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Rebranding, The Key To Resuscitate…….

Posted by ErnieJean on September 30, 2008

Remember after the Political Tsunami in March this year, after suffering heavy heavy losses, partners in the ruling coalition attempted to do some soul searching to see where they went wrong…..and guess what? Till today, they are still searching for the answer…..that must be some real lousy politicial and PR strategists they have in their stables, huh?

UMNO blamed it on political bloggers and freedom of speech. Action taken? ISA whichever bugger deemed irritating;

MCA said it was not their fault. Action taken? Continue with their “No Action, Talk Only” policy, while kissing the feet of the keris-wielding Lords;

And MIC?

They decided to blame it on their “out-dated image” and unleased a very expensive Re-Branding Exercise earlier this year, with new taglines, membership discount cards, new logo, new uniforms, new hair-pieces (?)………

A call centre will be established to entertain problems, and a new portal to replace the party’s current website will also be launched.

An MIC discount card will also be given to members for use at selected outlets.

“We are expecting total penetration of this image change within a two-year period.

“A detailed action plan will also be communicated to all grassroots leaders via some 140 meetings to be held in all branches from district to district,” he said, adding that the complete exercise would cost some RM500,000.

I must say, MIC is definitely working their asses off to ensure the success of this “Image Overhaul” Project………..

Check out what they’ve been up to lately :

K.Basil, MIC Division Head of Bukit Katil, Malacca and fellow MiCkey Mouse stamping their seal of approval on the Ali Rustam’s proposal for tapioca plates. (Another more apt term to describe this would be “to kiss ass” :P)

Yummy utensil: K. Basil (left), one of NHI directors, tasting the biodegradable plate at the Al-Azim state mosque Sunday.

And then we have this….

SHAH ALAM: About 100 MIC members demonstrated here to protest the demolition of a Hindu temple by the Ampang Jaya Municipal council recently. (Wonder where they were hiding all these while before PR took over……)

The crowd, which included Indian NGOs, protested at the main gate of the Selangor secretariat building yesterday morning.

Mohan (centre) handing over the memorandum to Nik Nazmi in Shah Alam yesterday.
List of grievances: Mohan (centre) handing over the memorandum to Nik Nazmi in Shah Alam yesterday.

Organiser T. Mohan, who is MIC Youth chief, said the PKR government had lied to the people that they would not tear down any places of worship.

“They said no temples would be destroyed, what happened now?” Mohan told reporters the MIC was unhappy with the state government’s action to demolish the Sri Mahakaliaman temple after he presented a memorandum to Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim’s political secretary, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad.

The 19-year-old temple was built on forest reserve. It was destroyed and rebuilt several times between 2002 and 2007.

Asked why the MIC did not solve the issue then, Mohan said the party had taken action and that was why the temple was rebuilt. (Betul ke ni?)

And how can we forget the MAN himself, PR Maestro, King of Self-Publicity!!!!
Nice hair, Mr. Value 😛

“It’s about time that they are released as they pose no danger to the security of the country.

“The government should not hold them any longer as it will prolong the Indian community’s ill-feelings towards the government,” said the former works minister in a statement today. (*Mock Gasp*!!! You mean, all these while, the govn has been running this country according to what makes them politically popular rather than what’s right?)

Samy Vellu said that the five should be released unconditionally.

“They only voiced out the problems and the frustrations of the Indian community.

“Similarly, the MIC has also been doing the same for the past few decades … so why detain them any longer?” he asked. (Wah! Wah! Salute!!!! Master in action here folks!!!)Don’t you just love the way he twists and turns the issue to his advantage?

Isn’t it funny that, after having so many Post-Election meetings, these headless chickens can only come up with such hilarious and shallow post mortem analysis and damage control measures?

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We dandies lit some candles and walked…Anti-ISA!

Posted by Cherubim on September 28, 2008

Yesterday night was quite possibly the largest candlelight vigil ever held so far. We dandies who were there estimated around 3000 people from all walks of life, Malays, Chinese, Indians, who walked the talk with us.

There was a pregnant woman, and a man with one leg. Deep salute to you, macha!

Three of the dandies arrived early, since we were anticipating road blocks, shutdown of LRT and the usual barriers that the authorities would throw us already regular protesters. Surprisingly, other than the usual roundabout manner that the police would direct us walking around Dataran Merdeka, it was really smooth. When the fourth dandy arrived, we gathered together, along with other familiar faces that we knew and walked. We were trailing behind the first group of demonstrators, the police had initially asked them to snuff the candles out and in fact snuffed them out for the demonstrators.

