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Anwar Wins Big

Posted by Cherubim on August 26, 2008


DSAI – 31,195 votes

Datuk Arif – 15,524 votes

Hanafi Hamat – 92 votes



Permatang Pauh belongs to PKR.


8 Responses to “Anwar Wins Big”

  1. NotMalaysian said

    Congratulation to Malaysia.

  2. If someone told me a year ago that BN will be toppled, I will let out a polite but cynical smile.

    But along came the Altantuya case, which I was quick to dismiss as one of those legal cases that the public will soon forget. Then came the VK Lingam tapes in September 2007. Oh, what a debacle that was, to the extent the Bar’s Walk of Justice came about at the end of September, calling for a Royal Inquiry.

    This was followed by the Bersih Protest in early November 2007 – a gargantuan historical protest never seen in a long, long time. I though nothing could beat that. Until the Hindraf protest at the end of November 2007. Oh, what a spectacle that was – to see the emotional episode being played out on CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera. And who can forget Zam Maidin’s stuttering English.

    Nothing can be bigger than Hindraf, I thought. But, yet again, I was wrong. The circus-entertainment provided by the Royal Commission was a worthy successor. What fine acting by prominent political personalities, all worthy of Oscar nominations.

    Then came March 8th:- 2/3rd majority denied, 5 states captured, prominent Ministers out-voted (with special mention to Samy Vellu). And the aftermath – defections, resignations, finger-ponting, war with the Palace on choice of Menteri Besar. What more? What more?

    There’s more – Altantuya (yet again), PI Bala, SD, SD again, Bala missing, Rosmah, RPK …

    And then – sodomy, Anwar, Saiful, medical report, doctor missing, swearing …

    And then – by-election …

    And now – Anwar wins, and is back in Parliament ..

    So, if someone asks me again, will BN be toppled? Will Pakatan set up a new government by Malaysia Day? … I’ll say .. perhaps ..

    There’ll be no more cynical smiles.

  3. Madame said

    YIPEEEEE!!!!! WOO HOOO!!! The day of reckoning has finally arrived 🙂

    I salute you, people of Permatang Pauh for your courage!

    Oscar….no more cynical smiles for me too 😀

  4. Crankshaft said

    Undi rosak: 447

    Just thought I’d point out the number of spoilt votes were more than that of poor lil Hanafi Mamat. 🙂

  5. erniejean said

    Yes Oscar…….looking back, Malaysians certainly have gone thru too much…..we truly deserve a brand new government that believes in being accountable and respectable, by the people and for the people……..

  6. ha.. this is expected.. the cross over begin and pm will stepdown soon… this is very clear messege that the increases of mojority is the trend and applicable to possiblilities of assemblyman’s defection to Pakatan Rakyat.. DSAI road to putra jaya is real.. dear BN assemblyman switch now or you’ll be left begging behind..

  7. Cherubim said

    It is a sign for change, what we really need to anticipate now is how to help ease the population to the idea that there is no fixed ‘kerajaan’ with fixed mandate like BN has claimed for the past 50 years. With change, there is always slight hesitance, some friction here and there that need smoothing out and so forth.

    I’m not that naive to assume that our differences, the ‘sensitive issues’ that have been drummed in our heads for the past 50 years would go away just because of it. To me, this is a beginning of more hard work and the need for us all to support each other for a better Malaysia.

    Alone, we are one, but together, we are a force to be reckoned with.

  8. missjolie said

    There will be change, like it or not! It’s evident (a significant proportion of) Malaysians have woken up fm their long deep slumber….it’s only the beginning and I hope it’s the beginning of a new and positive era for Malaysia!

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