramlang Porigi is now speaking. He is the imam of the Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan, one of those who witnessed Saiful’s oath. He wants to explain what happened on the date when Saiful swore that he was sodomised. Ramlang said he was ordered to become a witness to Saiful’s swearing but he didn’t mention who ordered him. Anyway, he didn’t arrange Saiful’s oath. Saiful was probably advised by others. He said going by Saiful’s demeanour, he did not look as if he felt that he had done something wrong. This particular oath – sumpah mubahalah – is only meant as a last resort when is there is no evidence for adjudication in court. Both parties involved should be present during the oath-taking. The imam hopes that after this he won’t be blamed for this whole swearing business. He was just ordered to be a witness to the oath. He is just a small-time imam not an Imam Besar.

Continue reading at Anil’s blog.

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10 Responses to “Imam reveals truth behind Saiful’s oath”

  1. Imam reveals truth behind Saiful’s oath « The Dandelions…

    Ramlan said he was ordered to become a witness to Saiful’s swearing but he didn’t mention who ordered him….

  2. walski69 said

    In the final analysis, anyone who thinks that by swearing an oath, the swearer is really telling the truth, is truly more simple-minded than they’re given credit for… But then again this simple-mindedness is the product of our own system, ain’t it?

    Sheesh… ice wear, i swear…

  3. Abdul said

    Photos and news on the Imam spilling the beans here:

  4. wits0 said

    The sort of things Bernama would present as news…….no head no tail, or got one and not the other.

    Porridge gets too thick, look for some water.

  5. This is what you get if you hire a pious man for a cover up, fear in God. Thank you Ramlang

  6. barbie said

    An UMNO registered member, Ramlang Porigi campaigning for Anwar, what else you want? 🙂

  7. mwrmmg said

    excerpt from

    Ikuti pendedahan yang pasti menggegarkan ini bersama dua orang wartawan kanan Edi Suleiman dan Dzulkarnain Taib serta Rusnizam Mahat dan juruvideo Ebrahim Harris.

    SK: Boleh ustaz terangkan siapa yang arahkan ustaz untuk menjadi saksi kepada sumpah Saiful di Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan?

    RP: Saya diarahkan oleh pihak atasan jabatan saya dan saya hanya mengikut arahan yang diberi kepada saya. Saya tidak terlibat dalam menyediakan teks atau apa yang perlu Saiful lakukan seperi perlu memegang Al-Quran atau tidak.

    SK: Saiful dikatakan tersalah sebut beberapa istilah semasa lafaz sumpah beliau. Adakah ini mencacatkan kesahihan sumpah yang dia ucapkan?

    RP: Bagi saya kalau dia bersumpah untuk dirinya sendiri sumpah itu boleh diterima lagi tetapi dikatakan mubahalah tidak sempurna selagi kedua-dua pihak tidak bersumpah.

    REPEAT !!!

    “RP: Bagi saya kalau dia bersumpah untuk dirinya sendiri sumpah itu boleh diterima”

  8. barbie said


    Show me which part in Islam or Christian says it is okay to swear before God or on holy books?

    “RP: Bagi saya kalau dia bersumpah untuk dirinya sendiri sumpah itu boleh diterima”

    Obviously your understanding of Bahasa Melayu is so poor that you do not get what this means. WTF point for him to swear for himself if it involves other people? After all, his sumpah is supposed to be ‘sumpah mubahalah’ which the imam already said ‘tidak sempurna’. Are you saying this kind of sumpah is allowable in Islam? Show me some proofs and I will consider your point.

  9. barbie said

    One more thing, if he sumpah with all the 99 names of God, I will not believe him. Too many ‘coincidences’. Why he met Najib? Why he was sodomised for 8 times before making a report? Where is the report? Where is the medical report? If he’s is victim of sodomy, Anwar may be a victim of slander. Both are victims, why special treatment given to him? It is just hilarious to think an able body young man like him failed to defend his butthole from being violated 8 times by an old man. Why Najib also swearing now? Tajol Rosli also swearing now? Why suddenly so many ‘good’ people, ‘religious’ honchos especially on government payroll making statement how it’s nothing but the truth what he swore? Don’t make me laugh with this kind of idiocy. Before swearing on the Quran and invoking God’s name in vain, they should ask themselves, are they ‘holy’ enough to swear in the name of God? Swear my foot!

  10. mesoso said

    i am impressed man..barbie..your knowledge of islam and everything else is almost encyclopedic..wah..

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