So we moved somewhere else, lit the candles again, and walked from Dataran Merdeka to the Puduraya Bus Station, where the temple was. Along the way, we were surprised at how the traffic flow were halted. I’ve heard of several accounts. Some say it’s the police’s work, and let’s give credit where it’s due. Some say that the organisers from HINDRAF had something to do with it. Either way, while we walked, no demonstrator was harmed or cars obstructed haphazardly. It was very nice and tidy.

Jalan-jalan di malam hari.

As we walked though, what began as roughly 200 or so people walking swelled in numbers. We were joined by other folks who were out with their families, Muslims who finished berbuka and praying Maghrib (though ponteng Terawih), random kids who thought it’d be fun to join in for a good cause as well as curious onlookers and tourists.

R.H.Hickling & Prof Shad would be proud.

The non-Hindus loitered around the parking lot and around the area as part of the demonstrators prayed. We connected with other bloggers, of course, anonymously, and spoke openly about our ideals. Ah, another peaceful demonstrating weekend.

We spotted many PR MPs in the crowd, including this one 😉

Tian Chua with Nat Tan of

Tian Chua with Nat Tan of

By the way, didn’t OKT and Semi Value speak against ISA as well? Hmmm, didn’t see them at the vigil…


One thing I would like to note though, it seems that the Anti-ISA Vigil was turned into a HINDRAF event. I agreed with my fellow dandies, in such events we should focus on the issue and not the organisers. Still, they did a great job!

The police were also either a) cooperative or b) were overwhelmed by the swelling numbers of demonstrators. It was scary watching them carrying around loaded machine guns. I wish there were more younger policemen though. Pak cik-pak cik polis is not that interesting to watch rather than the younger ones.

Happy Birthday RPK, our hearts, prayers, and spirits are with you always, supporting you in Kamunting.

P.s = Eh, Abang-Abang FRU agak cute lah. Nak ngorat boleh?

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Molotov Cocktails

Posted by madpiscean on September 28, 2008

I am really concerned and most disgusted that this trend of throwing Molotov Cocktails into the houses of people you don’t like is starting to become a ‘common’ occurence. Read Teresa’s blog.

My most vivid (not necessarily the first) impression of Molotov cocktails are courtesy of the stories my relatives told me about 513 (Wiki entry). They used to have to close the shutters, windows etc so that none of these incendiary devices would end up flying through an open window thereby torching their house. They also had to line the cracks underneath the doors with water-soaked towels and rags, and had pails of water handy in the event something did catch fire. Dark days indeed.

These days, even though the threat of 513 is unlikely to happen again on such a scale (credit also to  the unified stand of the Pakatan Rakyat who have again and again denounced and countered the increasingly racist stand of the ruling coalition), Molotov cocktails are used when aggrieved parties feel that they have been slighted, insulted or if their ideas/principles are becoming irrelevant. And god forbid these uncivilised arrogant morons should be ignored or paid less attention to!

But how many of us know what exactly is a Molotov Cocktail and why is it called that… I did some Googling, learnt something new and would like to share it with yawl.

Well, the Molotov Cocktail is also known commonly as the petrol bomb, or alcohol bomb. We’ve most often seen them used by rioters on TV news segments.

It’s a glass bottle filled with a fuel like petrol/alcohol and then a burning, fuel-soaked rag or wick is used as the stopper (at the mouth of the bottle). When the bottle is thrown and it smashes on impact, the droplets and vapour of the alcohol or petrol is ignited, and you get a fireball.

As for the origins of the name ‘Molotov’, that apparently came from Vyacheslav Molotov, who was a Soviet Union Foreign Minister (1890-1986). You can read more at the Wiki entry for it but here’s a brief explanation…

During WWII, Finland refused to surrender some strategic ports to the Soviet Union. So the Soviets invaded in Nov 1939 in what is known as the Winter War. The Finns borrowed the design of an incendiary device (bomb dispensers combining a high-explosive charge with a cluster of incendiary bombs). from the Spanish Civil War, in which Franco ordered the Nationalists to use the weapon against the Soviet tanks. When this Molotov chap claimed in radio broadcasts that the Soviets were not dropping bombs but rather ‘delivering food to starving Finns’, the Finns started to call them ‘Molotov bread baskets’.So the Finns responded by attacking the tanks with an improvised incendiary device terming it the Molotov cocktail or “a drink to go with the food” (according to Wiki). They were then mass-produced at a distillery during the Winter War.

So there you go. And please folks, don’t try this at home. Selamat Hari Raya and have a great week.

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I remember an Englishman I once met.

