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‘Kaum pendatang’, hypocritical AAB, the Malay grassroots, Namawee

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on September 1, 2008

Ahmad didn’t mean it, says Abdullah

That was what the Star has reported. Apparently calling the Chinese an immigrant race by this buffoon Ahmad has no malice, according to AAB. It was just in the heat of by-election that Ahmad was allowed to mouth-off and the ‘punishment’ he is going to receive is just a mere courtesy talk by AAB to tell him not to do it again. AAB THINKS Ahmad doesn’t mean it. I call this hypocritical…… Oh really so what does he really mean then?

When the Bar Council wanted to hold a forum for constructive RATIONAL dialogue, AAB thinks the WORST of the Bar Council, when the buffoon Ahmad IRRATIONALLY racially mouthed-off, AAB thinks the BEST of this buffoon. What is the logic in this? And Ahmad dared to mouth-off in front of the DPM without fearing repercussions. What does that say about the state of racism of the ruling government?

Ibrahim: PAS should lead Pakatan Rakyat

I think this remark is uncalled for, to say that PAS should lead PR rather than PKR because the PAS has more Malay grassroots supporters. Ironically, I am of the opinion that this unwise remark isn’t racist. He was more inclined towards a ‘better’ demographic or ‘class’ approach to dethrone UMNO. Approaching an issue demographically in an objective manner isn’t in my opinion racist. Educated, middle-class Malays tend to support PKR, however there are many more Malays who do not share the same fortune as their wealthier brothers. These people tend to support PAS, otherwise it would be UMNO. What he forgot though is that PAS also benefitted from cross-racial votes owing a lot to PKR. He should recognise the significant role PKR plays. He should understand if PAS is to lead PR, PAS is going to lose a lot of cross-racial votes, while in the process of possibly gaining more Malay grassroots voters. The question is, will PR lose more than they gain in the process? It is also entirely possible that PR might actually lose Malay votes as well since the Malay electorate would see that as a sign of weakness of PKR, the sign of weakness in the glue that holds PR together resulting in the lack of faith in PR in the process. The glue to PR is afterall build around the image of PKR leader, DSAI. Why risk changing a winning formula? Ibrahim’s approach is less of a racial malice and more of a class divide or problem. It is just unfortunate that the class divide happen to be the Malays themselves. That could have been easily thought of as racist approach by anyone.

Namawee is back!

Wee Meng Chee (AKA Namawee) is back in Malaysia. I personally think this guy is more of an oddball and a clueless boy who likes to see himself as a hero, stating the moronic but obvious while lacking in critical thinking. He seems to be on a path of redemption…… Whether or not it is out of political pressure cum cowardice to become completely flattering in his statements or out of remorse is up for questioning. Personally, I think it is the former. A remorseful person is one who will appreciate what is good may not be perfect and the need strive for objective and constructive critcism for the greater good.

I conclude today’s post by apologising for my scatty thoughts and comments. Have a nice day everyone, and Happy Merdeka!


19 Responses to “‘Kaum pendatang’, hypocritical AAB, the Malay grassroots, Namawee”

  1. raktamrittika said

    Peace!!..sort off..

    Thanks for all the wonderful articles you have in here.
    Really have enjoyed every single one of it.
    ‘The Dandelion’ has become my fav blog in an instant!!
    So plzz forvive me for linking ur page to mine without any permission. Hope you would give me the same privilage to be linked here as well.

    Thank you..thank you so…so MUCH!!

  2. coolbert said

    On the ‘pendatang’ issue, I wrote the same and I’ll reiterate the same: our dear PM’s leadership is WEAK.

    He’s the boss and all he can say is that he’ll ask Ahmad not to repeat it? How about making sure they don’t entertain such thoughts in the first place? How about ensuring that they apologize for it? If you ask me, I’d say our PM condone it, directly and indirectly.

    As a ‘shareholder’ of ‘Malaysia Inc.’, I won’t hesitate to ‘vote’ this ‘CEO’ out if given the chance… unless a ‘corporate raid’ is done by DSAI before an ‘EGM’ can happen.

  3. zorro said

    Linked you in my current posting. Cheers gang.

  4. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said


    you have to give us your link.

    Zorro, you are welcome

  5. raktamrittika said

    Well..sorry bad.

