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Inilah Barisan Nasional

Posted by pervster on August 25, 2008

(sung to the tune of Perajurit Tanah Air / Inilah Barisan Kita)

Inilah Barisan Nasional
Yang kuat bersumpah
Siap se-dia dengan Quran
Menuju Masjid negeri

Sebelum kita bersumpah
Jangan harap kami jujur semua
Inilah sumpah ..penyumpah kita..
Menuju masjid negeri!

Andainya kami telahpun diliwat..
ataupun letupkan bom yang hebat
kami mohon doa….
kemudian Sumpah sumpah (altogether now.. SUMPAH)

Semboyan telah berbunyi!!!!
Menuju…masjid negeri!

(pam pam pam)



4 Responses to “Inilah Barisan Nasional”

  1. Inilah Barisan Nasional « The Dandelions…

    Inilah Barisan Nasional Yang kuat bersumpah Siap se-dia dengan Quran Menuju Masjid negeri…

  2. wits0 said

    51 years! Time to take destiny in our hands and be free from the oppressive bn/umno! Like the Bolsheviks who stole the Russian Revolution in 1917, the bn/umno replaced the benign British colonialisation with its own worse form of it after ’57. Slowly in the first decade and then full steam ahead afterwards.

  3. wits0 said

    Sample these, what umno alone can say with impudence:

    Remember also what that @#$#!& MCA’s Chew Mei Fun said about May 13:

    She will be eating more crows. All the beehoons are now Tony’s and she still don’t get it!

    MCA is merely the (front)mask for arrogant umno just as Bad awi is.

  4. wits0 said

    Snoozing in private is not a infraction but in public and holding an office is simply awful enough per se. To top it up, if flatulence(kentut) is accompanying that, it becomes something scandalous. Heard it said by a jounalist friend that this happens. Dear Dandelions, can you verify from similar sources? 😉

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