Posted by Oscar the Grouch on September 27, 2008

As I ponder, with abated breath, upon the event slated today: the Candlelight Vigil for ISA Detainees, scheduled this evening 7.00 p.m. at, aptly, Dataran Merdeka, or its English translation, Freedom Square; my mind raced back some four years back, when I had the occasion to encounter upon an Englishman who I have known, at that time, only by reputation.

I was, at that material time, a Masters scholar at a local varsity, partaking as one of my course study, the dreary subject of comparative constitutional law. I had psyched myself up to expect a long and dull semester on the lacklustre and unexciting field of study; when, within the early weeks of the course, my professor announced that he has lined up for us a guest lecturer.

R.H. Hickling was his name, my professor said, a wry smile etched up as he made his announcement. A restrained gasp was offered in response, for we all know of him. Hickling was the man who drafted, and unceremoniously presented upon us, the Internal Security Act 1960. Yes, the dreaded ISA! On last count, 64 individuals are still being callously detained, without recourse to justice, within the confines of their cells in Kamunting; in all probability, being incessantly tortured and tormented, in body and in mind.

How could he, I thought, as I looked around my other fellow academic scholars. Looks of disgust were exchanged between us. And the gall of Mr. Hickling, an Englishman who has since left Malaysia, happily residing in a sweet Shakespearean cottage in the cliffs of Dover, to dare come and sermon us on his horrendous pen of legacy. Damn you colonial idiot, muttered someone, in a huff.

“Do bring your camera next week” my professor reminded before ending the class, “We shall pose for a shot with Professor Hickling for remembrance.”

“It’s not everyday one gets this chance, you know,” he declared.

Camera? Photos? What about rotten eggs for pelting the English twat, I thought.

I had entertained the thought of missing the lecture, perhaps as a sort of indirect activist protest, in line with the abhorred stance against the ISA. But then, lecture attendance counts to the passing rates for the course, so that would not be such a good idea after all. Let’s just see what he has to say then.

Come the week of the lecture, all of us were early, neatly seated like dutiful citizens, waiting to see the great man. “He’ll be a little late” said my professor. Yeah, sure, made us wait, you insensitive superior colonial master. Are we the least surprised? Then, within minutes, in comes this man. He is diminutive in size; old and quaint, almost like a garden gnome out of the Enid Blyton’s kiddie adventures, except for lack of pointy ears. He is wearing a faded Durban shirt, with ancient barrack slacks, something that one gets from bargain jumble sales. And he has with him, a folded black umbrella, which he quickly hid into his plastic bag. Yes, a plastic bag, one that comes from a purchase from the local super mart. No fancy briefcase, no branded sling-on; just a plastic bag, was all this man has with him. Is this the merciless and ruthless Hickling that left the heritage to the nation, in the form of the ISA? Where is that monstrous English brute that I have envisioned? This is no beast, all I see before me is Santa’s helper.

“I’m sorry for being late,” the little man apologized, “There was a slight drizzle, you see, and the buses are full.” Buses?

“Professor Hickling stays in Brickfields when he’s Malaysia. He uses the bus to get around,” my professor added, as a sort of clarification to the somewhat perplexed audience.

What, the great bad drafter of the ISA carries a plastic bag and goes around in buses, I asked myself.

“Perhaps I shall start by telling by telling a bit about myself and how I ended up in Malaysia,” said Professor Hickling, formally commencing his lecture. “Well, it was decades ago, in England, my young son died.” There was a hush silence in the hall. The professor stopped for a while as well, his eyes lost in his thoughts. “Well, my wife was very sad,” continued Hickling, after regaining composure, “.. and I told her, let’s go away, somewhere far, far away, from all these.”

We were all astounded by these early revelations. We forgot about the ISA, we forgot about the law; we wanted to hear about him. And Professor Hickling carried on: about how he then applied to join the Colonial Legal Service, how he asked to be posted to Sarawak so that he can bring his beloved wife afar from the damp memories of England. He told us about how he wanted to escape as well, how he hated the war, how he had served, previously, as a seaman with the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve; and how he, as a sub-lieutenant, commanded the landing craft tank to Sword Beach during infamous D-Day Invasion of Normandy. We were revealed on the atrocities of the war; how soldiers became mad and eat up dogs, scenes which we were only privy to courtesy of Saving Private Ryan; made real by this man who was actually present at the setting to witness it all.

Professor Hickling then proceeded to talk on the ISA. “At that time,” he said, “There were the communist. They were bad, bad men. Very bad men, you see,” he explained, in his earnest simplistic demeanour. “We had to do something, there were so many of them, we had to nab them and quickly locked them up. There wasn’t much time for trial; hence we needed a legislation to befit the occasion. Those were the insurgent times, a time of emergency.”