  6. delcapo said

    u guys rock!!! added u guys to my blog aRolling list….

    anyway… nice to see Mr PM still pilot Malaysia Inc on autopilot & drives on “N”…..
    “Ahmad didn’t mean it”…..
    why not?? he is now UMNO man of the moment…. for better or worse… his bloody hour of fame, man!!
    You bet you ass he meant it…. & enjoying it!!!

    Honestly…. Ahmad’s remarks were indeed racist… but as far as racist remarks are concerned… they were f#@ken weak lah!! my pre-teen niece shouts better insults…

    I dun mind anyone calling me an immigrant… well it’s not 100% accurate…. descedent of immigrant would be more precise….but nevermind… i dun mind… as long as the bugger dun mind me digging where his bloodline originates too………………..

    full post on more on

  7. cekka said

    gud morning dandelions..

    I’m as Malay totally disagree with Ahmad’s statement. AND I HATE IT VERY MUCH. But do you think Malay really support Anwar? Actually, they have no choice unless Anwar to make it quick. Make BN steps down faster.

    As a Malay, we still comfort with PAS.. and I’m not PAS supporters or PAS die-hard fans. And you can ask your friends or relatives in Kelantan.. are their life sick? We still respect each other.. and low-minded Malays are excluded. Malays must learn more.

    One of reason DSAI will be unpopular to Malay after this.. he is pro-US, and you know which country has survive better after US involvement? Iraq? Afghanistan? Pakistan? or maybe Taiwan?

    Believe me.. if Anwar doing wrong, PAS will out from PR and this 16 Sept only a dream. Sorry to say that..

    Malaysia must unite as Malaysians without directly foreign involvement.. to make friends with US is okay but not over doing it.

  8. Madame said

    Good one, Jingo 🙂

  9. mauryaII said

    TDM has been accused of so many things. Most if not all are true but he has not been accused as being a Sleepy Head who prefered to snooze most of the time and run the country some of the time.

    For all his faults and craftyness TDM was decisive in his action. The Sleeping Beauty is the other extreme. He just can’t make up his mind on anything. He says one thing today and he would have given a different veneer for the same the next day.

    He says that he will see to it that the racist Ismail Ahmad does not utter racist remarks. He qualifies his dim-witted statement by saying that the racist did not mean it.

    For once, before you are shown the exit make the racist pay for his arrogance. SACK HIM FROM UMNO and formulate guidelines for all, politicians in particular that any racist remark has NO PLACE in a multi-racial and multi-religious society and such remarks would be dealt with as SEDITION.

    Such an action will drive home the point that you are not a softy when national interests are at stake.

    Can you do it PM? Are you man enough and tell ALL racists to desist in uttering such crass remarks?

    Are you man enough to place the interest of the nation against self-interest?

    Are you man enough to tell all the racists in UMNO that the losses incurred in the 12GE and at PP is the direct outcome of arrogance, and the persuit of hagemony?

    We the rakyat and generations to come will judge you by your actions as well as your inactions. TDM was never branded a coward. Do you have what it takes to be brave and do the necessary for the good of the country?

  10. mauryaII said

    oops for the typo: craftyness should be craftiness.

  11. Anand said

    I’d much rather see BN in power than to have the govt led by a bunch of islamo-facists. UMNO and PAS are cut from the same cloth. The catalyst for a post-racial society can only come about with a multi-racial party like PKR…

  12. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    welcome Anand, nice to hear from you. 😀

  13. Anand said

    thanks Jingo 🙂 Another avenue to express my crackpot views

  14. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    do you have any blog?

  15. Anand said

    no……I generally keep my bs to myself

  16. joe pasqual said

    you people are a bunch of bastard child. go fuck the duck like a mother loves her baby

  17. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    apasai marah sangat? 😀

    What jargon are you speaking? The plural of child is children. 🙂 i didn’t know bestiality is so morally upright? 🙂

  18. ihateidiots said

    Joe Pasqual, if you are anal retentive. I suggest you go get an enema. Don’t continue with your futile attempt of crapping yourself all over this site!

  19. barbie said

    I wonder how Joe Pasqual can equate fuck the duck with a mother loves her baby. Personal experience? Poor dude.

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