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We Sure Love Our Study Trips, Don’t We?

Posted by ErnieJean on September 10, 2008

One thing’s for sure, you’ve gotta hand it to those clowns in the current ruling coalition, for they sure have their endless supply of excuses (creative or otherwise) to justify those fully paid-for overseas trips that they are very fond of taking, regardless of how relevant (or irrelevant) some of those trips may be to some of them.

Including the most recent and probably the most ill-timed trip to Taiwan, it seems that if the BN government is not careful, they may just run out of innovative reasons for going on those trips, although everyone else already knows that these are nothing more than rounds of golf, gourmet and girl binging.

Well, the hard truth is that no matter how incredulous the reasons given for these study trips are, us taxpayers will just have to suck it in and put up with it. Why? Because we did hand them a blank cheque when they got voted in despite loud glaring reports of misuse of public funds and power, didn’t we?

And what sort of other study trips in the future would we be looking at?

  1. Firearms control measures? Destination – USA ?
  2. Effective solution to juvenile crime? Destination – Mexico?
  3. Environmental-friendly building materials and solutions? Destination – Antartica?
  4. Architectural solution to poverty? Destination – Zimbabwe?
  5. State-of-the-Art Golf Club Management? Destination – China?
  6. Personal Grooming? Destination – France?
  7. Obesity Control? Destination – Australia?
  8. Let’s not forget the neverending “trips” to study effective traffic control, animal control, drainage system, etc employed by other nations, despite the fact that one can always look southwards where it’s just a bus-ride away for the most effective systems.

(P.S. The destinations above may not necessarily have anything to do with the purported purpose of the trip, ya?  8) )     

Btw, someone also mentioned about seeing some of those happy MPs lugging golf bags on their way to Taiwan ……now, what has agriculture got to do with golfing?


10 Responses to “We Sure Love Our Study Trips, Don’t We?”

  1. delcapo said

    hey check out Teresa Kok’s blog…. they r going Taiwan too!
    diff is they actually have an itenary!!

    now THATs wat i call a trip!!


  2. clean said

    one of the “student” in this study trip said this kind of study trip should be arranged more frequently…but using whose money?

    YES..the taxpayers money!!

  3. Madame said

    Insanely stupid, isnt it?!

    SAPP’s Yong Teck Lee issued a statement that the MPs were given RM50,000 for expense allowance! Predictably, Bung Mokhtar has denied it and said that the expenses were borne personally….

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…Yeah rite!!!!! 😀

  4. erniejean said

    Not only couldn’t they come out with a believable itinery to convince us of their tall tale, they can’t even seem to come up with non-contradicting statements about the details of this trip.

    And we’re leetting these goons run the country!!???

  5. Well, with their intelligence level, they probably need these ‘STUDY’ trip la … LOL!

  6. delcapo said

    Anil Netto had a great write up today on the trip… i added in my 2 sens..

  7. Angela Ooi said

    The spin doctors are working overtime to contain this ridiculous episode. However, everyone believes this trip is about anything BUT ‘STUDY’

  8. barbie said

    “now, what has agriculture got to do with golfing?”

    Well… probably inspire to be the producer of carpet-like grass, and probably Taiwan has the technology, so need to bring ‘ka chang’ to test lah. Please do not doubt our MPs good intention.

  9. delcapo said

    The MPs are on the way back from taiwan

    916 is back ON people!!!!!!


  10. erniejean said

    Hahahha…..even God wants to help Malaysian kick the corrupted govn out……if not, how else to explain such perfect timing of the earthquake huh?

    We need 916 to happen soon….now that they no longer have any qualms in ISA-ing anyone who stands in their way…..RPK being the latest victim today……

    Hope RPK is safe and they are not going to beat him up again like the last time 😦

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