With that short statement, Professor Hickling ended his lecture on the ISA. No grandeur, no fanfare, no sermon, no defence, no arguments; just a brief historical proclamation. He did not defend what he did, nor did he lay down lengthy credence of his actions. There was no boisterous reasoning on his part as to how relevant the ISA is then, as it should be today.

I never saw Professor Hickling again after that; but after that memorable lecture, I knew more of him as a person than just as the drafter of the ISA. I received news that he passed away three years thereafter, in Worcestershire, England, leaving behind his beloved wife and 3 other children.

A check on the internet search on Professor Hickling shows a record on what he wrote in the NST in 1989:-

“I could not imagine then that the time would come when the power of detention, carefully and deliberately interlocked with Article 149 of the Constitution, would be used against political opponents, welfare workers and others dedicated to non violent, peaceful activities.”

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Seriously, I Am So Fed Up!

Posted by Foodie on September 26, 2008


They say that, the truth shall set you free. Apparently, knowledge is also supposed to do that…set you free that is. But try telling that to RPK, who’s being detained under the ISA for 2 years in a place dubbed ‘peace hill‘ aka Kamunting for speaking out the truth concerning many things and also possessing quite a bit of ‘knowledge’ at the same time, regarding many issues that many Malaysians have been kept in the dark for far too long.

Apart from the detainment, he’s also been ordered to undergo religious rehabilitation. According to officials, his articles are considered malicious and seditious. Well that’s what the Home Minister claims. If you ask me, it’s because he’s been discussing sensitive issues with regards to how Islam is being practised in Malaysia. He’s not slamming the religion in my humble opinion. He’s merely highlighting the hypocrisy.

As if the rehabilitation would change the mindset of a person that easily, is simply too naive for anyone to accept really. I mean we are talking about RPK, someone who is not only strong willed, highly opinionated and at the same time possess such overwhelming conviction in his beliefs, that he is willing to risk everything by writing openly about the sensitive issues plaguing us of late, knowing very well he could end up in this precarious postition one fine day. Let us ponder this for a second. Can ‘piousness‘ be achieved and forced into a person’s consciousness merely through rehabilitation? Or are we talking about a different form of rehabilitation perhaps. I believe it’s called torture? Torturing him might do the job far better if you ask me. Rehabilitation alone, will not eventuate to anything, suffice to say. So I presume after the two years, RPK is expected to walk out of Kamunting a new man, reborn with an entirely different opinion? That is if he doesn’t die of a mysterious illness in the process. If indeed he gets to survive the two years and walks out alive a rehabilitated man at that, I’ll be damned if they have not performed a brain transplant on him; or plastic surgery ala Face Off (Hollywood action blockbuster starring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage)!

Seriously, I don’t understand the stigma attached to discussions or constructive criticisms pertaining to religion. Unless it is being used as an instrument to racially divide the people? After all religion has to move with the times in my opinion and can be achieved through dialogue. As we move and progress forward as a developing nation, religion also has to be updated so that it can be progressive like the nation and people we wish to be. Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation is far more progressive in this respect compared to Malaysia.

If we seriously want our nation to move forward, nothing and no one(race) should be left behind. Everything has to move in tandem. Otherwise there would be conflicts and dissent.  Our forefathers agreed for the NEP to be passed because they too agreed that no race should be left behind. I believe in the spirit of the NEP. Unfortunately, it has been used not to help the Malays as such but rather to enrich the pockets of those in the ruling elite circle. We still see poverty in the kampungs and the orang aslis are still living in abject poverty not to mention the minorities who are being squeezed to a corner with no where to go. The wealthier ones can afford to migrate but what about the ones who cannot afford to? They will fight of course. It is the basic instinct of  human nature. When you have no means of survival, fighting for it, would be the only solution. And who do we have to thank for all this? Our dear TDM. The result of our country’s demise, mismanagement, rife and institutionalized corruption, racially divisive politics is all thanks to TDM’s doing. Can it be undone?

It is evident, a change of government is in the horizon (my fingers and toes tightly crossed). If I were Pak Lah and I knew that my time was up I would at least fix things up a bit before I left.  Obviously sir, the rakyat is no longer satisfied with the way the country is being run. NOW, if I were in your shoes (Guccis I presume), I would choose to leave a legacy behind before I resign or retire or get booted out (whichever suits your fancy). It would look very good in the resume for one. Would it not? 😛 For starters, you could abolish the ISA tomorrow. That would make A LOT of Malaysians happy. Hell, that might even change the people’s mind about the vote of no confidence. Secondly, you could urge and I mean sincerely urge Zaid Ibrahim to return as Law Minister and give him the full mandate to carry on with the reform of our judiciary system, amongst other things. It’s really not that hard to win the people’s faith back. You may be weak but at least I think you’re not ruthless like TDM. Mahathir ruled with an iron fist but the general consensus is that you, Pak Lah rule with a tofu fist. You could do with a lot more firmness. For once, couldn’t you just DO THE RIGHT thing and think about the legacy you COULD leave behind?

