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Sept 16 Pakatan Rakyat Government… Will Anwar deliver?

Posted by Cherubim on September 5, 2008

We all await the next 11 days in anticipation of the truly new era of governance; here’s some intel I got off Parlimen Ampang in the comments section;

16 Sept. DSAI Angkat Sumpah Sebagai PM Malaysia – 10 pagi
15 Sept. DSAI mohon restu Agong. 9:20 mlm
15 Sept. DSAI mengadap DYMM AGONG. 6:15 ptg
15 Sept. DSAI mengisytiharkan pembentukan PAKATAN sebagai
Kerajaan baru di TV1,TV2,TV3,Bernama TV,Awani Astro
secara siaran langsung – 8:00 mlm
12 Sept. Sidang Tergempar mengusulkan DSAI membentuk ‘Caretaker
10 Sept. PM mengumumkan perletakan jawatan.
9 Sept. Sidang Tergempar Parlimen di panggil.
8 Sept. 5 Menteri & Timbalan BN Letak Jawatan
7 Sept. 10 Ahli Parlimen BN umum pindah kerusi Parlimen ke PAKATAN
6 Sept. Semua komponen BN dari Semenanjung keluar BN kecuali MCA
5 Sept. Semua Parti Komponen BN dari Sabah & Sarawak isytihar keluar

So far, with the help of the rakyat DSAI has delivered. Some of my peers in the university has expressed their extreme dislike of DSAI for his actions during the times he was in UMNO. To those like them, I say look at it this way, he was ‘kena’ over twice by people whom he formerly worked for, which in any reasonable man’s view, would make him pretty darn determined to jump back on his feet, and make him honest working for the PKR instead. 6 years in jail changes a man. Heck, a couple of months in jail compelled RPK to continue his work with fervor. Applied to DSAI, it makes him a very, very determined man, and all is now going for him despite the smear campaign against him.

Personally though, I know of none other relatively competent BN MP who can take the mantel of governance, and the general sentiment in Malaysia is that people dislike the idea of having an alleged co-conspirator to a murder in the office of PM (key being public perception over the known-to-be corruptible courts), which basically leaves no one else that we know have the experience and knows what he’s doing other than DSAI.  Knowing Barisan Nasional people, they’ve probably taken steps, transfered some ‘insurance’ in Swiss banks by now and planning to move overseas with the spoils.

But that’s that, though anything could and probably happen within the next 11 days, let’s get one thing straight. Love him, or hate him, DSAI’s face is going to be hung next to Dato’ Sri Abdullah Badawi’s portrait in a row of Malaysian PMs sometime in the near future.

I wonder what DSAI would do once in office.

Forget reduction in petrol prices. Let’s get real. Will he end our thrice announced Emergency status (which for the past 50 years had afforded Federal Control to override States Control, allowing for draconian laws such as ISA to continuously be on force)? Would he redraft the 2009 Budget and RMK9? Will he continue the legacy of executive interference (thanks to Mahathir, which led to Tun Salleh Abbas J’s termination of service in the 1980’s) or respect and re-establish judiciary independence? Will he introduce policies that might not necessarily eradicate corruption 100% (after 50 years, he can only do so much), but reduce it?

Ooh, this is so good to wait and watch.

Happy Ramadhan fellow readers, and an advanced Selamat Hari Malaysia!


10 Responses to “Sept 16 Pakatan Rakyat Government… Will Anwar deliver?”

  1. mesoso said

    mesoso so nervous with anticipation….
    where’s barbie..?

  2. wits0 said

    Seems to have been denied by PKR and is a scam IM.

  3. erniejean said

    Received the same sms too Cherubin…….we’re all desperate for some positive changes……keeping fingers and toes crossed……

  4. Witstololso said

    He he he,my my my, what’s wrong with some people.

  5. Ju said

    Sept 5 has come and gone – nothing has happened. Fankly, I don’t think any chnage of government will happen by 16 September.

  6. mwrmmg said

    Well, it’s 6th already, and DSAI crystal ball seems faulty.

    Now, that’t is not what you expect from someone who claimed to be Malaysia future leader.

    Anyone with the right mind will not think this will ever happen or could happen

  7. Cherubim said

    At this time all of us are in the dark over things… Khairy must be busy patching up things, all these enforced holiday for MPs… sheesh…

  8. mesoso said

    maybe this will keep all our hopes alive…for now..

    mesoso twisting in agony here..


  9. barbie said

    barbie is here.. waiting hahahahaha!

  10. My friend on Orkut shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed that I came to your blog.

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