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Fleas A-Fleeing?

Posted by ErnieJean on September 5, 2008

The Star, Friday September 5, 2008 MYT 2:23:45 PM

Let MPs go on the trip: PM


PUTRAJAYA: Barisan Nasional MPs who have planned to go on an overseas study trip should be allowed to do so, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

(Study trip? How come it was never brought up before? Study what? How to hop like a Kangaroo? Or cling onto a tree/power like a koala?)

Stressing that he did not organise the trip, he added that the trip between Sept 9 and Sept 16 should not be connected with PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s threat that the Government would be toppled by Sept 16.

(Once again, Bodowi’s government has proven itself to be the master of coincidences?)

“If they want to go, let them go. Why connect their trip with the Sept 16 issue (of mass defection).

(Why connect to mass defection? Why not plan the trip for October? Btw, who is paying for this trip?) 

“For them (the MPs) it (Sept 16 issue) is not important. They are not the one planning to jump and leave the Barisan Nasional and work with the opposition,” he told reporters Friday after launching Pemudah’s new Business Licensing Electronic Support System (BLESS) here.

(Oh, I see. The ones going for the trip will not be defecting. Is that why there was such a lukewarm response to the compulsory order via sms to sign up for this trip?)

Abdullah also said that toppling the Government on Sept 16 would not happen and that BN members would not desert the party as widely speculated by opposition parties.

On whether there would be a seizure of power come Sept 16, Abdullah said it would not happen on the basis of BN MPs deserting the party.

“They are depending very much on our party people deserting us; our party people will not desert us to give advantage for them setting up their government on Sept 16,” he said.

When commenting on a circulated SMS on the chronology of events leading to the opposition forming the Federal Government on Sept 16, Abdullah said the BN Government had not lost and was still governing the country well.

When asked if the King was pleased with the political scenario and administration of the country, Abdullah said he briefed the Yang diPertuan Agong every week on the matter and that he (the King) was happy and wished him well.

(Yea, the entire nation is wishing him well too….as in Bon Voyage!!)

Abdullah said the Government was concentrating on developing the country by increasing productivity and efficiency and was not wasting time speculating what would happen on Sept 16.

“There is a lot of work to do – that is the reality. BN is working,” he said.

(Have you noticed but that seems to be the only consistent statement this joker gives, that there is a lot of work to be done, and yet, have you guys seen any work being done to date!?)

On the drop of Asian currencies on Thursday, Abdullah said the Government was observing the situation closely.

(Again, he’s always observing, monitoring, until it lulls him to asleep…… how to expect him to tackle anything!?)

Are we seeing some kind of exit plan being put in motion by the BN goons in the event of a “Tsunami”? Or as the chinese would say in Cantonese “Chao lou”….. 😛

Or could it be, as a friend pointed out, a hare-brained plan by some idiot, who equates holding on to passports while keeping the BN MPs “imprisoned” in some foreign country as the means of preventing any defection? This person definitely deserves an award for “Most Brilliant Strategist Ever”.

Well, whatever it is, this is a clear sign that the threat of 916 tsunami is clearly looming over their heads, and it is not as irrelevant as they insist it to be. Even if, at the end of the day, this much touted defection doesn’t take place, the antics by the scared little parasites would have made my day.

We have some pretty badly soiled pants amongst them, don’t we………..muahahahahaha


5 Responses to “Fleas A-Fleeing?”

  1. Surind said

    Sponsored by 1 person? Who is this person in the gov. & how come he/she has that much of money?

    Something smells… like shit!

  2. mauryaII said

    The BN jokers are so scared of DSAI toppling the government on September 16 that they would come up with such harebrained schemes to keep the sinking BN ship afloat.

    They must be losing sleep and seeing the apparition of DSAI everywhere in Putrajaya. The Sleepy Head must be having nightmares and sleepless nights.

    Even the old goat who brought about the present state of affairs in the country through his 22 years of authoritarian misrule is still spewing his racist sentiments to incite people and create chaos. His only aim in life seems to be to topple Abdullah Ahamad Badawi and see the demise of UMNO before he kicks the bucket.

    When people are desperate enough they fail to be reasonable and accountable for their actions. The Sleepy Head, Najis, the botak, and the old goat are classic examples of such paranoia.

  3. wits0 said

    The old goat was/is the greatest demagogue in M’sian history but the country incurred the grievous collective Karma by awarding him with 22 years of tyranny. He is now obsessed with the pettiness of intent in toppling Bad awi of which even if he succeeds, means little to anyone else beyond his family circle mainly.

    The Sleepy Head, Najis, the botak, and the old goat think that umno is a thousand year Reich, one that’s divinely ordained.

  4. barbie said

    The old goat is the architect of mediocre Malaysia. His ‘achievements’ are nothing but a result of inferiority complex syndrome. Thanks to his successor, all is laid bare for all to see how ‘great’ his legacy is.

  5. delcapo said

    wadayaexpect from king of “ALL TALK”??

    anyway ..916 may now become 917+x, according to Syed Husin today at CPI launch…..

    he made some really really damning revelations about how desperate BN is on keeping those “frogs” in the pond…



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