Tunku Abdul Rahman is the father of democracy. I’m sure you’d like to be remembered as the father of tomfoolery reformasi? So allow me to reiterate, firstly, thou shalt abolish the ISA,  secondly, carry out with the reform of our ineffectual judiciary, then reunite the races and propose for a Bangsa Malaysia. (the list goes on, but these three should be good for starters). We Beg of You.  Of all the people you should listen to, is the rakyat. If you do the following, I bet you my Jimmy Choos, you would be remembered very differently(and fondly too) than if you were to continue with your  foolish and draconian acts.

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Pak Lah tiada telur & demokrasi ala UMNO

Posted by barbie on September 26, 2008

Pemilihan Umno ditangguh hingga Mac
Sep 26, 08 12:11pm

Majlis Tertinggi Umno memutuskan hari ini untuk menangguhkan perhimpunan agung serta pemilihan parti dari Disember kepada Mac tahun depan.

Ini bertujuan untuk memastikan proses peralihan kuasa berjalan secara lancar. Pemilihan pucuk pimpinan Umno sebelum ini dijadualkan pada 16 hingga 21 Disember depan.

Bagaimanapun, mesyuarat perwakilan Umno bahagian akan diteruskan seperti yang dijadualkan mulai 9 Oktober hingga 9 November depan.

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi juga berkata, belum memutuskan sama ada akan mempertahankan jawatan presiden.

Bagaimanapun, katanya, beliau akan membuat keputusan mengenainya sebelum mesyuarat bahagian bermula bulan depan.

Abdullah memberitahu demikian dalam sidang akhbar selepas mesyuarat tergempar MT selama sejam di ibupejabat Umno pagi tadi.

Sebelum itu, Abdullah mengadakan pertemuan empat mata selama setengah jam dengan Timbalannya, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, sebelum mesyuarat MT bermula kira-kira jam 11 pagi tadi.

Pak Lah tiada telur untuk bertanding pada pemilihan UMNO yang sebelum ini dijadualkan pada bulan Disember.

Demokrasi UMNO memang lucu. Ketika Mahathir menjadi presiden parti, beliau tidak membenarkan pertandingan untuk jawatan-jawatan penting dalam parti, kononnya untuk menjaga kestabilan dan memastikan perpaduan parti akan kekal kukuh. Kemudian untuk pemilihan jawatan seperti Presiden UMNO, calon memerlukan sokongan sekurang-kurangnya 30%, satu sistem kuota yang amat diagung-agungkan oleh parti zaman dinasour ini.

Tidak perlu kita sentuh mengenai rasuah politik di dalam UMNO yang berleluasa, kerana Badan Pencegah Rasuah (BPR) juga tiada kuasa atau tidak berminat untuk mengambil tindakan. Seperti biasa, pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO akan cepat membuat kenyataan bahawa politik wang di dalam UMNO adalah masalah parti dan biarlah ia diselesaikan mengikut peraturan parti. Kita harus akur, UMNO itu lebih tinggi sedikit tarafnya di sisi undang-undang, jadi kesalahan mana-mana ahli parti UMNO biarpun ia juga salah di sisi undang-undang negara, tidak perlu diambil tindakan penguatkuasaan dan dikenakan hukuman. Cukup dengan tindakan displin oleh parti. Penggantungan keahlian sudah memadai, kerana ia merupakan hukuman yang amat dahsyat dan berat.

Pak Lah takut hendak bertanding? Apakah belum cukup masa untuk beliau melobi undi sekiranya hendak bertanding mempertahankan jawatan presiden UMNO pada Disember ini yang menyebabkan beliau membuat keputusan menunda pemilihan parti ke bulan Mac? Bagaimanakah dengan penangguhan Pemilihan UMNO ini, proses peralihan kuasa akan berjalan lancar? Mengapa tidak buat peralihan kuasa secepat mungkin? Ada perkara yang belum dilaksanakan? Manifesto dan janji-janji yang belum ditunaikan?

Sudahlah Pak Lah. Tidak perlu berdolak dalih lagi. Masa sudah diberi, janji ditabur mulut berbuih-buih tetapi selain daripada kata-kata manis di bibir, perlaksanaannya jauh sekali. Acap kali jawapan yang sama diberi “Kita akan.. bla bla bla…”, “Kita sedang… bla bla..”, “Satu jawatankuasa khas akan….bla bla bla”. Mengapa Pak Lah begitu liat untuk mengundurkan diri sedangkan beliau merupakan pemimpin nombor satu UMNO yang paling tidak menyerlah sejak wujudnya UMNO? Di bawah Pak Lah, hutang negara bertambah, inflasi meningkat, malah yang paling tinggi sejak 27 tahun, BN hilang majoriti 2/3 kerusi di parlimen, 5 negeri jatuh ke tangan pembangkang yang hanya tahu membuat bising, berbohong dan berdemonstrasi di jalan raya, kadar jenayah meningkat, ISA tetap digunakan dan banyak lagi rekod ‘kejayaan’ Pak Lah.

Jika betul dan ikhlas hendak membuat peralihan kuasa, lakukan segera. Jika tidak, biar perwakilan UMNO menilai sendiri dan membuat keputusan untuk mengekalkan beliau sebagai Presiden atau tidak dalam pemilihan UMNO, secepat mungkin.

Ada telur, Pak Lah? (UMNO Seputeh tolong jangan buat laporan polis terhadap saya. Pak Lah pemimpin yang disanjung tinggi, mengaitkan telur dengan beliau menunjukkan bahawa saya amat menghormati telur. Hidup Telur!)

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Rais To Lead In Fight Against Islamphobia…….Success Rate Anyone?

Posted by ErnieJean on September 26, 2008

The Star, Friday September 26, 2008

KL to fight ‘Islamophobia’


NEW YORK: Malaysia has pledged to be at the forefront of an international effort to fight “Islamophobia”. (Wallau!!! Malaysia Boleh!!)

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said that Malaysia had agreed to work with the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) to play a more positive role in the effort.

To counter the “illogical” portrayals of Islam, he said an international forum would be held early next year in the United States to be attended by the heads of government, scholars and representatives from organisations linked with religious tolerance. (Wonder what would happen if the same forum were to be held here in Malaysia….hhhmmmm……)

Briefing Malaysian journalists here on Wednesday of his meeting with OIC secretary-general Ekmeleddin Ihsa-noglu, Dr Rais said there should be a more accurate portrayal of the religion. (Accurate portrayal? Islam Hadhari?)

The minister, who is leading Malaysia’s delegation to the United Nations General Assembly here, said the OIC had expressed the need for Malaysia’s involvement in the effort.

“If we, as a member nation of the OIC, do not give our co-operation, then we would be failing as a member of the OIC,” he added.

Dr Rais said the United States was picked to host the forum because of “the diverse views of religions here.”

“This is also where Sept 11 took place,” he said, referring to the terrorist attacks here in 2001.

He also hoped that the forum would open a new window to better understanding of civilisation, adding that he would present a report to the Cabinet on the plans for the forum.

What a joke!!!

How successful do you think this effort to fight Islamphobia will be, with Malaysia leading the way, when, in the first place, there’s no clear and committed effort by the Malaysian government to allay the fears and suspicion of Islam on the home front??

And what grand scheme of plans do you think this man, who came up with the “brilliant” proposal for all women going abroad to obtain written consent from their family in order to combat the drug mule problem earlier this year, would be able to conjure up in order to counter the negative perception of Islam?

By the way, this is NOT about commenting on the religion itself, but rather, It is about SORTING OUT THE PROBLEMS AT HOME FIRST BEFORE TRYING TO SORT OTHERS’!!!!

So, while Malaysia tries to portray herself as a “progressive and liberal” Muslim state to the international community, remember these?

  • Lina Joy, and many more harrassment of the convert wannabes?
  • Maniam Moorthy, and many more body snatcher incidences?
  • Revathi Massosai, and many more detainees in the Islam Rehabilitation Centers?
  • Bar Council’s forum on conversion issues affecting the Non-Muslims, which had to end abruptly due to mob-like protestors, seemingly aided and condoned by the law-enforcers?
  • Raja Petra Kamarudin’s ISA detention on the pretext (and the Home Minister’s half-baked reasoning) that he insulted Islam in one of his articles? FYI, they have yet to officially reply to the queries as to exactly where and which statement was insulting.
  • Teresa Kok’s wrongful ISA detention for supposedly asking the Azan to slowed down? Of course, we all know who defamed her and got away with it, scot free. 
  • UMNO’S constant abuse of the religion for political mileage and invoking “religious sensitivities”, in their attempt to remain relevant as they realised their “Malay Supremacy” war cry was no longer bringing in support.

 Let me give you a little heads up, Mr. Foreign Minister, from the point of view of a fellow level-headed Malaysian and I quote him,

“The fight against Islamophobia should be two pronged.”

“It is not only about educating the Non-Muslims, but it should also be about Muslims condeming the actions of extremists (monsters who call themselves jihad fighters). Silence always gives the wrong impression that the Muslims approve of and condone those actions”

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The Dandelions orgasmic 100,000 and counting hits!! Hurray!!

Posted by barbie on September 25, 2008

After 2 months..

155 posts…

10 drafts…


The Dandelions has received more than 100,000 hits!!

Thank you good people for making us so happy!! Here is a toast to my fellow dandelions.. and to you people whoring and pimping this blog… CHEERS!!  *clicking glasses*

Stay tune!

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Thirteen Things That’ll Make You LOL!

Posted by Foodie on September 25, 2008

Here’s another something I received and enjoyed. Something to lighten up the mood in light of the depressing and ridiculous happenings in Malaysia of late! Enjoy readers. It made me laugh, hope it does the same for you! 🙂

1. A recent survey asked 100 sexually active men what they most enjoyed about a blow job.
99.9% of them said, ‘the 10 minutes of silence’!

2. Advantages of having an affair with a married woman? They give like hell. They do not yell.
They do not tell. They do not swell and there is no wedding bell.

3. Women have to be more beautiful than smart: Cause men see better than they think.

4. Woman’s Quote of the Day:
Men are like fine wine. They all start out like grapes and it’s our job to stomp on them and
keep them in the dark until they mature into something with which you’d like to have dinner with.

Men’s Counter-Quote of the Day:
Women are like fine wine. They all start out fresh, fruity and intoxicating to the mind and
then turn full-bodied with age until they go all sour and vinegary and give you a headache.

5. A woman once said that a man is like a deck of playing cards. You need:
a HEART to love him,
a DIAMOND to marry him,
a CLUB to smash his head in, and
a SPADE to bury him!

6. What’s the definition of a gynaecologist?
He is the only fool on the earth who looks for problems in a place where most other people find pleasure!

7. What is the similarity between a wife and a chewing gum?
Both are sweet in the beginning and become tasteless and shapeless later.

8. What is the strongest muscle?
The tongue. It can raise a woman’s hip with just one lick!

9. Why is the 69 position like driving in rush hour?
The arsehole is always in front of you.

10. What is the difference between a panty & a stage curtain?
When you pull down the stage curtain, the show is over.. but when you pull down the panties, it’s SHOWTIME!

11. A divorced man meets his ex-wife’s new husband at a party. Later after knocking back a few drinks,
he goes over to the new guy and asks him: So… how do you like using second hand stuff?
The new husband replied: It isn’t that bad. Past the first three inches, its all brand new.

12. A lady bought her ex a present for his birthday. He opened it and said, ‘What the hell do I want with a rocket?’
She said, ‘You wanted space.. now fly off!’

13. It’s funny how as we get older, our priorities change. The other morning I awoke to see my wife standing
beside the bed, dressed in very skimpy underwear and holding several pieces of velvet rope.
Tie me up and you can do anything you want, she purred. So I tied her up and went fishing.



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Posted by ErnieJean on September 25, 2008

Have you ever started the day shaking your head in utter disbelief, with mixed feelings…..of despair, frustration and at the same time totally amused?

Hhmmm…..perhaps I should rephrase that…….

Have you ever started the day NOT shaking your head in utter disbelief?

It seems quite apparent that some of the politician-wannabes have been fed TOO MUCH but given TOO LITTLE work to do? After all, there is a saying that “Idle Minds Are The Devil’s Playground” or “Idle Hands Are The Devil’s Tools“. ………take your pick……….either way, the Belzebub’s in it, one way or the other………..

Report lodged against Teresa Kok for insulting egg

KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 24, 2008) : The Seputeh Umno Youth division lodged a police report today against Seputeh MP Teresa Kok, claiming she had insulted the Royal Malaysian Police and the egg, which is an essential food of the underprivileged.

The division’s deputy head Alawi Dahalin and several other members lodged the report at the Brickfields police station.

Alawi said he had heard Kok complain about the food she was given while detained under the ISA, at a press conference at the DAP headquarters in Petaling Jaya, shown on the night news on TV on Sept 20, a day after she was released from custody. (Since when was it a crime to complain about crappy food?)

He said Kok had said the food she was served was “fit only for dogs”.

“By saying this, she had insulted the police and the poor. Eggs are an important food for low-income earners and the poor. As an elected representative of the people she should not have said that,” he said. (Sorry…which part of it was insulting again? And what should she have said? Take the cue from you guys and start waving little daggers while screaming “Ketuanan Telur“? Where on earth did they get their political strategist from!!?? )

– The Sun.

Now, why would the UMNO Seputeh branch wanna send their “youths” to pull such a childish and embarrassing publicity stunt? A score to settle?

Remember this?

Confronting UMNO Seputeh squatters

Tuesday, 07-02-2006

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
On Friday, the sixth day of Chinese New Year, I called a press conference at Jalan Kuchai Lama, near the Seputeh UMNO service centre cum Operation Centre of Seputeh BN.

The so-called Service Center of Seputeh UMNO is obstructing the construction of two public roads, the DBKL flyover, and the other flyover that’s supposed to be built by Road Builders to connect the Sungai Besi Highway to New Pantai Expressway at the juncture of Jalan Kuchai Lama.

Work on the DBKL flyover started around August 2004 and it was supposed to be completed by this June but the project was stalled because Seputeh UMNO refused to move out of its office and it is now like an illegal roadblock to frustrate construction.

Seputeh UMNO Division used to be an arrogant and stubborn law breaker. The building is situated on state land, making it an illegal building, or a squatter.

When the former Seputeh UMNO Division Chief Tengku Adnan held the position of Minister in PM’s Department that oversees FT, the Seputeh UMNO turned from a small pondok to a mini palace with massive—probably illegal—rennovation.

I have raised the squatter status of Seputeh UMNO building with Tengku Adnan many times in the Parliament. Each time when he said that the government was determined to materialise “Zero Squatters” in year 2005 in the Parliament, I would criticise him about Seputeh UMNO and ask him when will the building of Seputeh UMNO be removed. I am not impressed to see that the building is still at the same site and openly obstructing the construction of the DBKL project.

I led our members to hold a protest banner at the entrance of the Seputeh UMNO building as requested by the photographers from Malay and Chinese dailies, as well as the cameraman of NTV7. Our action was noticed by a Umno squatter inside the building.

He then came out and looked for his UMNO squatter buddies and came after us. They wanted to grab our banner, but we refused to surrender it to him. A member, Chee Kok Fah, shouted at them that they have no right to ask for our banner as they were not police. The UMNO squatter replied with vulgar words. Chee then demanded he retract his filthy comments and both parties have serious exchanges of words at the road side. Journalists and photographers who were supposed to leave together with us gathered to watch the follow-up episode.

The deputy chief of Seputeh UMNO Youth then claimed that they wanted to move but they were waiting for PM’s Department to build them a new premise at Taman Desa.

When the press asked him about the exact location of his new premise, he could not answer.

Those who stay in Taman Desa should know that the property and land in Taman Desa is so expensive, how can PM’s Department build a premise for an UMNO Division? Isn’t that an abuse of public funds? (Well, if it is an abuse of public funds, it wouldn’t be the first now, would it?)

I have been told Seputeh UMNO demanded DBKL to look for an office for them and pay the rent for them, but it was rejected by DBKL. As a result, these guys refused to move and continue to obstruct the construction of the flyover which which would benefit the people whom these local squatters profess to represent. (Isn’t it just so typical of UMNO to be acting like SPOILT BRATS?)

DBKL can use the bulldozer to smash this illegal structure like the way they did to many squatter settlements that obstruct public or government construction projects.

But DBKL dare not touch the Seputeh UMNO structure as they are from UMNO and they were backed by high ranking elected reps in the government. Just imagine if that structure was built by DAP. Will a government agency like DBKL tolerate us and even allow us to obstruct construction of public road?

I wouldn’t blame DBKL officers too much as they are facing local warlords with backing right to the top. I blame the high ranking UMNO politicians for allowing their own members to obstruct government projects. This is a form of abuse of power and corruption.

It is also sad for me to see that my press conference on this issue only appeared in the NTV7 Mandarin news and Chinese dailies.

Kosmo and Berita Harian sent their reporters to cover my press conference but they did not carry the story.

Is that because the editors of these two dailies are afraid to publish this ridiculous and unruly behaviour of UMNO Seputeh?

(Oooohhh……I see……..Someone’s got evicted, is it? No wonder…..)

For crying out loud!!!!!!!

In a country where violent crimes are escalating, public transportation still shitty (even though billions have been promised to improve it), daily injustices, people going hungry, etc, one would have thought that these goons would have gotten a better cause to make noise over, but NNNNOOOOOOOOO….it’s gotta be politically motivated, and regardless of how incredibly stupid it looks.

If they are soooo free, which I believe they are, since they got “tsunami-ed” couple of months ago, perhaps I can suggest Alawi and his young “strapping youths” go clean up some clogged monsoon drains or something, to keep themselves occupied.

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